Gang stalking – Just stopped by to say “hi”.

I have 20 minutes today on the computer, so I’d thought I’d answer all the comments and say “hi”.  Trying to find a computer to use is getting harder and harder. I think my time is up. Will try to write tomorrow, if I can find a computer that will give me more than 20 minutes.


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19 thoughts on “Gang stalking – Just stopped by to say “hi”.

  1. YOU KNOW the evil guy whos based in below apartment when he follow me and listened to my conversation didnt know it was him hav never seen the whore thats they people perp keeps coming an going so i turned round he looked whacked out of head evil eyes the lot am sooooooo angry he did that i feel like smashinghis head in HOW DARE HE THEY HAV DONE ENOUGH DAMAGE TO ME I HOPE THEY GO TO HELL .THEY ALso have new rewrds in form of a washing machince new bed ooooo in it fkin great they doin a great job wat good demonic vessals they they make me ill.they are not humann thats for sure the way they act is not human all for now

    • I DONT HAV a bed or washer i hate being here they flaut they goodies and the laughhh that ho has that lauggh ohhhh everyone so happy with they life arent they this has been the worse dump hav been they dont want me to move but at same time they still perp me .and i just see people when i do go outside unaware of my pain and wouldnt even want to help me incase it turns on them .

      • They ruin ever piece of furniture and appliance I get. I’ve decided when we move I’m not taking the couches because they made them so bad and I’m not getting a new one for them. If they can’t have respect for MY stuff, they aren’t getting any more. That is why I didn’t replace the car stereo they wrecked the door on. My son wedged a paperclip into it to keep it fastened. It works. I don’t set the radio buttons or the clock because they unset the clock ad put all the buttons on static. They can have anything they want but we can’t have anything. It all belongs to them. Yeah, it’s maddening! If they don’t want us to want to leave them why aren’t they nice? Oh, that’s right – because their mothers are bitches who never taught them to be.

        • The mind set here which is being promoted is that of fascist overlords who are entitled to everything and the rest of us are vassals who are not entitled to anything unless they deign to allow it. Not exactly free democratic western values, more 3rd world feudalism.

    • I don’t know what other perks my neighbors are rewarded with, but every year they have enough fireworks per household to hold a city hall funded exhibition. They start setting them off in the beginning of June and don’t stop until the end of September and they still have enough on the 4th of July to go on from 4PM to 2AM. I don’t live in a rich neighborhood so these guys must get a lot for perping! Disgusting freaks, they are!

          • I often say they are a lower status than what lives in sewage sludge. The fact that they want friends so badly that they would GS to get them really proves that, doesn’t it? If they were worth anything they would just have friends – nice friends. Like we do – I mean, we readers of this blog don’t even know what each other look like, but we are friends and we love Gladys for being here, just because we are all of a worthy quality. We are people who want to be kind to others and seek the same from those around us, though some here don’t have anyone locally who loves them. The good thing is, those who are willing to give some encouragement are only as far away as your computer. (With exception to one person who is giving me a hard time here, but maybe that will change because I just told them to stop)

            …Thanks Neverending for everything you do!…

      • That is annoying. I am in England and about 20-30 years ago there was a ground swell of action against unnecessary noise in every context – and that was before the noise problem got bad. Now such groups are toothless tigers and there is little protection from noise especially in urban environments. Noise keeps everyone stressed, makes people intolerant and makes it hard to think. It is one of their major tools not just against Targets but against everyone. They are turning peace into a luxury the exclusive preserve of the rich.

  2. Here’s a thought that I just had:
    If you were given the choice to have your gang stalking stop tomorrow and go on with your life, or spend the rest of your life fighting to expose it, which would you choose?
    Anybody can answer.

    • I don’t really know, but I think I would continue to expose about what’s going on. I want this to stop for everybody! I couldn’t live with myself if I knew there were still targets out there living the hellish life of a target. Our life should mean something. And I think this would give meaning to my life, and what it means to be there for others.

    • Great question! You have pinpointed why people comply – they are bullied into submission. But I believe they use stronger threats that anyone with a family/loved one is vulnerable. People are generally good and honest but if someone holds a gun to your child’s head(actual or metaphorical) people do what they can. I am fortunate on 2 counts. I am old so my next life stage in the near future is death and I am in the acceptance stage. Also there is no one to blackmail or intimidate me with- everyone that I loved is already dead. So I am hard to get at. I am also passionately anti- fascist and always have been.
      So my position is fortunate and easy – but most people are young and have their lives ahead of them and have families and loved ones.
      And to compound these problems because the crime is concealed under a thick veil of secrecy even most victims don’t know it is happening (I have been stalked for 35 years but I only found out about it a few months ago). If most of the victims don’t know how can the general public know, to react against it. And the Targets and gangs talking recruits are picked off as individuals so they don’ realise what is happening is happening to lots of other people.

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