Gang Stalking – Walk like a zombie…

Polka dots

Polka dots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chair by Charles Eames

Chair by Charles Eames (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Polka Dot Mania!

Polka Dot Mania! (Photo credit: reihayashi)

Well, white cars show up everywhere I go.  I always wonder with things like this.  Do they go out and rent the cars, or do they go out and buy the car?  I’m just thinking I do so much good for our bad economy. I’m getting everybody to buy white cars or rent them.  I do so much good for the U.S.A.

And have you noticed every time you go out somewhere, everybody is so happy?  Whenever I’m around, people just laugh and laugh and are so happy. Everybody’s so polite to each other. I bring out all the good in all the perps who know each other.  These perps all know each other from their group meetings, and then when they see each other outside, they make-believe they’ve never seen each other before. The group meetings are to keep the perps feeling like they belong and that they count and are important in their war against targets.  That’s why when they go to meetings, they get food, drinks and perps can socialize and get to know each other and become friends. It gives all the perps a feeling of a community.  Lots of b.s., of course. They’re psychologically being trained to make friends with each other and do harm to us targets. Yeah, get those evil targets.  They’re all violent, crazy, drunks, etc.

I couldn’t figure out what was up with all the polka dots I was seeing.  Polka bags, pants, handbags, shoes, jackets, dresses, everywhere polka dots.  And then it came to me why polka dots.  I remember I was looking at a picture of polka dots design.  I ripped the picture out of the magazine because I liked the design, and I thought I’d like to use it.  And now that I’ve written about polka dots, I’m sure it’s going to become even more of a polka dots world for me.  Polka dots, anyone!

I’m at a different library today. The other library closed off the computer section.  It is under remodeling.  After all the computers went off one day, I think the library decided to redesign the space. I wonder what they’re going to do to it. Probably make it worse for us targets. The remodeling was only supposed to be for one day, but now there’s a sign that says that there’s no set day to open the library again. Now, I’m at the Spring Valley Library.  When I walked into the library, there were only a few people using the computers.  Since I started using the computer, the library is now full. It’s a full house. It’s amazing how quickly they get all the perps together.  And they come running like the zombies they are.  They must listen to their MASTERS!  Yes, master, do you want me to bow?

And this library is doing to me what the other library does. It’s put on the air conditioner full blast.  I get full blast air conditioning wherever I go.  I wear a sweater everywhere  because I know as soon as I enter a place, the air condition‘s turned on.  They do it on the bus, too. Turn on the air conditioner full blast. They also do it to me at night when I’m sleeping. They want me to turn on the air conditioner at night.  But I try as much as possible not to turn it on. You’re probably wondering why.  If you look at your air conditioning unit, if you live in an apartment, you’ll notice that there’s a spray bottle inside the air conditioner.  No one else has a spray bottle in his air conditioner.  It’s a speciality for us targets. The spray bottle has pesticide inside.  Have you ever noticed that when you put your air conditioning on you get a funny smell? It’s a pesticide smell you’re getting. If you don’t believe me, look at your air conditioning, and when you turn it on, take a good whiff of how it smells.  You get a pesticide smell. These bastards are trying to make us sick.  It’s not enough that they hit us with electricity all the time and do other horrific things, but they have to pollute our lungs, too.

I just took a look to see how full the library is.  The area where I’m sitting is full. And the area next to me, it’s full, too. Two perps left, so there are two empty computers.

So the zombie idiots have to obey their masters – sit, stand, bow, talk, don’t talk, eat, don’t eat, walk, walk like a zombie…

Took another look to see how full the library is, one empty chair.  And the zombies go on, and the coughing begins.  I just love the library!

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62 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Walk like a zombie…

  1. Well I can see that no one at this blog cares about video evidence and admissible documents and chooses to ignore my post on here and if anything everyone posting on here is shunning me just like gang-stalkers and are mocking me by showing me how easy it is for everyone here to disregard my posts and evidence so I can see I am not welcome to post on this blog because you all appear to be happy that you can so callously ignore my post as meaningless.

    The people I caught on video were armed and by my door and were going to shoot me in 2009, well in 2007 these same people committed a break in and they raped and murdered a female child, and thousands of flyers were printed by Clackamas Walmart in it’s official capacity over this, and I am a witness to their crimes because their break in WOKE ME UP!

    Well I can see that I am not welcome to talk about gang-stalking on this webpage and that everyone here is more than happy to ignore my posts and evidence and to ad insult to injury you flaunt happiness while ignoring my post to insult me.

    I deem gang-stalkers as cops and their girlfriends and their bros and I now deem people on this webpage as either under cover officer’s flaunting their crimes and or are friends/girlfriends to law enforcement and are only talking about gang-stalking to attract real victims onto this blog to further harass their victims.

    I deem that comedic video at the top of this webpage as an insult directed towards me since I am clearly being ignored as a victim of gang-stalking and I deem that as an attempt to further harass me, so goodbye.

    Hope you are happy that you are helping pedophile cops get away with murdering children! enjoy your attempts at humor!

    • You are being unfair. Whether we believe video evidence makes no difference since we don’t have the authority to do anything about it. What exactly do you want us to do for you? We can’t help ourselves no matter what we do or who we try to turn to so what makes you think we can help you? And on what are you basing the accusation of helping pedophile cops? That’s totally outrageous. I wouldn’t spit on a perp cop if they were on fire, let alone help them do anything to an innocent person! And BTW, Perp is short for the word perpetrator, which applies to anyone who commits a crime or stirs up trouble so we do use it correctly here.

    • Hey, hey, wife poisoned me, lighten up. Remember me? You gave me good advice about trying to get things on camera and put in utube. That site- what was it, free speech or something- after I got a comment on my Ip/ISP banned me from most sites claiming I was an obsessive compulsive spammer. My first net name- Wiliamson was hi-jacked so maybe that is how thy got me banned. It meant at best I could read only and not leave any comments. But some sites banned me completely and I couldn’t even get on to them to read. And other sites – and this happened with the free speech one wouldn’t let me log in. However I tried to get in the signing in page would come up but when I put in the password nothing came up in the screen. WordPress has turned out to be nearly the only site I can access.
      You are at the deep end of gang stalking and it is hard for people to grasp how bad it can get. Police corruption and working in complicity with criminals is hard for people to get their minds around. We thought we were living in a rule of law country not a 3rd world dictatorship – where people accept such thins as the norm. Good to hear from you again. Your advice was good and I have learnt from you.

  2. I was sensitized to polka dots last summer after the gang stalking became overt.

    With the cars, I think the car dealers get government cash for loaning them out to perps. There are 3-4 major car dealers in my area that were loaning out hundreds of cars to perps last summer, it was obvious because they all had the paper “drive off” plates with the dealer names on them. I live close to the train tracks and one day even a huge cargo train from CarMax came through my city. Probably picking up or dropping off cars for perps.

    As fas as the “everyone knowing everyone” and the happy happy chatty chatty act, I get that everywhere too. Remember, it’s “Springtime for Hitler and Germany”.

    • Don’t you such love their happy chatty? They all act as if they’re so happy. It’s supposed to make us targets sad that we don’t have friends or can’t trust anyone. Thanks, and no thanks to their friendship and having friends like them. I’d rather be alone than have such phonies in my life. And yes, it’s “Springtime for Hitler and Germany”.

    • I think how they can afford such things is that they get people to do things for them for nothing or on the cheap- then the business so exploited increases the price for everyone else. This is feudal overlord thinking. They get everything for nothing – 5 star service on the cheap but us peasants/serfs pay through the nose for shoddy service/ product. Not western democracy values that everyone is equal and everyone is entitled to respect, courtesy and good service. But 3rd world values that only the people at the top have value and you have to be in with them to be dependent on their favours.

  3. I do not know why you do not suspect police of gang-stalking you when it is public knowledge that police do indeed take control of their targets surroundings when they do busts and or stings and that they train and pay under cover officer’s to perform street theater for framing/entrapping their targets for video surveillance cameras and harass and menace their targets to provoke them in action FOR their video surveillance cameras, but this is why I know police and county sheriff’s are gang-stalkers and how I know they run it and they organize i9ty and they fund it and yes they have many friends/bros/girlfriends that join into it.

    The Portland police murder people for sport and they enjoy recruiting people’s wives into affair and police grant those newly acquired whores of their’s into poisoning off their spouses for life insurnce money’s!

    Portland police directly interfere with victims getting any help at any hospital by coercing the doctors in the hallways to NOT HELP THE PATIENT and they do this by labeling the victim as a “Bad Guy” repeatedly until the doctor gets the hint to walk off!

    A cop will then put on a white lab coat and pretend to be a doctor and will fake not knowing what’s wrong with the patient/victim and NO TOXICOLOGY TEST WILL BE TAKEN BECAUSE OF COPS DIRECT INTERFERENCE WITH VICTIMS AT HOSPITALS!

    When people complain to cops or to doctors that they were poisoned by wife while she was having an affair with a cop then police and or doctors imediately smirk and start faking mental illness and will ignore victims complaints and will on their paperwork label the victim mentally ill!

    This is how police kill people all the time and there are too many doctors that will lie on their paperwork to cover a cops butt from prosecution!


    My wife was having an affair with a cop, that cop gave my wife permission to poison me with antifreeze, I was a plasma donor at the time so my wife is a serial killer, cops and doctors cover up my calls for help and emergency visits to the hospital, and police have publicly pedofied me so that no one will care that I am a victim!

    Poisoning and pedofying goes hand in hand with cops and their whores and police make damn sure their debilitated victims cannot get help from hospitals!

    Joan Wagar repeatedly admits in writting she is a poisoner she even admits to hiding poison in other drinks in her diary!

    Click to access Joan%20Wagar%20Poisons%20Using%20Antifreeze%28FILEminimizer%29%28FILEminimizer%29.pdf

    The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s bragged on a audio death threat they are going to kill me they broke into my home and put this audio death threat on my computer in my folder on the desktop!

    Officer Eric Carlson And Joan Wagar Caught On Video Trying To Kill Me They Are Armed With Guns And Recording Devices And Their Caught Hiding In Ambush By My Front Door!

    A couple days later I called the Portland police to report the attempted murder that my wife and her lover are guilty of and they hung up on me, and an hour later I get a death threat via email sent to me via someone’s pre-paid phone, no words in the email, just a picture of someones face smashed in!
    I did not know how to take screen-shots at the time so I printed the photo that was on the email and copied the TO and FROM information on the email!

    Here is an email sent to me via a Multnomah county sheriff officer and he is taunting me on this email so this email demonstrates how authority’s are covering up my calls for help!
    This email shows how I can report felony crimes to local authority’s and instead of contacting me in a formal way they reply to me via their personal Blackberry phones and taunt me and ignore ALL MY COMPLAINTS!

    Proof of Joan Wagar my wife admitting she is a poisoner, proof the OHSU hospital knows I have internal bleeding and is covering up Joan Wagar’s written confessions that she is a poisoner and the OHSU is pretending to not know what’s wrong with me to cover up the poisonings!

    Proof that the Portland police and the OHSU hospital is denying me emergency services and threatening me in writing with arrest if I even go to my hospital!
    Proof my wife’s lover officer Eric Carlson was having an affair with my wife he admits to his affair with my wife in his lover letter and he admits that he calls my wife by the nickname Mrs Dash in his love letter!

    Click to access Joan%2Cohsu%2Csgtwalker%2Cericloveletter.pdf

    Proof that when I contact other law agency’s to report these crimes that other law agency’s refuse to take a complaint and refuse to assign case numbers thus demonstrating how complaints are simply completely ignored and suppressed by authority’s!

    Proof that I am being blocked from contacting law agency’s outside the USA to report these crimes, I am being blocked from contacting INTERPOL!

    I am even blocked from contacting Crimestoppers of Oregon and that is the website that the Portland police tells people to report local crime to the Portland police, it’s their official tip website where people are supposed to report local crimes to the Portland police! and I AM NOT WELCOME TO REPORT ANYTHING!

    Even the Texas Rangers refuse to take complaints and refuse to give a case number and even refuse to give the name of the officer refusing to help me!

    Terry Wagar

    • I believe Police are behind it. So are a lot of other people, but I have no doubt that they all get copies of keys for my home, car, paddle locks, and anything else I try to lock from the law enforcement. How else could they break into everywhere I go and my storage? Also, a couple of officers haven proven to me that they were in on the harassment.

    • Nobody’s ignoring you. We just don’t know what to say. If I were not interested in what you had to say, I would delete what you wrote, but I haven’t. I thought if I posted your comments someone could come up with a solution.

      • I am not just a victim of gang-stalking, I am a victim of a murder conspiracy and I .lost family members to this murder conspiracy, I know police and county sheriff’s started it and organized it and funded it and that they recruited my wife and her side of the family into it and because they were recruited into it it was personal on their part to target/murder me and my side of the family.

        I have been gang-stalked by police/county sheriff’s ever since my wife got a job at the county jail kitchen, and I discovered the very day my wife quit her job there the county sheriff’s filled out paperwork to take control of my landlords property under the pretense of conducting an investigation and that they took control of our next door neighbors apartment by evicting them.

        From that point forward those officer’s directed my wife and her side of the family to fill my home with paraphernalia and those officer’s broke into my home and bugged it with video and audio equipment and they did damage in the process.

        From that point forward my wife and her daughter as well as everyone on her side of the family “PERFORMED” for the county sheriff’s video surveillance cameras to set me up on video and at the same time the county sheriff’s hooked my mother up with a look-a-like of me and was directing that double to get himself and my mother on my property FOR the county sheriff’s video surveillance cameras.

        Ever since the county sheriff’s broke into my home to bug it with video/audio recorders my wife and her side of the family were constantly performing street theater in my own home and on my property that I rented from the landlord.

        My own mother and father were also being gang-stalked by PLAIN CLOTHED OFFICER’S and those officer’s used a body double the whole time, as a matter of fact they hooked my mother up with the double right after my wife quit her job at the county jail and the county sheriff’s filed paperwork to take control of my landlords property, so this was all planned out in advance by the county sheriff’s.

        That double tricked my mother to sell her home and to buy a motor home so that the both of them could visit me by surprise, and on their trip to my state that double made sure that both he and my mother would arrive flat broke so that I would have to let them stay with me on my property, this was planned out by the double and county sheriff’s.

        In preparation of the doubles arrival my wife and her side of the family were directed by the county sheriff’s to turn my yard into a playground with multiple large pools and a very large trampoline and county sheriff’s gave them the money to buy all that stuff within a two month period and they repeatedly lied to me about where they got the money for all that stuff.

        After my wife and her side of the family turned my yard into a playground spending thousands of dollars my mother and the double the county sheriff’s hooked her up with arrived saying “Surprise!” and arrived flat broke, but on the trip to my home the double spent five hundred dollars on a dog for my mother in order to make them flat broke so that I would not be able to tell them to leave thus they were stuck on my property, just as planned by the county sheriff’s.

        All kinds of emergency’s were staged by the county sheriff’s and by the Portland police at this time to keep me busy and to get me off my property so the county sheriff’s could get photogenic photo’s of the double WITH OUR CHILDREN IN A YARD THAT WAS TURNED INTO A PL.PLAYGROUND BY MY WIFE AND HER SIDE OF THE FAMILY AND IT WAS PAID FOR BY COUNTY SHERIFF’S!

        On the other side of town my father was being gang-stalked by PLAIN CLOTHED OFFICER’S and were not trying to hide the fact from him that they were harassing him and menacing him and staging felony crimes (street theater) in front of my father daring him to do something about it (provoking him) and my father warned me about this and told me what they did to him.

        After I kicked that double off my property when he and my mother got their SSI checks a week later that double battered my mother, the police refused to arrest him, and allowed that double to keep my mothers motor home that was paid for and owned by my mother.

        I took my mother to my home because she now had no where to live, and my wife took this time to poison her and she admitted to my mother she poisoned her and my mother called 911, and the police and county sheriff’s covered up my mothers call for help and did not investigate any of my mothers accusations and pretended nothing happened.

        About two-three weeks later I ran across my father, he was at a bus stop, and I spoke with him there, and he told me he was poisoned by those plain clothed officer’s and that they were renting apartments surrounding him and that they were hitting on his walls and yelling threats at him in the hallway outside my fathers apartment, and that he was so ill from being poisoned he could not leave his apartment, so he was being terrorized by several plain clothed officer’s that debilitated him by poisoning him.

        While my father was telling me all this, thirty feet away my wife was telling our oldest daughter to get out of the car and to stand next to me for the video surveillance!

        I hinted at my father as our daughter approached us that I cannot talk about this in front of her, and I told him to only eat from canned foods from now on and to guard his foods and to go to the hospital, and I told him when I get a chance to I will talk to him about this some more.

        I was being very careful since I already knew about my wife’s murder conspiracy and knew her lovers/buddy’s from the county sheriff’s were renting the apartment right next door to me at that very moment, and I was very worried for my daughters safety at this moment knowing now that my wife and her family and her lovers/buddy’s in law enforcement are not even trying to hide their murder conspiracy.

        Three days later my father died, he was poisoned and died, and it was the county sheriff’s that came to my door to tell me he died, and after he told me my father died he said to me “Before I came over to tell you this I entered your fathers home to remove his meds!” and the county sheriff officer smirked when he said that.

        MY FATHER WAS NOT ON ANY MEDS! this county sheriff officer might as well just confessed to my face they are responsible for my fathers death!

        For the next five days I got repeated phone calls from two different officer’s that were making threats against me and were making demands of me and they were trying to hide the fact they were law officer’s.

        One was threatening me demanding that I remove my fathers belongings from his apartment, and the other was threatening me demanding that I pay for my fathers cremation of which I did not authorize!

        In other words the officer’s that murdered my father were blackmailing me and demanding that I do those things so that they could frame me for the murder that those officer’s are guilty of, and I REFUSED TO DO ANYTHING THEY WANTED BECAUSE I KNEW THEY WERE THE ONES THAT MURDERED MY FATHER!

        After authority’s daily and repeatedly threatened me and making demands my wife and her sister were at the same time filling my home with paraphernalia such as porn and life sized Barbie dolls, and seven days after my father was murdered I caught our oldest daughter with her diary in her bedroom copying the contents of a card that has a printed paragraph on it into her diary as thought they are her words when in fact she was being directed by someone as to what to write, I took that diary and read it, and all my daughter was writing down was she was labeling me as a pedophile in it, no mention of the double and her grandmother showing up in her diary, no mention of her grandmother calling 911 when her mother poisoned her, no mention of her grandfathers death in it, no actual events at all in it, and I discovered shortly after this that it was green jacketed female county sheriff officer’s that were passing those cards to my daughter through her bedroom window!

        I was being blackmailed from this point forward and no one involved in their murder conspiracy was trying to hide it from me, they all were flaunting it, and they wanted me to know that the county sheriff’s had our apartment surrounded and that I had no one I could turn to for help, and they made it very clear what happens to people that catch them in their crimes and try to warn people about it!

        I STFU at this point scared to death they would kill one of my daughters, and a month later I was formally charged by my wife and her daughter and by the police and county sheriff’s for FORTY FOUR FELONY PEDOPHILE CHARGES!

        I was arrested and questioned by two police officer’s which was nothing but a formality on their part and then I was placed in a cell block at the county jail.

        For the next ten days I was surrounded by at least two under cover county sheriff officer’s that fake being prisoners and were trying to pal up to me to get me to talk to them.

        Because I am already familiar as to how police/county sheriff’s love to perform street theater for their video surveillance they stood out like sore thumbs to me, and I was not interested in talking to them but I did make it known to them I DO NOT FEAR PROSECUTION AT ALL!

        Because my family members were murdered by these people I feared for my family’s safety and said nothing about my wife and her side of the family palling around with county sheriff officer’s and did nothing and said nothing to defend myself and I had no intention of defending myself to pedophile cops that recruited my wife and our oldest daughter into performing for their video surveillance cameras with a body double and was more than happy to wait for my trial.

        Because I did not fear prosecution the county sheriff’s and the prosecutor decided to drop ALL FORTY FOUR FELONY CHARGES AGAINST ME, BUT THAT DID NOT STOP THEM FROM PUBLICLY DESTROYING MY REPUTATION!

        From this point forward as far as I was concerned I was being totally blackmailed by my wife and her side of the family and by their buddy’s in law enforcement, and because of those false charges they pressed against me I could not from that point forward find a job, I get no trial, no conviction, but the false charges only made it so that I could not get a job!

        Police and county sheriff’s do this to people all the time and they have a huge amount of girlfriends/bros that lie for them and target people for them and stalk people for them and it is much like a game to police and county sheriff’s and their girlfriends/bros to do this to people, they are already organized and have been doing this to many many people over the decades and they ate experienced in framing/entrapping people and using street theater to make innocent people look like bad guys and they use photo doubles the same way they dress up like prostitutes for prostitution stings and they dress up like drug dealers when they do drug busts!

        Police/county sheriff’s always take control of their targets surrounding area and they use street theater to stage crimes using under cover officer’s and they dress up every time they do this and that’s common knowledge when it comes to drug busts and prostitution stings, well when police use these same tactics to target individuals they also dress up like their target using doubles (look-a-likes) and they perform for video surveillance.

        The entire time my wife and her side of the family and her buddy’s/lovers in law enforcement were framing me and performing for video surveillance they used a body double and had him on my property with my wife and daughters, and after my father was murdered by authority’s that double they used along with the motor home he stole from my mother was gone!

        It is police and county sheriff’s that run and organize and fund these operations, and they have a never ending list of accomplices that join in on their crimes!

        That is a lot of detail I gave you, way WAY more details than what most victims of gang-stalking give, and because I uncovered their conspiracy from the beginning and simply misjudged the size and severity of it I know full well what gang-stalking is and who joins into it and how they get away with it.

        So I find it very hard to accept when people claim they are gang-stalked and that the gang-stalkers have them surrounded and yet they DO NOT SUSPECT POLICE AS THE CULPRITS!, since it is known that police do indeed take over the surrounding areas when they do busts or stings.

        By all means please tell me what other organized agency’s pay organized people to take over their targets surrounding areas and to stage street theater? because it is already open knowledge POLICE AND COUNTY SHERIFF’S DO THAT ALL THE TIME WHEN THEY DO BUSTS AND STING OPERATIONS.

        • I concur with you on 5 points. 1. They use children and try and get children into your vicinity. 2. They attack or recruit relatives. I believe they recruited my husband’s relative who lied about me. Up till then she was a person of highest integrity. 3. They exploit medical personnel. I believe medical personnel treating my late husband withheld correct diagnosis for obvious conditions ( like stroke and heart failure) increasing his suffering and misery in his final months. 4. They surround where you live as if you were a major criminal. 5. They con people out of their property. Two previous landlords lost their houses and one his business as we’ll. I think they are doing that to my present landlords who are lovely honest people. Obviously they do it to get a house and the Target is being used as bait – as the foot in the door. When I came to this address in Spring Grove, Harrogate there are 14 rooms in the building. Most of the long term local tenants were moved out. The house seems nearly empty now – just occupied by myself and adjacent tenants.
          I am sorry for what has happened to you – such stories were commonplace in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. Oh, and I believe they have recruited my relatives too although I am not close to them.
          Everything is evidence. If people don’t specify what is happening to them others cannot learn from them. From Neverending she has highlighted thins that I experienced but did not notice and so have you. I’ll quote from “the Prisoner” – ” We want information. I have a blog on this site under gang stalkers bait, targeted individuals are bait and gang stalked and slandered.
          All the best

        • Oh I forgot. You make a point about them getting in control of property. Two of my previous landlords lost their houses. My theory is that some ( more than one reason to gang stalk – why should criminals limit themselves) targets are bait. I surmise it works like this. The target bait takes up residence. Immediately the landlord/owner is approached in confidence – you do not know it but that person is a drug dealer/ terrorist – whatever – do you mind if we put some people in the house to keep an eye on them? Acting in good faith and believing they are committing a public service the person complies. Now the stalkers are literally in the door. In the two houses I rented in London the other tenants were just normal people. In a short time criminals of various types came in as residents – prostitutes, someone doing drugs, major noise pests, thieves, welfare fraud sters, people subscribing to voodoo, people who set fire to the property, people who over ran baths flooding out the residents below, a psychiatric nurse who brought his work home with him in the shape of a patient who cried and pleaded and moaned in the hall all night, people who vandalised the property, people whu sub- let so you never knew who was in the house- people who used the address for a mail drop for stacks of people who didn’t live there, people who continuously left the front door open and kept breaking the security gate so that anyone could get in any time they wanted. This was over a period of 17 years. In London you are paying an arm and a leg for rent and my husband I were living in the smallest accommodation, because alone in the house we were paying our own rent and not having it paid by welfare. As tenants we could not veto incoming tenants – that was the job of the landlord and letting agents.
          In both cases easy going landlords who were not charging the highest rent they could get for the area – I expect they were told to take these tenants – and then what lo and behold THEY are responsible for having drug dealers, running a brothel, in cahoots with tenants making fraudulent claims for benefits – all serious crimes. So they face prosecution or do what they are told. Both landlords after a few years upgraded their properties, turning bed sits into flats increasing the rent by many multiples but they lost their houses anyway.
          Oh, I forgot. The piece de resistance tenant in the first house was an IRA chap. This caused a quick exit by all the tenants freeing up the house for refurbishment.
          Just as in the film “The Net” is it not a crime to steal a house.
          These were good, honest working people whose lives were ruined and the lives of their families and they were fleeced.

          • I always thought the landlords got a stipend for letting the savages live in their houses or apartment complex. So they caused their own downfall. I feel sorry for the good tenants who had to put up with all the savage. It’s happening right now where I live. It was clean and since I’ve come, garbage thrown all over the place, papers everywhere, dirt, etc.

    • I concur. I believe my gang stalking started with the police and there were also fascist connections. My circumstances? I was a student. Not a criminal, not a trouble maker, not subversive – a reclusive person who enjoyed studying for its own sake. Raised in a very socially isolated way in the countryside and a book-aholic like both parents. Apart from all the weird stuff that happened when I was at Uni I was turned down for my Masters application – 3 months BEFORE I sat my finals. I was baffled. A friend who knew someone at the University ( Ulster University in Coleraine) said I had been turned down before I took my exams because I was mostly getting high 2:1′ s and if I had got a first they would have had to take me.
      Also I concur, they are very anxious to recruit medical personnel. My husband died of cancer at the start of this year and I was his carer. By the behaviour of the district nurses I realised they were treating me as someone suspected of elder abuse. At first I thought this was because one of my husband’s relatives had lied to them – it was her later behaviour of gaslighting against me which led me to discover the term gang stalking. But in retrospect I now think they were in on it, trying to set me up by denying my husband the appropriate care. So – the chances are they were turned/ recruited. Perhaps it is a coincidence THAT IN THE LAST YEAR allegations of elder abuse have shot up by 11per cent in Harrogate.

      • I absolutely agree all those people are in on it too, but I don’t agree with wifepoisonedmewithantifreeze that neverending ever said police were not involved, because on several occasions she has said they have been.

        I’m sorry to hear about all the sabotage they’ve done to you. They don’t want certain people to succeed and they will do anything to stop them. I’m a victim of that too, but there’s a lot to tell there, so I’ll just leave it there for now. I know how you feel though. They want to keep us in poverty and other forms of misery.

        • wifepoisonedme is understandably focused on the police. In his circumstances I would be too, and whoever else is involved, when police are involved they are visible. But he is right – police methods have been hi-jacked to this. Regarding certain people being sabotaged it looks to me like old fashioned prejudices wearing a different frock. We were naive to think that we only had to work harder and be better and we would be allowed a chance. I agree. there is a lot more to talk about on this subject and I would like to hear your story.

    • Yes, they set up situations in public to back up their framing campaign. I have stopped using the library because often a child would come and sit immediately beside me – in school hours and in term time. There were plenty of vacant places.

  4. Is it wrong for me to write on my car back windshield: (in bright pink lipstick)
    I am a victim of gang stalking I am harrassed. Bullied Brighted.violated daily by a group of sick people. And there is nothing I can do about it. Help

    • Good idea- the harassment is supposed to be for your eyes only. When you do that you draw attention to the stalkers. I have used fabric pens to write on t- shirts. I have written, gang stalking, targets r bait, bait. Professional liars, con artists, cults. When it is too cold to wear a t- shirt I hang one in the window.

  5. People are always meeting up on the bus, etc..chatting and laughing and having a good time. There are hardly any fights. Everyone makes “friends” with everyone else everywhere I go. Sometimes they flash a sign to the other to show they are a perp. Even people going by themselves are always on their phone or texting away and if they aren’t doing that they have a permanent smirk on their face. They want us to think that we are only miserable and everyone else has a wooonderful life.

    • I know they do, but I know better. Every time I’m out walking around, I see one of the perps drinking or flat out drunk on the ground. And the couples, they make believe they’re sooooo happy! What a laugh. They probably go home and beat up on each other. I don’t envy any of the idiots.

        • Oh, I agree. It’s to make us feel we don’t have anyone who loves us. The women are usually the ones who put on the act. They’ll grab the man and make him kiss them. I once saw a guy at the library grab his girlfriend and practically put his face in her tongue. Actually, I’ve never been so turned off. It was disgusting!

      • I suspect I was not the first ti in my family either. They mistreated my Aunt in the Hospital after an operation. She got an infection and they had to undo the operation, then they ruined her eyes in a hyperbaric chamber. They sent her home literally helpless when before she got around in her wheelchair OK. She died one year later. The perps play like it’s party time if I experience a setback in life. I call it their “victory” dance.

        • Tat’s really awful!!!!! I hardly know what else to say. Some of my cousins are wondering if their TI’s too, so I don’t think I’m the only one in my family either, though I have other family members who are definitely perps. I know they do rejoice every time they slide us back away from succeeding. Keep hanging on though.

          • She mysteriously had to drop out of college and moved home to stay even though she worked. She never married. In the 1950s someone came up to her on the street and hit her in the head. Later she had a brain tumor (maybe) and they had to do surgery which left her almost unable to walk. The surgery that went bad years later was a scam job by a surgeon who promised her the moon and the stars if she got a knee replacement. The incision got infected and they ruined her eyes in a hyperbaric chamber. They sent her home so weak she could not sit up and had “nurses” 24/7 who were just little skanks that stole from her. Her death soon after was almost a mercy.

        • I am sorry about your aunt. Medical mistreatment of the elderly is at epidemic proportions in the UK. Julie Bailey who complained about hoe her mother was treated in the Staffordshire Hospital was gang stalked, her business attacked so she had to move. Although the press described what happened to her the stalking word was never mentioned.

          • I do not like what I’ve heard about socialized medicine in the UK. Stuff gets misdiagnosed and neglected until people die. I read about this 30 year old woman in pain with cancer and was not diagnosed until she had a month left to live.

            • It used to be good but the politicians wouldn’t stop meddling with it. The biggest blunder was pouring lots of money into it under the last government and out of nowhere top managers had a population explosion – 6- figure salaries for either doing nothing or making thins worse. But the Nhs was a godsend to my family – as my parents grew old – they both died age 94 and my late husband especially. His cancer treatment in the Royal Marsden was second to none and he got good treatment here in Harrogate too up to the last two months. If he had had to go what he went through and worry about huge medical bills at the same time – I can’t imagine what that would be like. I read somewhere that medical bills are the first cause of bankruptcies in US.

            • No I don’t think it would either. She might have been pushed into a worse situation. Do you know the story? It caused enormous controversy here. Her elderly mother, late eighties, died in Staffordsire Hospital – I don’t recall the complete details but one of many old folk who were neglected by the nursing staff. Since then it has been exposed that this mistreatment has occurred in many other hospitals. When she protested and got a group together of other people whose relatives had been treated badly her mother’s grave was vandalised. She owned a small business, a cafe. Somebody organised a boycott and things were thrown at the windows and excrement pushed through the letter box. One day she went into the supermarket and a very respectably dressed couple started shouting abuse at her. Her life was made unliveable so she sold up and bought a caravan and went to live at an undisclosed site. I don’t know what has happened since but a lot of people owe her for standing up and telling people what has happened. The paper – the despised “daily Mail” gave a very detailed account, but never once mentioned “organised stalking”

              • That is really terrible! It is so sad that people used to be rewarded and respected for trying to make positive changes but now they get punished for it. Of course the News media wouldn’t mention GS’ing. They’re in on it by default. All news media is owned by the governments. I hope she’s alright.

      • That is terrible that they acted that way, and how you were treated you when your husband was dying! Makes me want to choke them!

        • Thank you. So do I. People have enough problems in ordinary life without having them added to. Whoevers masterminding this evidently gets off on people’s suffering. My husband could not have survived. He had cancer 6 years ago and we thought he was clear, then it came back with a vengeance. He had it in multiple sites including bones and brain. His treatment was better than 5 star up to the last two months, then they went into reverse – and I was too slow to pick it up. He would have died anyway, but his last 2 months need not have been so bad.

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