70 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Your opinion, please.

  1. I believe the banks I use in Harrogate have been messed with. At the Halifax I asked them to write a Bankers Draft and the teller told me she didn’t have any checks. So I went over to the Yorkshire Building Society and told them and they had a good laugh about it – the teller waved a phone directory size check book at me. My husband died and recently and his pension people wrte to me about a pension I did not know about. This worried me so at the Yorkshire Building Society I made an appointment to see a financial adviser. She was very nice BUT she knew private details about me and about my relatives which I had not told her, or anyone, and had nothing to do with my enquiry. So it looks as if I just handed them all my financial information – all the better to rob you with, my dear.
    We have a special tax exempt savings account here called an ISA. I went to transfer my Isa from the Nationwide to another bank for a higher rate of interest – and the cheque got lost in the post! The teller at Nationwide told me that had Never happened before. And now every bank I go into even though I have been a customer for years (about 20 years in one case) make a big thing of always asking me to tell them my name and address – as if they are checking who I am – and even if the bank is quiet and empty when I go in it becomes crowded with people talking loudly.

      • My bank, Wells Fargo, wants to charge me for changing back to mail statements when I didn’t ask them to change to online only in the first place. Since every time the web page asks me if I want to change to online only and I always click “no thanks” I don’t see why they made the change. If I do get charged, I will march into my branch and insist they reimburse the fee since it was for a service I never asked for and refused when I was offered it.

          • Well, I got a survey call about the call I made the other night and they asked me how I felt about the bank’s services and I must say I was honest. I also informed the interviewer that I would not recommend them to anyone when she asked if I would, and that if they charged me for changing my service back to how it was before, I would insist on them giving the money back. I wonder if they want to cut out mail statements is so they can swindle people more easily and have less ways to prove it.

              • They keep putting my deposits into the wrong accounts even though I’m very specific about which one I want it in, but I think I’ve solved that by doing what a guy on the customer service line suggested. He said I should put nicknames on them so hopefully that will stop it. I named mine MINE, and my husband’s HIS. Now I can say, “Put it into the one called “MINE” and NOT the one called “HIS” “

  2. It depends on the character of the clerk at the bank. Some I take a glance at and judgmentally think that because they’re staring a certain way, they’re memorizing things for nonprofessional use later, while others, I see it and think they’re just scrutinizing the records for the reputation of the bank. Knowing the laws about my funds gives me peace of mind. A change of address does require extra attention these days, because of the concerns regarding identity theft. The clerk wants to make sure they are doing the right thing, plus they do have to report some transactions and bank actions to government agencies. But my banks, for extra safety, not putting all my eggs in one basket, the clerks know me by my face, and I know them, and some even know me by name, and I know them by name. I make effort to know the managers at the banks, and they know me, and it’s actually quite personal. An extra layer, getting a security question and changing it regularly, if you’re bothered by too many nameless faces at your bank(s). Personally, I think it’s strange that you make them show you their computer screens, as they don’t know you that technology information is privy to bank employees for company security purposes. My banks send me a letter confirming account closure anyways, it’s part of good business accounting to do that.

    • Clerks at my bank are very willing to show me their screens and by the sounds of the complaints here, I think I’m lucky that they seem very nice – though someone there DID allow or participate in the vandalizing of my things in a safe deposit box.

    • HI BLACKBIRD 🙂 havent said hi to u in a while ….. oh yeh othet thing i dont like is when a perp ask u how are you wat do u think u scum bag !.i have me evil neighbour following me outside now he was behind me listening to me talking on phone and he walked past slow and kept lookin back wid the perp grin he didnt want me to see what flat he was going in so he walked fast and was already in so i coundnt find out duhh i know who u are u creep oh yeh today this store worker woundt give me a free plaastic bag i had a hole in my bag from another shop so i ask her nicley i wasnt ready for checkout she had a free bag in her hand already i was going to get one anyway when i checkout she sed them stuff are not from are shop i cant give u bag ! At that point i lost my faith in humanity but something nice happened to me at the end so i havent fully lost hope 🙂 ne am glad ya safe it looked massivee we dont get them here x

      • Hi, Mara,
        My perps always either would pretend to ignore me if I said “Hello” (which I quit) or asked me the same question every time I saw them – whether I was still working at the place I work – which really started to irritate me, so I griped at my husband that they only wanted to know so they could report if I was still employed to the handler. I said it proved they were perps because they never asked me how I was or what I had been doing (because they already knew) Guess what? They all stopped asking me that question all at once, which proves they listen to what I say at home in the place that should be my personal space. My husband cared that it ticked me off. If you get any sympathy from anyone for what they do to you, it’s not so fun anymore. I wish complaining would make them stop vandalizing my things though. Problem is they can do that anonymously. The question they asked me identified them as perps. You don’t see them go into your house, car, hotel room etc. so you can’t point them out and embarass them. That is really bad she wouldn’t give you a bag! It is really nice when someone does something to restore your faith in humanity. I guess I’m lucky. That happens to me a lot when I’m out. I always walk around with the attitude that there are more nice people in the world than mean ones, and I remind myself every day that not everyone out there is a perp. I don’t know if that reflects off of me, but people are nice to me frequently. It does give me hope.

        • Yes bb perps love to askquestions it does crazy..yep your right they tell thingss to they handler be carefulll i know its hard..have seen this action with a perp on a mobile didnt hear what this freak waas saying he knew were i was and came out of a shop and followed me the sicko he cut convo off before he walked closer he done this before has i walking on the street he commes jumping out from were he lives on his phone watching me going to a shop just werid stuff .with this perp to makes me sick yes ..who are they handlers! I wondered once who they are ….theys defo a higherakey of perps theys low level ones then they ones up from them then after that i dont know yes bb they is some good people out there who dont perp i dont really come acros them not everyday anyway this citY were i am is full of scumbags who will do anything for they money even homeless i had alcoholics in town perp me this year oo joy she came into this shop with this guy pretendin to look at summat i was behind her she did a funny turn and backed up on me and nearly knocked me sad bitch then she.just walked off it was so obvious wat she did these scum will do owt for drugs and watever else… i cant wait bb until it turns on them one day its good to think postive am trying to well lol …am trying not to bitter about it anyway only because its not good for health yes she didnt give me a free bag which i was going to get anyway after i bought shopping ! Once your target you do see and experience some crazyy stuff to its awfull

          • Yes, I am looking forward to them getting what they are owed as well. BTW, I like your British terms. I lived over there for 17 years and really miss it. Came back here because I thought the stalking would end. I didn’t know then, that I was being GS’ed. I thought it was just my EX and his mates. Found out what it was just after they killed my son. Bastards!

            • Hi bb thanks my british terms:) yep its happening here to did it happen to you in britian its everywere 😦 oh am so sorry to hear they killed your son thats really bad these evil slime will do anything i mean even murdered to they dangerous but they fuction in the community an get away with anything .i like america always have never been like …..i wud like to down soul living in the dessert maybe in a trailer like i see in the movies but wats going in america i best just stay in uk now.all same

              • Thank you for your kind words about my son. I miss him every day. And the @$$%0!3 who did it had no qualms about coming to his funeral and having a wonderful time! He’s still walking free even though a friend of my son’s found out afterwards that he had warrants in several states. Proof that cops get criminals to do their F’n dirty work for them when they’re too lazy to do it themselves! I’d tell you more but can’t write anymore about it now.

                Yeah, it started in Bicester, continued in Banbury, Yarnton, and Oxford, then here. When the stuff I had shipped here got here, 3/4 of was stolen and 1/2 of what was left was destroyed. I want to live in the desert, too. I think that would be awesome! (I love trailers. Spent my early childhood in them) I’d love to move to Arizona or New Mexico.

  3. I had similar problems at my Wellsfargo bank as well, I even had to change what bank I go to because of problems like what you describe.
    I know why my bank was treating me so badly though because law officer’s dressed like detectives followed me there and they turned everyone in my bank against me behind my back with false accusations of which law enforcement has no intention of formally charging me over.

    I have been gang-stalked by law enforcement ever since my wife got a job at the county jail kitchen by law officer’;s and they were frami9ng me for crimes when they turned my wife against me behind my back.

    My wife was cheating on me with someone in law enforcement and they told her they would help her to set me up and they told her to quit her job at the county jail and that they would take over the apartment next door to us and would guide/coach my wife as to how to set me up for their video surveillance cameras.

    Their conspiracy was so blatant that I discovered everything early on, but had no idea where to turn to for help, so I said nothing and documented the process they used to frame me and kept their guard down by acting like I don\t know what is going on.

    I cannot speak for other people but in my situation it was law enforcement that were turning other people against me behind my back with false accusations, the entire time they fake for the eyes of other people that they are conducting investigations.

    What people don”t realize is is that these cops were sleeping with my wife and had been destroying my reputation so no one would care if I was murdered, and their end goal was to murder me after they set me up.

    People that are not targeted by law enforcement blindly trusts police, so when police detectives follow me to my bank they go inside the bank and observe me while I am in there, and after I leave they put on a phony show to the bank tellers that they are conducting an investigation on me and that they wanted to know what I said to them.

    The end result is these dicks dressed like detectives are not charging me with anythi9ng at6 all, but they are turning my bank against me by acting under false pretenses, they pretend I am a bad guy to other people, thus turning people I do business with against me.

    No matter where I go they follow me and they fake an investigation of me to turn people against me, they are sleep9ng with my wi8fe and they say nothing about that to anyone, so their faking an investigation is just their way of destroying my reputation behind my back in such a way where I cannot defend agai8nst it.

    They don’t just do this at my bank, they do this everywhere I go, bank, grocery store, taco bell, burger king, you name it, anywhere I go they follow me and they fake an investigation to other people to destroy my reputation, and this is why so many people at so many places treat me like crap.

    • The woman knows who I am. There isn’t anyone in the bank who doesn’t know who I am. I’ve dealt with the clerk several times, but I never had to run into the bank before. Who knows what she’s been doing to my account other times.

  4. Never thought about it. I only hang around the bank after a transaction if there are treats. Some tellers seem perpy and I wonder if they would screw my account for the right price. It’s a recurring fear. They do like to sell up features like the phone co but they know it will be a loong day before I get any as they cannot bleed a turnip. If a check goes into the red for any reason they charge a huge fee. The last time, I had to pay it, could not talk em out of it, it was my mistake that I forgot to update the check book. So, I got “revenge” by eating 34 dollars worth of donuts after the thing with my account had happened.

  5. No to be honest not at all ne you are right to feel that way.this bank clerk at my bank hates me she always looks at me you can tell she is a perp unreal and once got in a room askin me questions everyplace i go THe perps are they ready shops banks supermarkets discount stores swimming pools clubs pubs when are you getting your pc fixed ne bet you cant wait to get away from crap library.anyway what you just sed i woundnt beielve them they nosey some of these clerks with us targets so yeh you did right thing to go manager she might stop in future who knows what these zombies do with are stuff can we stop it not really i suggest do online banking try to avoid going in bank.

    • I don’t trust on-line banking. As much hacking as they do to me on my computer, my info would be out there all over the place. I go to the bank to use the computer when I need to check my account. Their computers are a little safer, but no place is ever really safe.

      • I don’t do online banking either. I get statements sent to the person who does my bookkeeping. That person pays my bills with checks. I believe one of the reasons they don’t fiddle my account is someone else watches it.

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