Gang Stalking – The world is full of angelic beings.

Garden Angelic Beings

Garden Angelic Beings (Photo credit: nme421)

I’m supposed to be at a doctor’s appointment now.  When I arrived at the office, I was told I had no appointment. I gave them the slip given to me when I made  appointment. The clerk told me that they tried, and tried over and over  to contact me, but couldn’t.  So I asked, “Why didn’t someone get in touch by email?”  The clerk said, “We don’t do email.  I replied, “Then why do you ask for my email address if you’re not going to contact me by email?” Clerk said, I don’t know.”  I replied, “Why didn’t you send me a letter?  Clerk said, “We don’t send out letters.   I replied, “I’ve been sent letters notifying me that the appointment date had been cancelled and given a new date for the appointment.” He stopped chewing gum.  He knew that he was telling me nothing, but lies.  They like to do this to me. I show up, no appointment. I remember the last time they did this to me, they cancelled appointments three times in a row. By the time I got to see the doctor, it was ten months later. I always keep the receipt they give me  on what date my appointment is so they can’t say I showed up on the wrong day, as they’ve done to me.

It’s not going well with things in my apartment.  Every time I take a shower, there’s a puddle of water on the floor when I get out of the bathtub.  I have a shower curtain, but it doesn’t matter if I keep the curtain in or out of the bathtub, the floor gets wet.  I’ve gone to the office four times already to complain about it, but nothing’s been done.  The first four days that I used the shower, no problem. The fifth day, the floor got soaking wet and has been ever since. But I decided I’m just going to keep taking my shower and if the tub goes through the floor, they’re going to be held responsible. I know they did something to the shower. I don’t know what. And they’ve shot bolts of electricity to my hands. Last night, a bolt hit my hand so hard, I couldn’t move my hand for about five minutes.

And they’ve stolen my food.  I couldn’t find four items I had in the refrigerator.  The things just disappeared into the great unknown. And, of course, what would my life be like if I didn’t have someone break into my apartment every day. I’d just be so unhappy that I had no visitors while I was out. I’d probably cry.  Boo-hoo.

I’m back at the library again.  Wednesday was a real quiet day. That’s the day the perps go to their meeting and tell all the horrible things we’ve done. Like gave them the finger, or called the sweet things bastards. They’re such delicate creatures, we can’t mistreat them too much.  Of course, they’d go running to the cops, or librarians, or whomever is in charge to report us and them it’s them against our truth.  And we’d lose because we’re such liars, when we’re not drinking or being violent, or other such bad things we targets do.  You know, the rest of the world is full of angelic beings. Yeah, sure. And if you believe anything I wrote, I have a bridge I can sell you in Brooklyn.

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50 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – The world is full of angelic beings.

  1. don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against elderly people .my brother told me a long time ago people are changing what he meant was their getting worse it seams like with technology advancements they seam worse when i was growing up cell phones have really made it worse.

  2. they still try to ingeminate me in town I was at a place called safe haven I call it (unsafe haven) they were saying I was going to prison and the police were going to Taser me i went into town today at dollar tree and they were saying I shouldn’t make fun of the police which I never have they just try to break me down like you say I live in a apt complex were the walls are thin and you can hear all the noise they constantly harass me because you can hear through the walls they say aim going to get locked up I went out yesterday I came back some old lady on the balcony was saying the police are going to take your computer away will the harassment never end?

    • Yeah, It’s hell on earth. And those old people are just as obnoxious as the young ones. Don’t trust them! They’re in on it, too. I can’t tell how many old people harass me. They have every old person with a cane, or in a wheel chair harassing me. Every corner I turn, there’s an old person in a wheel chair, cane, etc. They’re horrible, too. You would think they’d know better.

  3. In 3rd world countries only the people at the top can rely on any part of the social infrastructure working as it should – the police, medical services, banks, etc. If you are not ruling class you are treated like garbage. It seems somebody has decided that is the way to go in the West. Preparing us for the future of one class of unaccountable feudal overlords who get everything, and everybody else reduced to slaves and scrabbling for existence against each other.
    This happened before. There is always a Hitler in the wings.

  4. well aim back again after toughing my laptop in the bathtub because they stressed me out it seams during the holidays there not as active aim sure they have others to do like be hypocrites about Christmas now I go to the library to use the computer but I have to watch out the one who runs the library a sadist

    • Every one at the library is a sadist. They will have four or five people at a time hacking your computer, and they will be sitting next to you. Glad you’re all right. I’ve been wondering what happened to you.

  5. I can relate to that, they have changed my appointments with out notification. I now call the day before the appointments to verify.. this makes them very mad.. and even then I am always the last to be seen… I spend 2 to 4 hours waiting, letting people go ahead of me. When it is finally my turn they are rude, try to push their narcotics, tell me nothing is wrong with me. I am having swellings on both sides of my neck(trying to find out if it is lymphoma or a head and neck cancer.(showing up after the county sprayed my yard with agent orange without telling me and I got in it without knowing and had a severe chemical burn reaction May 05) they refuse to give me scans and if they do when I ask for the results they say “why do you care if you have cancer when you are a walking heart attack” I ask for a cardiologist referral then “I get nothing is wrong with you” bp 217/117/99, . when I talk about my neck we go around the mulberry bush and start looking at something else. Now my big scare is I am full of inflammation (they don’t know the source) and kidney damage. This week I have been getting calls that I am scheduled for a biopsy and surgery when I tell them no such thing I am trying to just get a cat scan they either laugh or tell me it is a mix up. they are some of the most cruel human beings on this earth I have ever encountered.
    My brother was also exposed to the chemical with me and he had kidney cancer so I am assuming this gas-lighting is trying to cover the chemical spray. Also let it be known the chemical spray was a soft kill directed towards me. I guess I am just taking to long to die!! Gangstalked 98 to present date! Praise Yahweh!!!!

    • I usually call before the day of the appointment, but this time I forgot to call. When I call ahead I have no problem. If you have insurance, call the company and tell them about the problem you’re having with the staff. I don’t think the company wants to lose a customer.

  6. I think it’s a mistake to attack specific groups here – from what I’ve seen, all the major tribal religious and ethnic groups are affected by gangstalking, both as victims and perpetrators, so there has to be something nonhuman at the very top I think, and it, or they loves to play divide & conquer. My favourite parts of this blog are when you blog about gangstalkers suddenly realising how idiotic and subhuman what they’re being asked to do to people is and then questioning it.

    • EXCUSE ME NO INTENSION i have been here a while ne is a great person and helped me alot i can relate to ne very much i am not attacking muslims that wud idiotic and silly if.u ever red my previous.comments its not just muslims that are my perps they come.from all races and ages and reilgons etc but i sed alot of perps over the years hav been muslim my neighours are not muslims who perp me .i disagree with islam but i aint saying all muslims are perps .

  7. OH yeh have noticed if i had a nice friend they wud always be around very quickly i mean in a matter of weeks this nice take her away from me or sumthing happens so am a loner and wat ever they saying is true sick bastards if ur watchin i have figured it Alllll out my gosh i hope its true u reap wat u sow.these perps love to see u alone i only had that one friend in my adult years i.clicked with an the perps are always around to take away and destroy am telling ya they hate wen u.have a friendship its so.bloody sad.

    • If you have a friend, you don’t feel so lonely. They want you not to have friends and feel totally isolated from everything and everybody. It’s all a psychological game they play with you. You have to be your own best friend.

  8. It happened once a long time ago that my dr’s secretary cancelled an appointment I had with the Dr. HERSELF. Usually appointments are kept…I wasn’t given vitals at the shrink’s 2 times in a row, though, but I didn’t say much as they WEIGH you then. The problem I have is being harassed/followed by security guards at both places. They never liked me but then I got into it with some kind of nurse boss and it was on. They follow me around the building and call me names if they see I’m alone and no one is around. I never do well where there are guards. At the store, anywhere. They see I’m a target and it’s on for them. The fare checker on the bus tried to get into it with me once as well and I had to get off and get the next one. I showed him the fare and it wasn’t enough. I was supposed to be all Yes Sir and kiss his butt. NO way. He later left and now I think they use another security company. Sorry for the “book”.

    • They do it to me, too. They’re trying to intimidate you. I usually turn around, look them in the face and keep staring. They feel so uncomfortable, they don’t come near me again, until a new guard enters the picture and does the same thing. Good for you not kissing some ass’s hole.

    • I had gaslighting at a bus station. I wanted to take a bus to Leeds so I went to the bus rank. There were quite a few people on the bus. The bus driver said – this bus isn, t going next and directed me to a rank two places away. I went there but it wasn’t, for Leeds and while I was standing there the first bus pulled out.

  9. Oh yeah ne that old one lol we tried to call you and call you and call you they sed it to me i had no letters or miss calls on just liers oh a muslim women did a injection once full of hate wat do u expect nothing else i guess

      • Hey ne the things they say about us it would.make the dead blush its digusting wat they say have only caught abit wat they say i dread to think wat they say about me to people have had people come up to i.thougt u died! and all.sorts of werid crap to it really neverends hun x

      • They like mind games ne to as well has abuse hav notice if u stay in they like it its wen u ttry an do stuff it boosts up sickos i aint afriad of these vile diarrha turds its getting cold now hopefully less perps ne.

  10. HI NE wow i can relate to doctors office to full of perps and snitches i dont trust mine they evil.years ago a muslim women doc mis diagionsed me with a life threatingg disease she kept saying same thing every time i went up to see her sick bitch didnt even do any tests to see if its not anything else i saw a non muslim doc he did tests and sorted it thank god . i bet i get attacked even more saying the trurh about them always happens so wattttt oh yeah they worship the devil allah am telling ya they dont carree abourt non muslims i cant get away i live in a city were majority are muslims dont trust em ever!

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