Gang Stalking – More information to come out about National Security Agency.

Official portrait of United States Senator .

Official portrait of United States Senator . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I went to the library to use the computer. I waited my time in line as did everyone else.  When it came time for me to get on the computer, suddenly, all the computers were not working.  I went to the librarian to get help, but she was no help.  I stayed in the library trying to get the computer to work, but got nothing. I finally gave up trying and went home. I have a feeling that after I left the library the computers were working again.  The librarians are trying to get me thrown out of the library as they did a year ago. I’ve  given them no reason to do so, so now they come up with all kinds of stupid nonsense to drive me away from the library. I wonder if they’ll try the “I took someone else’s I.D.” thing again with me? This time I’m ready for them if they try to throw me out of the library.

And I want to take back what I said  about liking something about the new complex I live in.  They’re now using the thing I didn’t mention on me.  Just this morning, when I opened the door, someone had thrown crumbs in front of the door.  I looked down at the crumbs, stepped over them and left them there. I’m not cleaning anything up. Let the complex cleaner clean them up. I think she’s the one who did it.  And if it’s not her, maybe someone will complain about the dirt to the manager. I really get a bad feeling about the woman who cleans the apartment. I know it’s hard work, but I don’t think this woman likes doing the job she’s doing, and having someone to dump on must make her happy.  So she’s happily making me miserable with all she does in my apartment. She has a master-key and can get into any apartment.

I’ve written about Senator Wyden before. He’s the Senator from Portland, Oregon.  I heard him on the radio and he promises to find out everything that the N.S.A. is into. He said that there’s a lot more to come out that haven’t been told.  If you haven’t written Sen. Wyden about what’s happening to you, please do.  The more information he gets from us targets, the more power he has. So look through my blog and find out where to send the information. Thanks.

By the way readers, thanks for the responses.

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16 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – More information to come out about National Security Agency.

    • I don’t even buy anything anymore. I buy only what I absolutely need to survive, otherwise, I don’t buy anything. They destroy everything I’ve bought, too. They’re all animals, every one of them.

  1. I use public computers at the library sometimes to avoid schlepping my computer on pub transport and this ass shat complained to the librarian that my music in my headphones was too loud. When the librarian came over to tell me he sat there with a smirk on his face. For some strange reason the computer i was on that day did not work. After the librarian came it started working again. I was so mean to him after that he got away from me and walked to another room. Another time I got a bad computer I moved to another one that worked fine. It’s always a game. They have fast speed there too at the library. If I could get a good computer case not a cloth grocery bag I’d consider schlepping it.

      • This perp looked like a nasty overgrown second grader. Society’s fabric is ripped open. At first I had no idea why the librarian was at my computer I thought she was there because it wasn’t working…no only the stoopid complaint…She went away w/o fixing the computer when I turned down the music.

        • Did you have ear phones? How in the world can she hear ear phones? All the librarians are perps and just as stupid as all the perps who use the library. Most of the perps who use the library already have computers. They only go to the library to annoy us targets.

    • I had trouble at the library for a time ( two different libraries actually) in that the computer I usually used would stop working after I had used it. I suppose they came along afterwards and vandalised to provide evidence to support the lies they were telling the librarians about me. Once I was sitting beside an inoperative computer that I had used to use and the guy came to fix it. He would never have won an Oscar. He kept looking at me and tut-tutting to himself.
      I have had a lot of trouble getting comments onto sites. One day I was vainly trying to get a comment on my Facebook page about targeted individuals being bait and the page kept freezing. I asked the librarian for help so he started up a different computer and loaded the comment without any problem. Going out I gave him a hard copy about targeted individuals being bait. I saw him in the library the next day. He looked in a controlled state of panic. A lot of these people are being intimidated ( and I am being used as bait to trap decent working people – who of course will blame me for the deep s.. T they find themselves in.
      I had only just found out about gang stalking when I went on the internet to access gang stalking sites and find more information – and also to list the places and dates where I had been gang stalked. My IP/ISP banned me from writing on virtually every site claiming I was an obsessive compulsive spammer. One of the librarians is a computer expert so I asked him how do I solve this? He said – you are on a library network ( covering all the libraries in Nth Yorkshire) the network cannot distinguish you from any other user. Talk about having your intelligence insulted. So NOBODY in a library in Nth Yorkshire could get on to any site? Don’t you think a few hundred people would have noticed? What do people use computers for?

      • I once could NOT get onto illuminati news website from the library but fine at home. Never had the type of trouble you had though.

  2. I can think of two other ways you could continue blogging:

    A cheap smartphone with a data package

    or, depending on what’s wrong with your computer, you could try running a Linux Live CD on it (I realise I suggested this before) you wouldn’t even need a working hard drive – you just press Del as you’re booting up and select Boot from CD or DVD from the boot options, this also has the added bonus of making it harder for anyone that wants to hack your PC because they can’t make any permanent changes to your computer.


    Could you describe exactly what’s happening when you’re being hit with electricity please? are you touching anything metallic when it happens? is it like an electric shock?

    (by ‘plate’ I just meant plate or sheet metal, there are plenty of videos on Youtube that show how well Aluminium mesh etc blocks microwaves)

    • It’s like a bolt of lightning hits my body. Last night was an example of it. I got a sharp bolts hitting me all night. They really like to shoot the bolts into my hands, especially. I can’t move my hand for a while the bolt is so sharp. I’m surprised my heart hasn’t been hit. I’d be dead right now. I usually force myself to close and open my hand, otherwise, it’d be seriously damaged.
      They’re trying to destroy my hands so I cant type anymore.

      • I’m trying to pick my words carefully here because of the possibility that they’ll be used against me in the next ‘street theatre’ session…

        If you’re not touching anything electrically conductive when this is happening, then it’s possible that microwaves are being used here, microwaves are just a more energetic/higher frequency form of radio wave (it doesn’t matter whether you own a microwave oven or not) and if you can put some sort of metallic obstacle between yourself and where you think the source is that may help to block or attenuate it.

        • This is interesting. I don’ understand the technology but I suspect it is possible. When I was at grammar school in the ’60’s a girl in the year below had some kind of birth defect which affected how she walked. Her parents had worked at the embassy in Moscow. So we know experiments of this type were happening over 60 years ago so there is no reason to suppose that somebody continued with the experiments to the present day. “No intention of…” Neverending is getting the cold treatment in her flat. Would foil survival blankets block this stuff?

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