Gang Stalking – I might be in a video on YouTube?

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I pass by a business whose name is Cowboy Boots.  The business sells every kind of boot.  But I’ve noticed every time I pass by it, there’s always something off.  A lot of trash, etc.  I passed by the business yesterday and noticed that it had a bullet hole in one window, another window had wood covering the hole made in it, and there were hundreds of finger prints on the front part of the store.   So I got my courage up and went into the store.  I asked the man at the counter if he was a victim of harassment. He replied, “No, not me. The building’s harassed (I guess he meant the owner of the property).”  So I replied, “I can tell someone’s being harassed by the condition of the building.”  He replied,  “I know the neighborhood’s changed.”  And I said,  “It has nothing to do with the neighborhood changing.  This is happening  to a lot of people. And I’m an also a victim of harassment.  It’s happening to a lot of us.” He replied, “Well, I don’t know anything about that.”  I said, “I write a blog about what’s happening to me and other targets.”  He gave me a look that said he knew what was happening, and I bet he  knew exactly what’s happening to the property owner.  So, someone can be a business owner and have money and it doesn’t make any difference.  If these creeps want to do someone in, money doesn’t matter. It’s get even time.

Before I moved out of my earlier apartment, I was cleaning it.  While cleaning, I heard my voice.  I put my ear to the wall, and sure enough, I could hear my voice. I was singing some song, and could hear myself sneeze.  The perps were watching a video of me dancing around,  I happened to sneezed.  They all began to laugh when they heard my sneeze and made fun of me sneezing. Ha, ha, it’s so funny.  I wanted to run next door and tell them the hell off.  But I did not. I controlled myself. I’m sure they would have been very happy to call the police on me and, and really, there was nothing I could prove.

I went out and stood waiting for the bus. While waiting for the bus, a group of  UNLV (Universitiy of Nevada Las Vegas)  students passed me.  The girls were making the whoop sound I heard in the video and laughing.  I again controlled myself and said nothing.  About five minutes later, another group of UNLV students passed by me.  The two girls in the front were also making the whoop sound and laughing.  The two guys behind the women made some comments.  The first student said,  “I bet she doesn’t know her video’s on YouTube?”  The second student remarked, “I bet she already knows.”  Again, I said nothing.

There might be a video of me out there  making the rounds.  Well, this is the way I see it.  I’m not ashamed of anything that’s shown in this video. I’m in my apartment, which is supposed to be a private place, not bothering anyone. If anyone should be ashamed of the video it is those lowlifes who put a camera in my apartment and watched me and posted the video. I really would like to find the video. Not because I want to see it, but this is evidence of the creeps putting a camera in my apartment.  I would love to put every one of the disgusting sub-humans in jail.  This would be payback.  These people feel they’re Gods and can get away with what they’re doing to me. It would make me very happy to sue everyone of the bastards.  And maybe, just maybe, what’s happening to us would be written about by the useless media people.

So, if you think these creeps don’t have a camera in your house/apartment, think again. They probably do. And maybe a video of you in your home will show up on YouTube, too.

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  2. So, what might have happened here? We can assume that the store owner is a normal business man. Not a drug dealer, thief, paedophile, terrorist, prostitute, major fraudster, just an ordinary man running a business. So there is no reason for him to be targeted. So one could suppose, a targeted individual entered his shop one day as a legitimate customer and was followed up by the Recruiters spewing their standard balderdash. And your man, who isn’t a fool says – I am not a policeman, nor am I a private detective. If what you say is true – arrest him. All I do is sell shoes.
    And then the harassment starts. Yes? No? Maybe? Doesn’t look as if gang stalkers are anything other than crooks. The Target who entered the shop was likely a relatively poor person – but a business – ah, rich pickings!

  3. The only groups of people that are organized enough to surround people’s apartments and to spy on those targets is law enforcement, and law enforcement easily gets warrants in order to take over the surrounding apartments, and it is common knowledge that police do indeed use and rely on video surveillance cameras.

    Everything you have described appears to be law enforcement using their police powers 6o take over the surrounding apartments surrounding yours and they are illegally spying on you and are intentionally making it known to you to get a reaction out of you that they can use against you.

    If they are making it known to you that they are illegally recording you and you yourself admit that you do not believe police will help you then you are admitting that you believe police are responsible, otherwise they would be more than happy to help you would they not?

    One more thing, why do you call under cover police “perps” for? to the best of my knowledge the only groups of people that think of people as “perps” are law officer’s.

    It is common knowledge police take over surrounding areas when they do police drug busts or prostitution stings so why is it so hard for anyone to understand that police ALSO take over the surrounding area when they investigate/gang-stalk people?

    It is common knowledge that police when conducting investigations/drug busts/prostitution stings that they want to control the surrounding area while they do street theater using under cover officer’s and yes they also recruit their friends/bros/girlfriends into helping them with their street theater.

    The only people that ever use the term “perps” to my knowledge are police and they use that term as well as “suspects” when they refer to people they have it out for, police use all kinds of terms to label citizens to dehumanize them and police do it all the time.

    Would it not be3 reasonable to assume that law enforcement are renting apartments surrounding yours and that they are doing so under the pretense of an investigation and that they are using their police powers to harm/terrorize/torment you?

    Only police have that kind of power to do this to people and get away with it.

    Please give your opinion as to who these “perps” as you call them are, sorry but to just call them “perps” does not really identify who they are or what their motives are, and it is odd to me that you do not seem to suspect that police are doing this to you even though everyone knows police can and do surround their target and take control of surrounding areas for staging street theater.

    Everyone knows when police do drug busts or prostitution stings that they take control of the surrounding area and they do street theater for the sake of framing/entrapping people on video surveillance.

    You say they do street theater on a previous post and now you are admitting they have you surrounded thus controlling your immediate area and that they are illegally recording you, under the circumstances it would be a logical assumption that police are doing this to you since it is already known police, as a group, take over surrounding areas surrounding their target and do street theater for video surveillance.

    Base on what you yourself describe would it not be wise to assume they are in fact police and possibly some of their buddy’s helping them do this to you?.

      • It is already common knowledge that police train under cover officer’s to frame/entrap people on the streets doing street theater and police admit to this when it comes to drub busts and prostitution stings.

        You already admit on previous blog posts police help gang-stalkers those they are at the least accomplices, would it not be wise to assume police are targeting you?

        To blame U,S, government is a generic term because you do not want to name a specific agency or officer’s, all police agency’s work together on their operations and local police along with FBI work together all the time on operations.

        Based on everything you describe as a victim you are giving the appearance that police are gang-stalking you yet you refuse to admit it.

        Police train and pay under cover officer’s to do street theater when they do drug busts and prostitution stings, so why is it impossible for you to suspect police in doing the same to you?

        • I’ve seen the NSA, CIA, DOD, FBI, and DOJ on my netstat when I was being harassed on my computer before they started masking their IPs so that I couldn’t tell so easily who was on with me. I’ve also traced IPs that were on there to police headquarters, law firms, airports, libraries, and military bases, etc. so I know it’s not just cops. I am no longer allowed to use security software that shows who connects to my computer or anything like peer guard. They obviously have something to hide even though I don’t.

        • Does it matter? If one is corrupt the other is too. Has to be. If the people at the top are corrupt everyone below them gets corrupted or rendered ineffective. Perps is standard parlance on gang stalking sites.
          Equally whoever is doing it there’s not a lot anyone can do except make a fuss.

      • There are also foreign governments that have spies that operate illegally in the country. I believe you that you heard a recording of yourself; my perps had a hidden microphone in my apartment that they used for recording, and I found it magnetized on my ceiling fan, unscrewed it, and it had little watch batteries in it and a chip thing on the surface, about the size of a thimble. My perps played back recordings of me sobbing from the privacy of my place. Naturally the cops were part of the neighborhood problem then, I think, so nothing resulted from that, it only got confiscated. So, look for the source of the recording, which might be a laser microphone on the windows, or a small object, or even a cell phone tap of a recording. It’s likely a tangible thing, not something invisible.

        • I figure it has be something small. I’ve gotten into the lights, but I see nothing. I know they have microphones in my apartment. They have several. I can hear the echo in my apartment. And everything I do, they know about. But I will look again and try to find whatever it is.

        • I believe all you say too. I gave up on finding the source myself, because I never could. I know they hear me so I hurl insults at them now and then just because it makes me feel a bit better.

    • Your post is a bit confusing as to who’s side you’re on. For one thing, police don’t help a GS victim when they DON’T think it’s them who are doing it either. I know that from experience. I used to trust them and thought they would help me, but they didn’t, and that was long before I knew they were in on it. For another thing, we have just as much right to use the term perps as police do, and another thing, sometimes identifying the perps is downright impossible, like when they break into your home or car when you’re not there so giving specific names of the creeps is not an option.

      • I am on the side that gets gang-stalkers prosecuted AND arrested, and you make it hard for me to know who’s side you are on when you talk like a cop because the term “perp” is a slang term popularized BY cops and I know police run and organize gang-stalking the same way they run busts or sting operations. it is not impossible for you to hind out who is gang-stalking you you can use a camcorder to catch them hanging around your home, everyone uses cellphones that have cameras in them so catch the gang-stalkers on video, if you know they are gang-stalkers then get them on video. You yourself admit police are involved so why rag on me for exposing police as gang-stalkers, police will not help victims of gang-stalking because it is police that run and organize gang-stalking and they do it under the pretense of investigating someone. police also use community notifications/flyers to turn other businesses against victims of gang-stalking and it is common knowledge that police use flyers to destroy people’s reputations. and yes police break into people’s homes as well and that’s common knowledge as well, and I caught them in the act multiple times breaking into my home to plant evidence and to poison my foods and to do their street theater inside my home using body doubles and photogenic photo’s, and yes police rely on photogenic photo’s when they do their street theater to frame/entrap people and that’s also common knowledge. I have been publicly expossing gang-stalking as police operations and yes their are a ton of people not in law enforcement that kiss up to police and help police to gang-stalk people and many of those type of people are pals with police officer’s and get paid by police under the table to harass and menace people for video surveillance cameras. police are trained and paid to do street theater FOR video surveillance cameras and they do so all the time, so I do not see why victims of gang-stalkers that admit police will not help them do not suspect police of being the cause and the source of gang-stalking since police are already organized to target people in that manner.

        • HOW DARE YOU SAY I TALK LIKE A COP!!! I’ve tried cameras and had them scrambled, tampered with and stolen! I didn’t have a cell phone ’til recently because whenever I even tried using a cordless phone they kept turning it off. It IS impossible for me to get pictures of vids of my perps because they stay out of my sight and come in while I’m gone or sleeping so no, I CAN’T get pictures of them! I had a security system connected to my computer for a while and hackers kept turning it off. I had an ADT alarm on my house for a while and ADT allowed someone to change the codes and get in unhampered whenever they wanted to. Until you have the whole story on someone you have no right to judge them!

        • PS, wifepoisonedmewithantifreeze, if you’re so good at getting GS’ers prosecuted, prove it by cornering and caging all of ours!

          • Are you done insulting me? I already proved on video it is cops and their girlfriends and whores and their bros that are gang-stalkers and I caught them on video armed with guns and recording devices outside my doorway waiting in ambush for me to step outside at 5:45 am.

            They get away with it because they are COPS! and because of that they use their police powers to acquire apartments surrounding mine and they get the key to my apartment from my apartment manager and my apartment manager knew damn well they are cops and knew their targeting of me was personal on their part and did nothing to warn me!

            Now I know damn well only cops use the term “perps” and they are the only organized groups in America that commonly use the term “perps” and it is a slang term created and used by cops commonly!

            If you do not want me to assume you are a cop them stop using cop slang for everything and call the gang-stalkers organized criminals instead because THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE! ORGANIZED CRIMINALS!

          • One more thing, these cops/gang-stalkers I caught on video at my front door in 2009 committed a break in in 2007 and they raped,photographed, and killed a female child named Jessica! and their break in woke me up and I caught them in the act committing the crime! so now you know why these cops want me dead! because I am a witness to their crimes! and to this very day THERE IS NOT A SOUL ON THIS DAMN EARTH THAT CARES ENOUGH TO EVEN ASK ME “OMG WHAT HAPPENED?” AND INSTEAD I GET IGNORED BY PEOPLE AND REPEATEDLY THREATENED BY COPS!

            No one in this god damn country gives a damn if cops are killing children, and there is a never ending list of people willing to attack me to cover pedophile cops butts from prosecution to silence me!

            While you complain about being followed or gang-stalked you are ignoring the fact that gang-stalkers are killers! and their killers that never get prosecuted! why? because their cops and cops bros and cops girlfriends! that’s why!

            • If you think no one cares about what you wrote about you should re evaluate your outlook on life and stop making assumptions! That’s not true about anyone here including me. It’s terrible to abuse anyone, especially a child!!

              Speaking of ignoring the fact that cops/GS’ers are killers, you’ve made another wrong assumption. You will find comments on this blog about the death of my son, Collin, who was also GS’ed BY COPS PERSONNALLY, so if you don’t mind, from now on, if you don’t have anything but put downs and insults to say to me, don’t say anything to me at all.

        • You are the person who suggested body doubles. I remembered and thought that is odd. I was looking through some photos going back years. One was one I took of my husband standing beside a large snowman in the middle of a field on Tooting Common. What was weird was it looked as if I was in the photo too. The woman was about the same size and build as myself wearing similar glasses and similar jeans and a brown jacket with a hood- just like mine. In close up she wasn’t really like me – about twenty years younger but I thought I was looking at myself. Anyone who didn’t know me wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference – she had me fooled. And she was also carrying a camera.
          After I noted your comment I came across people saying people mimicked their dress. I was living in London up to two years ago and in that crowded environment this would not be obvious.
          I wondered why – then I thought as they are trying to discredit you and you are a lawful person who never does anything offensive – people who look like you acting oddly or carrying out anti-social acts ell be credited to you as most people are not very good at identifying strangers accurately.

    • Wifepoisonedme I am using this site because I cannot get into wordpress. The wordpress logos that you click to get directly in have been removed from me emails and when I try to log in the delay is so long that I get disconnected. I have spent an hour and a half this morning to get this far – but an earlier comment I made on this site for Neverending disappeared and I was told to log in except I couldn’t get on to the site to do it. I also cannot get on to google. First the logo disappeared from my gmail then when I got round that be entering from kindle that option disappeared from kindle too. So I might not be able to speak to you again just as happened when I was blocked from entering the free speech site. I wii do my best.
      NEVERENDING I apologise for using your sitr to carry on a 3rd party conversation – explanation as above.

    • It is so true what you write. If I were not writing my blog and telling you what really happens to all of us, I can tell you my life would be a lot easier. They’ve already had me thrown out of the library once, and they’re at it again. Come what may, I will continue my blog. And they can all go straight to hell!

    • I disagree. If someone attacks you for doing nothing fighting back any way you can is only sensible. Once you are targeted they never let up. Somebody says the stalkers get addicted to it. maybe. More likely is having put themselves on a course of making out you are a criminal there is no point in stopping. Are they going to go round and tell everyone they have been lying to ( in my case at least 35 years) – you can stop worrying. She is not a criminal after all.

  4. Well if it all results in a lawsuit, I hope you win a lot of money.

    When you mention people hitting you with ‘electricity’ in other posts, that sounds like it could be microwaves, in which case you’ll need to use something electrically conductive to shield yourself, such as Aluminium mesh/foil/plate etc.

    Also, what is this zapper thing that you keep mentioning.

    • It’s electricity that comes from the sockets. The perps are given codes to break into the circuits and use it to hit us. I don’t have a microwave, even though, I’ve heard they do use microwaves to also get at us. I’ve tried foil, did nothing for me, aluminum mesh I haven’t tried. Plate? What is that?

              • A major problem and I have seen others complain of this. I didn’t notice that personal papers had gone missing until we moved from London to Harrogate – and I had to strip our possessions down to what Bill could fit in the car. Then I noticed that my letter and replies to the Freedom of Information people were missing. and subsequent to that I had a criminal records check done on myself to prove I had no criminal record. But when I got to Harrogate other personal papers went missing. a letter from my boss at the Royal Mail telling me that the job I had asked about was available. And some writing – a few short stories (SF) and a couple of years before my Dad died at 94 a story of his life – which was short because his memory was not too good. Mainly about his life at sea from 1927 on. He was a sparks in the merchant navy. That was weird. I had no idea what had happened and I was more than a bit miffed. So after that if I went out and Bill was in I left my documents. But if we were both out I would take them with me. So keep things I don’t want to lose with me. but there is only so much you can carry. Oh, and I carry other things they would vandalise, like my camera. But that means I have everything with me if I was mugged. You can’t win.

  5. On every video, they list cue words that can be used to search the vid on you tube. I would start there. But chances are you will never find it. These scumbags have large networks where they can get things out into everyones hands but yours. You Tube does have rules for anything that is posted, and you have to agree that you have the rights to anything you post. If they don’t have the rights, you’ve got yourself a case. Most people these days think anything is fair game and its not.

    • That’s right. I never gave anyone permission to post a video of me. It’s breaking and entering, invasion of privacy, and whatever else a lawyer can come up with. I’m going for the whole enchilada. They think they can get away with anything because they have been getting away with everything.

          • Perhaps this is typical. We need self help groups ( which will immediately be infiltrated and disrupted as warned by targetedindividuals. The only way I have been able to continue a conversation with anyone has been through WordPress. Everyone else I started a conversation with was cut off somehow.

              • And it is practicality and economy too. Most targets don’t know they are targets (35 years in my case and I thought I was intelligent) and they are widely dispersed. I have put another blog as spotlightongangstalking, gangstalkers methods

                  • No. There were mitigating factors. At University I would have had to be very dense not to figure something was going on – there were so many inexplicable events. But they didn’t make any sense. When I moved to England it seemed like I had left it behind, but in retrospect I can now point to odd events that indicate that it was continuing. For the first years in England I lived in a student house for international students. This was not easy for them to infiltrate so I had very little trouble there. When I worked for Royal Mail (20 years) neither the bosses nor my co-workers believed the lies so that reduced the damage to me – but not the considerable damage they did at my workplace. My husband was also a wild card so they didn’t want him to realise we were being harassed. london is a garbage place to live so we just supposed that the ongoing nuisance was par for the course. But since my husbands death I am fully exposed. And I also just found out about it and am on the warpath. I am not expecting the rest of my life to be either long or happy. It is clear from the gangstalking sites that the worst excesses seem to be happening in the states. What you have been subjected to I have never heard of since accounts of Nazi Germany. Here they are more subtle. The open secret is even more secret so they are anxious to keep it that way. They want whatever they do to me to silence me to look normal – I believe they are working hard to criminalise me. Then all their recruits in this area will see what they expect to see and not realise they have been conned and the secret is safe. Not many people could have put up with what you have without becoming insane, or lose the ability to relate to people. I guess that is your NY heritage.

                    • Yes. it is. N.Y. is a hard place to live. It’s be strong or die. And I’m grateful I grew up in New York. I can tell a phoney(?) from a mile away. And my mother’s spirit.

                • Yeah, you are brave. If I counted all the way back to when I think it really started, mine would go back 40 years, the actual break ins, vandalism, noise harassment, and job sabotage goes back to the 80’s.

                  • This is very relevant. The people at the centre of the con, us, go for years before we find out what is happening to us is not unusual bad luck. So the targets who know are the tip of the iceberg. It’s the perfect crime in a way. The victim doesn’t even know that crimes are being committed against them. sECRECY is essential to carry this out.

                    • That is true. I thought I had really bad luck all my life, but looking back it all makes sense. My sisters were average intelligence and conformists. (Baaaaa) so they are both very successful in their lives. They haven’t got a clue what it’s like to be unemployed or have everything you try to do to be successful sabotaged and interfered with. Maybe I will tell you about it sometime but I’m too stressed right now.

                    • No need to apologize. I’m only too relieved to find that I’m not alone and there are other people who understand what I’ve been through (because unless they’re one of us they don’t have a clue) Come to think of it, if I had been allowed to make something of myself, I may have had an influence on people and got others to realize they should think for themselves, so that totally makes sense about taking out potential leaders (although I never actually wanted to be one of those)

                    • My only ambition was to get out of the gutter and have a reasonably comfortable life. But my school grades were good and my school wanted me to sit the Oxford and Cambridge entrance exams. I refused I was never aiming for the top.

                    • That’ all I ever wanted too. To be able to live comfortably and have enough extra to donate to charity.

  6. I’ve known about the surveillance cameras since 2001, but didn’t start to suspect they made videos of me till recently. I reckon they’ve been doing it all along, and have got all kinds of crap circulating about me by now. They’re sickos for sure!

      • I didn’t know anything about it then either, but I figured out about the cameras because I knew people were going into my house when I went out so I got some of those things you plug lamps into when you go on vacation and plugged several things into them including a radio and my washing machine so they would turn on and run when I wasn’t home. I would even wave at a non-existent person and say goodbye really loudly sometimes when I left so they’d think someone was there. None of that worked. It occurred to me that they had to be watching me from inside my home to know I was gone and no one was there. I’d been having break ins since 1997 in 3 different locations. I didn’t know it was what it is til June of 2011.

        • Well, I’m glad you found out what was happening to you. Who would ever think that what’s happening to us would be happening in the U.S.A.? No one! America’s supposed to be such a free country. Things that happen in China, Russia, etc. aren’t supposed to happen in the land of the free(?)

  7. I also search my name on search enignes one perp years ago sed they was a video sumone secertly taped of me dont know if its true or not never found anything u hope its been destroyed tho,!

  8. Hm i will have a look at utube for you ne an let you know if i find this video .yes i think they hav separte internet or sites to for these demonic vessals/ spread info and videos etc aboutt us targets for sure .bit they also use things like normal facebook u wudbe surprise who knows each other perps i know connected to other perps .

  9. I was watching You Tube yesterday but for some other reason. Do you think they put a video up? Could you put a response video up? I heard the perps have a separate private internet we can’t get on to spread perp info. I’ve looked for years for a page on me or even a rumor about me online and nothing. I even put in a Google search and keep getting results back about a woman with close to my own name who wrote a book.

      • Yeah who knows where it is? I have even Googled the names they called me and nothing. They need the secrecy and denial to continue to do what they do. It’s a huge open secret…it’s like how people hate Jews (I”m Jewish but converted) but pretend they don’t in public. Big open secret. I was called “Christ Killer” by some asshole staff at the library by my house. I sure hope you get a computer that works so you don’t have to use the library.

        • And they call themselves professionals those librarians! If you had said the same thing to her, you’d been thrown out of the library and written up for racist remark by the police. They do that in Las Vegas. Write someone up for racist remarks. And I hope I can get my computer fixed soon. I hate to repair it and have the idiots break it as soon as I pay good money to have it fixed.

          • I go miles out of my way to use a library where there is less abuse. It’s 2 hours each way on public transit including waiting for transfer, etc…

              • Perps are there but no snecurity guards (both plainclothes and uniformed at my city’s library!) That not only follow me around but would watch what I would take off the shelves just to look at! I felt like a thought criminal.

    • Your comment on perps having an internet site which only they could use interested me. There is a current affairs site I use and it became clear recruiters were setting traps for potential recruits. I made a note of the web page that was mentioned – but I couldn’t access it.

      • I’ve looked and looked to find “myself” on the Net and…nothing. I heard about this “private internet” on the Message Boards like mcforum years ago.

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