Gang Stalking – Hope for the best, but expect the worse.

Bullying UK

Bullying UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: this is my own version of what bullyi...

English: this is my own version of what bullying looks like (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know if any of you read about the school shooting in Sparks, Nevada. Sparks is a city just outside Reno, Nevada.  The shooter was a 12-year-old boy.  It’s come out that he was a victim of bullying, There are a lot of kids who are also experiencing gang stalking. Age has nothing to do with it.  He complained about bullying, but no one listened. So we have another dead target. Of course, all we heard from the media is that he was mentally ill.  Sure, he was.  Aren’t the shooters always mentally ill?  I’d like to see these people who make such judgments experience constant, 24/7 harassment and see how they’d act.  They can be judgmental because it hasn’t happened to them.  But some day, who knows?  And then, if they can withstand the harassment, then they can be judgmental.  I  was at a restaurant watching  t.v.  about the shooting.  I made a remark to a man sitting next to me, “I bet he was a victim of bullying.”  The man replied, “But it’s just bullying. He doesn’t need to shoot anyone.”   I told him not to judge until he was in that person’s shoes, and  told him that I can certainly understand why someone would lose it.  This bullying goes beyond what is normal.  It’s a constant state of being on edge. Always watching one’s back so someone doesn’t do harm.  Why don’t these people look into the bullying that’s occurring instead of always saying someone is mentally ill?  A person can take just so much harassment before cracking.  A tree can handle just so much damage before cracking, and it is the same with a human being.  We crack, too.

Well, finally, I found an apartment.  I’m sure I will experience the same gang stalking. Nothing will change, but I don’t have to look at the people who lived next to me. I have 8 days left before my lease runs out.  If I hadn’t taken the apartment, I was afraid I’d end up homeless. It’s not safe by any means. What place is for us targets? The rent is a little more than I thought I’d pay, but for now, I just have to accept it. I hope for the best in the new place, but I expect the worse.

I’m still using the computer at the library. I wish I had a camera.  I would show you what the library looks like when I’m just passing through it, and when I’m using the computer. You would see how many perps harass me. It’s unbelievable how much money the government spends harassing me.

Thanks to all of you for encouraging me to keep going.  You are all a life line. Love you all.

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94 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Hope for the best, but expect the worse.

  1. There is no doubt these kids are gang stalked. Any genuine TI knows kids of all ages as well as teachers, administration, principals, etc. participate in gang stalking. The word bullying should just be changed to terrorism. And the word bully needs to be changed to sociopath. People think this is just old school teasing and it’s anything but. People also assume the kids will get support from their families, but as TI’s we know that is rarely the case. These young ones are so vulnerable it is so painful to see them take such desperate measures.

    • Oh, it’s definitely gang stalking. I saw the parents, teachers and his so-called friends wearing perp colors, all of them! They all knew what was happening with this kid, even his parents. I wonder what makes parents, sisters, brothers, etc. turn against someone they’ve known all their lives. I wonder how his parents feel now. Why they didn’t take their kid side instead of what other people said. Maybe, just maybe, they’ve learned a lesson.

      • I hope it haunts all of them the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, these people probably aren’t capable of any kind of empathy. Except for themselves.

          • John Lennon was wise in many ways. Many people knew that, many who were not yet old enough to know would come to understand it, and others who were not yet born would also discover things he had said were true, and all would follow him to try to make changes that the world needs…and that is why our government had him killed.

            • I have wondered about that too. It is rare for a pop star to be assassinated. They usually die in plane crashes or car crashes or over dose. I heard somewhere, I don’ remember the reference that some security body had the words of John Lennon’s song, Working Class Hero on file. Now why would they be interested in a song lyrics?

    • You are so right! And the worst thing, is they deliberately choose kids who DON’T have any support at home and feel unloved anyway, to do their experiments on.

  2. I HOPE you dont become homeless ne its hard in them hostels ful of perps .I think targets have a high risk of be coming homless to.your right everyone we meet become perps its awful ne hav u had perps say to you do i know you am sure i seen u somewere even this beggar shouted kept sayin my name.and perps saying do i know u i know u loads this hun

  3. I don’t have any furniture to speak of but if you needed a place for a little while you could come here. You’d need a bus ticket, however.

      • I was homeless years ago so I know how scary that was. Some ti’s are homeless but it’s not the way to be. Once you get homeless you might stay homeless. I was very blessed to get an apt when I got approved for benes but I might not have got one and ended up in a motel while I searched. I do need a few chairs but I don’t want a sofa.

        • Why don’t you want a sofa? That’s why I got the apartment. I think once you get into a homeless situation it’s depressing and might lead to a breakdown. So, though, I’m not happy with the new place, at least I have a place to sleep.

          • It was depressing but I didn’t sleep on the street. I had a shelter to go to. No one would help me. My father let me become homeless and did not call me for 2 months. I could have died and he would not have known. I didn’t have a breakdown because I was going to the mental health center at that time and also went to a drop in center every day and was kept busy.

        • Yeah, they love to ruin sofas! Well, they ruined my canopy bed, too, and defaced everything else, but the two sofas we have we are not taking if we move because they are ruined. My new bed is just plain, and I’m probably never going to replace anything else. Why bother?

          • Have you checked under your mattress? They usually make a slit or a hole under the mattress. They’ve done it to every mattress I’ve bought. I agree. Why bother buying new things when they’ll just be destroyed by a bunch of savages!?

            • I haven’t checked under my mattress for rips, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it was. I will find out when I move next. Till then, why bother knowing?
              Today I got some clear plastic CD sleeves in the mail. I got sick of the crap they do to destroy my CD cases so I’ve decided to just throw them all away and use these. They would scuff them up with sand paper and make cracks in only the front. If I replaced the ruined ones, they’d do it again. So I’m no longer going to give them the satisfaction. I bought 1,000 of these things, and I will just replace them if they ruin them. They can’t ruin all of them at once because they came in packs of 20.
              They broke the door on the CD player in my car so my son used a paper clip to make a latch to keep it closed with. I refuse to buy them another one to ruin. They always mess with the clock on it so I now refuse to reset it so that they can do it again. I also refuse to reset the radio buttons, because they like to set them all on static. I took their fun away by stopping resetting them. They get the pleasure of hearing the same things over and over when I go anywhere now (we all know they listen to us even in our cars) because I can listen to even the same song 20 times in a row and not be bothered by it. I sometimes do it jus to annoy them if there’s no one with me. Then I’ll say, “Would you like to hear something else now? Well, you won’t!” and play it again. I say, “Now don’t you wish you’d let me have a say about what’s on my radio buttons?”
              I know they don’t give a ‘F’, but it makes me feel like I’m getting something back if I’m ticking THEM off for a change. Oh, and if it’s something really shrill, it get’s cranked full blast, in hopes it hurts their ears through their surveillance earphones.

  4. I think the reason there is so much money to fund the harassment is that these are self-funded operations. You, the target, are the bait used to recruit the stalkers. Their lives are minutely examined to find any illegalities that they or a family member or close friend has committed and this will be used to ensure continued cooperation. They think you are the target, but they are. Over time they will be stripped of all their assets, by a con trick which I call “the escalator”. They have been told from the outset to stay stum, so they can’t talk to anyone what is happening to them. And to keep them distracted and fooled, they are hyped on their gaslighting campaign against you.
    I don’t know if I mentioned my blog, if you can find it. – targeted individuals are bait.
    The sites I recommend are,,,
    Keep your stories coming. chin up!

      • I am sorry to hear about your apartment. I hope you find something soon. Allow me to sound a bit daft. Try putting a prayer on the – Prayonit site. What have you got to lose? Keep blogging. We don’t want you to just disappear as seems to happen to so many targets when they have wised up to the situation. All the best.

      • I am sorry to hear about your apartment. I hope you find something soon.. Allow me to be a bit daft – put a prayer on the -Prayonit – site. What have you got to lose? And keep blogging. Too many targets go quiet just at the point where they seem to have figured the situation out. One of my other sites said to me “You are not alone”. You have found that out through your blog. We all hope you find a place soon. All the best.

  5. You are so right about this whole article! I look back at my days of being bullied and wonder if I was being gang stalked even then. I wasn’t mentally ill, but I got psychological damage from it. At least that little boy is not suffering anymore. Shame on those who ignored and labeled him!

    I’m glad you found a place. I do the same when I go anywhere. Hope for the best, but expect the worst. You have to. We’d have to be stark raving to think any differently after all we’ve experienced. I hope it will be better for you.

    You are a blessing to the world. Love back ❤ (cyberhug)

      • Thanks. I’m trying to stick to it. I have told my publisher the reason it keeps getting put off is the hackers. I’m not going to take the credit! When I let people read the drafts I tell them ALL mistakes that are in it belong to the hackers because I spell and grammar check it before I print it, then I print it and find umpteen million mistakes, correct them, print it again, and find umpteen million mistakes again! It’s vandalism!

          • I totally believe you. Whenever I see a mistake in your writing, I dismiss it as theirs. Sure, everyone makes the occasional mistake, but I have seen countless blogs and articles written by TI’s riddled with mistakes. It’s to discredit their intelligence. I ignore it, and figure it only discredits the idiots who harass us, since they’re the ones who actually do it. I always say, when they mess with my story, that it proves how stupid THEY are, since they have to go through my stuff and “correct” what I’ve done perfectly and make it wrong.

            I take every opportunity to put them down. I have a hope that doing this will make them feel belittled, since that is what they are trying to do me, and that eventually, they will go away not wanting to be called things like idiots, (for messing with my writing) dirty slobs, (for throwing sand in my car – that’s the new thing) disgusting pigs (for what they do in my kitchen), etc.. I tell people the reason they do those things is they want to PROVE that they are what I call them. It’ll probably never work, but I’ve got nothing to lose by it.

            • When you disparage them, they get joy from it. It makes them feel important that you noticed them, and they can tell others what you said. The idiots are all brain dead. All they care about is the money they get from destroying our lives.

              • I make sure I do it in a way that embarrasses them. That’s why I no longer get street theater. I know I still get the vandalism and stuff because they can do that without me actually making a scene when they do it since I don’t see it done, but believe me, if I ever do see anyone getting into my car in a parking lot or something, I’ll be yelling, “GET OUT OF MY CAR PERP!!!!” loud enough for a whole county to know there’s someone unwelcome in it. Whether or not they want to be ashamed when people look to find out what’s going on will be up to them, but they will definitely get attention. I may have to put up with their crap, but I’m never going to just accept it.

    • You have raised another interesting point. I know I was absolutely gang stalked from when I was at University in the ’70’s but I was having a bad time even from primary school and grammar. I am also wondering now about how my parents were treated and why they were both so determinedly aloof and self sufficient. I put a blog out on was gang stalking simply the modern face of sexism, racism and homophobia ( and I should have added classism too) we are all in categories that are customarily abused and vilified as criminal class. Now it seems to be deliberate policy and executed with zeal.

      • I now believe they choose children with certain personality traits to experiment on psychologically, and they do different things to them at different stages, starting with bullying in primary school. There are many TI’s that have had the same life patterns – too many to call it coincidence. They are above average intelligence, hate injustice, love honesty, and are not afraid to be different from the rest of the crowd. The powers that be who run this world despise these sort of people so they figure we are worthless at best, and a threat to them at worst, and no matter what they think we are, we are definitely expendable to them and fun to torment. They are truly evil!

        • Or it could just be old fashioned prejudice. People who have an established place in society are more threatened by lower class people with ability who might compete with them than lower class low life’s who just confirm their view that if you are working class or black you are inferior. Ever hear of a teacher’s child being bullied in school? Or a lawyers or a police mans?

          • I agree with blackbird63.

            I have noticed certain similarities… like many TIs I have met are adoptees or foster kids. I think there are some patterns to this outside regular bullying. Some are in this program at birth, maybe as experimentees, while some get into it by being whistle blowers, or who have offended someone who has money.

            I read somewhere from one of those Gangstalking/Electronic Harassment websites, that 75% of TIs are single women. They do tend to harass people with little or no support structure in their lives, & adoptees are good for this.

            A lot of this ties in to mind control anyway, & adoptees are often used for experimentation since they have no real advocates. Adoption scandals that have recently come out show this.

            Sure some of it may just be bullying, but why would it follow the target when they move, unless it was more organized?

                  • I don’t know why they’ve come after us. I’ve lived a very normal life and never bothered anyone. But here I am, several years later, treated like the worse and most evil being that ever existed. I know who is evil, the woman who handles the perps. I asked her did she get her knowledge from the School of Stupid? She didn’t like that, and I think my gang stalking is not going to get any better any time soon. But I’m glad I said it, anything to annoy the b—h!

                    • I think it is divide and rule. Gays, blacks, migrants are all easy to identify minorities. As such they represent no threat. But the working class and middle class to some extent are the majority who are in a position to challenge the objectives of the ruling elite. Also we carry cultural values which the ruling elite despise – that people should be treated equally, that people have the right to keep most of what they work for, that people have the right to strive to better themselves. The middle classes have always feared competition from working class people and resented them when they did succeed despite all the obstacles put in our way. So the gang stalking con is quite astute. Give middle class people to vent their fear and hatred of the working class who are rendered helpless through persecution and enslave ( and divert the recruits from the real problem) them in the process. Machiavelli married to Hitler.

                    • I don’t know why they can’t just ignore us. I’ve wondered that all my life when being bullied. I wondered why they couldn’t just ignore me if they didn’t like me and get on with their lives and let me get on with mine.

                    • Someone once said to me the problem with the human race is not evil, but stupidity. I don’t think most people are evil, but those who are clot together and find it easy to manipulate and con those who aren’t. People become puppets of the gang stalkers because they don’t realise how they are being manipulated.

                    • Perhaps that’s true, but no matter how stupid a person is, they still have a deep down instinct about what’s right and what’s wrong, so there’s really no good excuse.

                    • Only a tiny minority of people will opt to be a martyr to virtue. The ordinary people, ninety percent of us struggle very hard for anything good out of life, whether that is a good name, a good job, our home, our pension so we have a secure future, our loved ones – our family. What say one of the fascist overlords stomps into your life out of the blue and threatens- and has the power to take any or all of those away from you? People try and take the lesser evil but what I have noticed is that those who go along with this programme ( having been recruited using their own property as bait) lose everything anyway and get brainwashed into the bargain – standard cult formula.
                      But from what I’ve heard the States situation is different to here. In the UK it appears to be much more discreet, with less use of criminals. Without having that experience I would say that makes a hell of a difference.

                    • I regard the people who broke in and vandalized my things in England as criminals, whether they have official records or not, but I get your point. As for the idiots who lose everything in spite…it’s what they deserve for taking it away from someone else.

                  • I guess my point here is that some TIs are actually nonconsensual human experimentees, from birth, sold into this program, which I think has less to do with prejudice against certain groups of people & more to do with greed.

                    • That is a big theory and I am not sure how I stand on it. The upper classes have always treated those lower in status as tools for their objectives or as playthings and for their experiments – throughout history. A dedicated programme like the Nazis. I don’ t know if that is happening – maybe that is in store for the next generation – the children of the families of recruits – as we know they use the recruits children in their “games”

                    • I think it’s in the future for everybody. First, they start, as the Nazis did, with those they think will stand up for their rights and test how they do with the experiments, and then the so-called normal people will be their targets. And no one will be there to speak up for them, as there was no one to speak up for the Jews.

                    • The way I see it the normal people already are. They choose us – marginal people who are easily equated with criminals , thenEveryone we are in contact with is recruited on the basis that we are dangerous criminals and they must help some branch of law enforcement to watch us. But the purpose is to recruit them. Then they indoctrinate those recruits on the formula followed by cults – heightened emotion, fear, bonding with the special select in-group, they are kept busy with bizarre social-conditioning breaking activities- we are made the bogeymen, the reason that their lives have been de-railed. They are being conditioned to hate us and trained to view attacking and abusing us as perfectly acceptable. It is very sophisticated gaslighting. One bait Equals how many brainwashed recruits? And when they have recruited everyone possible in your area you are driven to move to another area where they start another recruitment drive.

                    • I agree with everything you wrote. I must admit, that it never occurred to me that when I move, it becomes a new recruiting place, because that’s exactly what happens. You’re very astute.

                    • My situation was different to yours. If I had continued to get the high profile stalking that I got at Uni I would not have been able to think of anything else. But when I moved it seemed to stop- it hadn’t but because of the different circumstances it was more subtle. When I found out about it a few months ago and read up on gang stalking sites, ticking all the boxes I had 30 years to look back on and saw the people in my vicinity had suffered serious financial damage.

                    • Well, I am one such victim, so it isn’t a theory. I found the implants in each ear, so the proof is obvious. I was adopted (adoptees are often chosen to be guinea pigs because they are a compromised group with no advocates). Project paperclip was part of it. Those TIs who are nonconsensual human experimentees would be obvious targets to harass and be discredited and/or kept quiet regarding such experimentation. Dr. Jose Delgado is known to have been active in those types of experiments since the 1950s.

                    • The children in the families of recruits are being indoctrinated, and some are even participating. I’ve had harassment from their kids.

                    • Agreed. In the last few decades the West has tried to move away from racism, sexism etc to a more equal fairer society – but gang stalking is a regressive step. Some sections of society and their children are being trained to be abusive to people – along the lines of racism . I grew up in a peasant society ( as defined by anthropologists) and such societies are repressive – everyone takes part in freely abusing anyone of lower rank. It is deliberate destruction of free western democratic values where everyone is entitled to respect on the basis of their work and ability and moral character. Not if you are low status everyone is entitled to treat you like rubbish and they will only interact with you if they are exploiting you.

                    • Our current ruler is promoting racism too. It’s a totally bad situation. It’s like we got to where it should be pretty much, then started sliding back down the hill.

                    • I believe it has less to do with prejudice than greed too, because not all poor people, or those belonging to certain races are TI’s.

          • That is probably true for some, but my sisters were in the same family, hence, the same social class I was and they are both successful. They never got bullied, they always got jobs easily, and they don’t get harassed in any way now. They also never suffered the inducement of depression, anxiety, and sleep deprivation I have been subjected to since babyhood. Maybe it’s both aspects. Social status or personality. Then again, there are people who are from poor families who DO make it. Maybe because they aren’t a threat personality wise. ???

  6. Congrats on your new place. I sincerely hope it works out for you.

    No one seems to really want to see the truth behind any of the nasty stuff happening today… like how did things get to this point? No one wants to see it because deep down, they realize that evil is running amuck in our world. It has been going on for centuries, if not millennia… it is in schools, media, its in our very language… like a virus.

    Like the “justice is blind” meme that has become a spell we’ve brought on ourselves, never realizing the true meaning behind such a phrase. Can you imagine? They got us to believe that the phrase “justice is blind” means that justice is impartial. Well, why not say, “justice is impartial”, or better yet, “justice is fair”? Sadly, that spell has worked by getting millions & millions of people to repeat the phrase (ignorant of the true intent behind such a phrase), & by using the archetype of “Lady Justice”, who is blindfolded, holding the sword & the scales.

    Those who are TIs recognize how finding justice for their plight has become near impossible.

    No one wants to see the truth. It is much easier to just assume the target is crazy, or demonize them in some other way.

    Peace & Be Well.

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