Gang Stalking – Change the way you handle perps.

English: David Marshall, Bus Driver from Melbo...

English: David Marshall, Bus Driver from Melbourne, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Hamburger and fries served in an American dinner. Source: Photographer: Jon Sullivan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Still apartment hunting.  It’s so hard to find a place that’s safe. In a normal world, I wouldn’t have a problem finding an apartment, but the world I live in  is a totally different thing.

At the bus stop yesterday, I thought I was going to get beaten up.  As I’ve said, I have a problem keeping my mouth especially when I’ m being abused.  Anyway, have you ever watched an ant hunt for food?  First, the scout(or whatever he’s called) finds some food. Then another ant follows.  And slowly, but surely, there are so many ants surrounding whatever the first ant found that it’s impossible, if it’s a creature, to get away.  That’s the way I felt yesterday. First, there were a few perps and slowly came the other perps.  I felt like the creäture the ants find and kill.  First, one perp said something to me and I ignored him. And then the others ganged up on me. There was one man, who stood by me  and kept repeating the word “crazy ” in his conversation.I knew he was referring to me.  I didn’t say anything. I kept my mouth shut, but then a woman began calling me crazy.  I took a look at her husband and made a remark about how big his stomach is.  She began to scream at me and told me she was going to beat me up.  I responded that if anyone needed help it was her husband.  I told her that someone with a  stomach that big obviously had problems and he probably needed more help than I did.  She looked at me like a bull ready to charge and began to scream.  Of course, I just let her scream. And everybody surrounding her agreed with everything she said.  Of course, they did.  All perps.  The bus came and she got on  and warned the bus driver about me.  I decided it was best for me not to get on the bus with all the perps on it.  I love how the perps can insult us non-stop, but dare to criticize one of them, oh, no. never! These people have very thin skins.  One little insult and they go crazy.  Can you imagine if they had to deal with what we have to deal with every minute of the day?  They wouldn’t last one day!

And then I went over to a burger place to get a hamburger, which I often don’t do. I would cook the burger at home, but, somehow, it just doesn’t have the same taste. This hamburger place always does the same thing to me, so I’ve found a way to work  it  my advantage. Every time I order the burger, the cashier asks me if I would like  cheese?  When I began going there, I would say yes. And each time, I would get no cheese. If I said no cheese, I’d get cheese.  So now when she asks me if I want cheese, I say no.  And guess what, I get free cheese.  So I don’t pay for cheese I really want. Yesterday, I decided to thank her for the free cheese. And as I was walking out, I made the remark, “It always works.”  You’re probably wondering why I’m letting you know this. Why mess with a good deal?  Well, I decided eating all that cheese is not good for me, so I no longer need to keep the secret to myself. Maybe this happens to you. If it does, maybe you can do what I do, and you’ll get free cheese each time.

This also applies to when I walk.  When the perps began showing up everywhere I walked, I considered it an annoyance.  I’ve began to think about it differently.  I decided to think of my walk as an obstacle course. Each time a perp gets in my way, I have to figure a way of getting around them. This makes my walk a lot more interesting.  Instead of just walking a straight path, I now have hurdles I have to get over.  My walks have become a lot more fun now. I kind of look forward to having them get in my way  and trying to figure a way to get away from them.

So I’m beginning to see my targeting in a different way.  A way to make myself stronger.  I don’t get stressed during my walks, and I feel better.  And I’m going to try doing this with every perp situation.

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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Change the way you handle perps.

  1. Growing up in Northern Ireland, a peasant society if ever there was one (anthropological description not a term of abuse), has similarities to being gang stalked. Any young woman in NI when she went out could expect verbal abuse from collections (it was always more than one, the brave boys) of youths. There was absolutely no way to avoid this. The girls of my social class (working class) adapted by increasingly androgynising their appearance. At the point where the males thought you were a male, the abuse stopped. But up till then sometimes when you had to go out, to do shopping, sometimes you thought – is it worth the bother? Do I feel like being harassed today? I imagine racism was a similar experience.
    Of course, they would grope you if they could get the chance. so another characteristic of NI people, is that they all walk very fast. I guess it originally started when the women walked at speed to avoid the men, then the men had to walk fast too, or it would have looked peculiar. Waiting at bus stops, or anywhere was a nightmare too.
    Looks like some a–hole, has studied peasant societies and decided these were beautiful methods for harassing people. So this nasty social style (I believe women in India have the same problems) has been deliberately imported into our free civilised Western societies. Probably for the same reason – to keep us in our place. Hullo the new social fascism.
    Best wishes.

    • The difference is, the government of the U.S. is doing this to us, not ordinary boys. I wish it were ordinary boys, I sure would have no problem handling them. Best wishes to you.

      • You make me nostalgic for the good old days when I only thought I had problems.
        I got myself an iPad. I didn’t mind the banging about when I went to the library. I did mind children sitting beside me on the computers. (In term time and during school hours). And we are told Western security don’t use children!

  2. I agree with you on one thing. Look at the experience of being gang stalked as an education. We are raised to be civilised and believe we are living in a civilised country. It turns out not to be the case. Learning how to deal with these pathetic puppets is upgrading your life skills. Good luck with your house hunting.

    • Thank you very much, Williamson. I’m learning a lot of lessons since my gang stalking began. Things I can only learn through experience. And from my personal experience, America is not a civilized country, far from it.

  3. Its such a familiar game. Anyone with a brain can be perped. They make it so obvious, when two people are having an otherwise normal conversation and then one of them gives an answer that you wouldnt ordinarily say in response, and they all laugh even though nothing funny was said. Then you know right away it means something else.
    Think about how a puppy learns its name.
    Its just something they hear repeated over and over until they realize you mean them.
    It could be a complete nonsensical word.
    It can be done using any commonplace action, like clicking a pen. Anything that can be repeated by many different people.
    I used to smile at everyone, and engage in conversation with almost everyone. Now If its a stranger, I won’t even look at them.
    If enough people become targets, this world will be a horrible place to be.

  4. Hi ne i got doorbell fixed the perps below r not happy haha .because they used it now they cant lololol they banging around and foaming at da mouth have you found a apartment yet?yu no wat i aint guna say much now about neighbours i know i keep saying it its because an not outside much but wen i do go out theys skits and stuff i can say wat the perps its just to much but u know anyway .at least we know wats going on some targets go thru all they lives not knowing wats going on .

  5. Gladys..i love this article! I think that was super smart what you did with the cheese i’m laughing here lol you are throwing them off 😀 And the thing about gang stalking and how you make it into an obstacle course? What games did 80s kids play..mario and donkey kong where you had to avoid the barrels..frogger..that is exactly how i handle perps! It *is* fun! You get better at it too later the more you practice just like Frogger/Donkey Kong/Mario lol don’t feel bad Gladys! I pray you find an apartment soon and I pray for your well being you are such a wonderful should have been a journalist..the photos so perfect how they have great talent.

    • Thanks, James. I’m glad I gave you a good laugh. We targets can use all the laughter we can get in our lives. We have so very little to laugh about. And thanks for praying for me. I appreciate it. I hope your life is going well in New York.

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