Gang Stalking – It’s all about gun control.

Gun Control Hartford CT

Gun Control Hartford CT (Photo credit: john bunce)

Hi, everybody. I guess I’ve been M.I.A.  I think you can understand why. Coming to the library to type my blog is nothing but a horrific experience.  It’s pure hell.  I’m surprised I’ve managed to keep my mouth shut. It is very hard to do so, but I’ve managed so far to do it. I don’t know I can keep my mouth shut.

Anyway, I’ve had no luck finding an apartment. I’ve never realized how many bad neighborhoods in Las Vegas. There seems to be very little in way of middle-of-the road apartments. Either overly expensive, or real dumps.  I went to look at an apartment yesterday and seedy is not the world I would to describe the area.  It is below seedy.  But saying that, I felt safer in the apartment I looked at than I’ve felt anywhere else.  The apartment complex‘s  gated, has cameras everywhere and when I entered the complex, very few people showed up to do their perp duties.  There was one woman with a dog who immediately headed for me when I entered. She said “hello”. I didn’t bother responding because I could tell she’s a perp.  But, otherwise, no one came out and just stood around like an idiot.  It’s a studio apartment, top floor. and has wooden floors.  And the rent is to die for. Very low and it includes electricity. But the idea of coming out at night in the neighborhood  if I needed something from the store is a scary thought.  But, oddly, I felt very safe in the complex. I felt safer in the complex than I did in other places that were well-to-do. In most of those places, I couldn’t wait to get the hell out.!

Today, I went to look at another place, after a very long walk, and it lasted about two minutes before I walked out.  Perps everywhere I looked. And the thing that really made me walk out of the place without saying a word is the manager. I walked into the complex office and she had on a very low-cut sweater and made a point of puffing up her chest so that I’d notice. Let me tell you, I wanted to throw up. That’s what happens to me every time I go into the current office.  I just took one look and disappeared without saying a word. I don’t want to put up with that s–t again. I don’t know if Las Vegas creates these horrible people, or if they’re born that way. Either way, why don’t they get some class and act in a professional way. They’re at work and should act so,. They’re not working in a night club, after all.

I heard something about another woman being killed, or something like that. I don’t have a t.v.., but I heard a few minutes of it on the radio. I don’t know what happened, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s another target. I have to read up on it. It’s hard without a computer.

I mentioned this woman because of the guns laws. Maybe all this has to do with gun laws. I made  connection yesterday when I heard about her.  What I think is, that the American public will demand that government put into law gun control.  Once the government and law enforcement  control all the guns, guess what, no guns, and the government can swoop in and control us even more.  And what we will have is totalitarianism.  Maybe that’s the kind of government we deserve. The American public doesn’t seem to be too concern about losing a lot of its rights.  All they want to be is safe.  Yeah, they can be safe and slaves  I guess Americans have to go through a period of  enslavement  to understand what freedom really is..They sure as hell don’t know what it is now!

I hope you’re all doing well and keeping your spirits up.  The only thing  we targets can really do is hope for the best and  that this hell ends for all of us. And soon.


13 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – It’s all about gun control.

  1. I’d get that one before it’s too late. In my experience, perps don’t even return a “Hello” to a new target, so I’m not sure the woman with the dog wasn’t genuine, but I wasn’t there, so I’ll trust you to do the judging. Just keep an open mind. Not everyone on this planet is a perp. It may seem that way sometimes, but if it were true, you wouldn’t have us, and we wouldn’t have you. None of would have any hope. Sure, there might be perps at that place because they will be everywhere, but there may not be so many.

    • Thanks, for your advise. I haven’t gotten it, but I seriously been re-thinking it. Believe me, I can tell a perp from a mile away. She saw me coming and headed in my direction. And the dog definitely gave her away. Everywhere I go perps with dogs. Last night when I got home, I had to go through five dogs and a bunch of perps. It’s been dogs for a long time now. I made a remark to the manager about pitt bulls and since then, it’s dogs, dogs, dogs. I agree not everyone is a perp, but since I’ve become a target, I’ve met people who I thought I could trust and they all turned out to be perps.

      • I don’t get dogs. I get gravel thrown into my car and on the shelves I dust at work. Even the top ones far from the floor. I don’t know why they picked gravel, but…

        • I get gravel, dogs, dog poop, and anything else you can think of. Gravel attracts electricity. Everything they do to you is to attract electricity to you, and the surrounding area.

          • I guess it’s time to stop griping about the gravel. It’s not the only thing I get, but at least I don’t get dogs and crap. There was a little yap yap running around near our house every day for a while because they know that drives me nuts, but I solved the problem by announcing that if I heard it the next day I’d call the dog catcher. Didn’t turn up next morning. Problem gone.

            • Very smart. I have so many dogs coming at me that wouldn’t work for me. And if I did call the dog catcher, I’m sure there’d be a lot of laughter coming from the officer.

              • That’s a shame. I wish I knew what to suggest.
                BTW, I looked it up and found out gravel doesn’t conduct electricity, but since they also include dirt with it, I just say that they do it to prove how disgustingly dirty they are. I hope it pisses them off to hear me say that, which is why I say it. Come to think of it, they haven’t done it for a few weeks, so maybe they finally got some shame and realized I was not being impressed. It just makes them look like the filthy slobs they are. It probably helps that I have people in my life who are sympathetic about it. When people believe and give sympathy to a target, the fun drains away because the aggravation of the prank fades. That in itself proves what psychos perps are.

                  • Yes, I know. I had a bad day today that would have been a lot worse without the support, but I think they’ve given one of my friends a brain tumor now. It showed up on an MRI unexpectedly.

                    • With all the electricity they shoot into our bodies, I’m surprise half of us don’t have cancer. It’s really disgusting what these low lifes do! I wish the best for your friend.

                    • Thank you. I am really scared for both her and her husband. He has a lot of “stroke symptoms” and I know one of the things they do is give people convenient “heart attacks” to get rid of them. Her dog scared off a GS’er(s) that got into my car one night when I was visiting them.

  2. Correct. Their whole program is about control. Creative exposure is the most effective tool I’ve learned so far.
    The fact that I’m a Mormon has kept me grounded. I’m not harassed in any way when I go to church. Although, several people have “joined” i.e. tried to infiltrate my local ward/congregation after I moved from NC from NY. They didn’t get very far since if the bishop or stake president (leaders) heard any rumors about any unlawful / sinful behavior he would sit you down in his office and ask you about it. Therefore the rumor mills are muzzled. I’m sure they still try though.

    Stay away from those that have recently joined. Long time members are guaranteed not to be stalkers.

    Btw, you are 100% correct that this is the government. I know this to be true. It sounds like in your case you either pissed somebody off or you are a practice target. In my case, I was targeted because I very publicly questioned 9/11.

    Take care.


    • Thanks, Mike. You’re lucky you have a bishop who doesn’t allow bad behavior. I wish it were true of other religions. Oh, I definitely know I’ve become a target and pissed someone off. There is no other reason. I can think of several people who I know would like to have something like this happen to me. It can also be because someone wants to make some money off me. My sister, for instance. She needed money to send her daughter through college and this would be her way to pay for it. And, please, tell your bishop he’s very special. Thanks for writing.

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