The Age of Fear- Psychiatry’s Reign of Terror

I’m always warning you about psychiatry, read this from human rights publications. [NE1]



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4 thoughts on “The Age of Fear- Psychiatry’s Reign of Terror

  1. The point of this video is that otherwise healthy people are losing their freedom and having their lives utterly destroyed under the guise of a field that is supposed to help people. People are being used as ginea pigs in cruel, unnecessary and often never ending experiments in the name of psychology, while big pharmacuetical companies are filling their wallets. This is still happening today.

  2. Thanks for posting.
    This is in some ways alarming and eye-opening. Some of these accusations ring frightningly similar to things I have been through already and I feel incredibly fortunate that I didn’t go through some of the things these people have. Abuse of power is the worst sickness of all, and I have seen this first hand.

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