Gang Stalking – I will never trust the American people again.

Fox News Channel

Fox News Channel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, there’s a different spin on the story of Miriam Carey, the woman shot by police in Washington, D.C.  CNN has a video of an eyewitness account of Miriam Carey’s baby taken out of the car before the cops shot her. If they could stop the car long enough to take out the baby, why couldn’t they take her out of the car, too? It just seems a little strange to me.

On my way to the library, I had a woman threaten to beat me up. I told her if she touched me with even one finger, I’d call the cops.  Of course, I wouldn’t call those useless cops, they’d put all the blame on me.   And I had all those brain dead people following me around.  All wearing a style, color, doing something I do, etc.  It takes a  lot of  brain power to imitate someone.  They’re all like monkeys.  Monkey see, monkey do.  I think, though, that monkeys are way smarter than these people.  I can’t imagine spending my life just waiting to have someone call me so I can imitate someone, or stand around looking like an idiot.  They just love standing around wearing a color I wear, or imitating something I do.  What an exciting life! It just proves what idiots they all are.

Fox News also mentioned something about Miriam Carey having the same thing happen to her as Alexis, I can’t remember his last name, the man shot in Washington recently.  Fox mentioned that her death had something to do with electromagnetism.

And, of course, everything’s blamed on mental illness.  The government can do anything to anyone and all it has to do is mention the words “mental illness” and everybody will shake his/her  head and accept what the government says. That’s the favorite word of the government lately.  And the government comes across as being innocent of any wrong doing.  Yeah, corrupt to the bone the government is.  I will never, never trust the government again in my life. Never!  Nor, will I ever put my trust in the American public.  What’s happening to us wouldn’t be happening without the consent of  the people. Just as happened in Germany.  Without the consent of the people in Germany, there wouldn’t have been a Holocaust if they hadn’t gone along with what the government wanted them to do.  I know saying this about the people of Germany is controversial, but it’s the truth.  Nothing really happens without the consent of the people. And this is true of every country. I can’t believe that the American people are so stupid, but they are.

By the way. there are even more people(I use the word loosely) at the library today. There must be over 100 of them. And the hackers are just having a good, old time trying to mess with my blog. It proves that the librarians give them all access to any computer I’m using.

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7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I will never trust the American people again.

  1. I live not to far away from Stamford and I believe she was gang stalked. The slashed tires. The missing wheels on her car. The “voice of president Obama”. The boyfriend who told people she was crazy. And then they interview the same next door neighbor who was helping torture her, quoting him as saying she was “yelling at her baby”? This makes me really sad. I can’t believe that no one is interested in the truth. The real story is there, but nobody is interested.

    • Yes. the real story is out here, but no one will listen to any of us. It’s amazing to me how in the age of the computer where everything goes out quickly into the world, we can’t get anyone to listen to us. Thank you for giving us the info about the boyfriend. I hope he rots in hell. Are you a victim, too? If you’re not, I thank you from the bottom of my hear for the information. You’re one of the few willing to listen.

    • My dad tells people I’m crazy. A few of my other family members participate too, Thank God I don’t hear voices. I think if I had to hear Herr Obummer’s voice I’d want to crash my car too! But in all seriousness, I wouldn’t give those psychos the satisfaction. If only she could have had the support of other targets to encourage her to stay strong…
      Thanks from me, for the info you wrote too.

  2. No country is ruled without the consent of the people with maybe the exception of an outside coup. I studied Nazi Germany in college (right around when my targetting started) and the book I was reading said the German people liked it that way. They liked to be told what to do and that they were wary of “strangers”. The antisemitism that led up to the Holocaust was 50 years in the making at least and started I think in Austria where Hitler was born

    • Yeah, it’s the people who allow this to happen to us. No way around it. Set everyone against each other. Tell one group they’re special, and go after the group that thinks for itself and will fight for freedom.

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