Gang Stalking – Grow up, Americans, and stop harassing your fellow citizens!

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The woman whom the police shot in Washington was a target. I know she is.  I listened very carefully to what everyone said about her.

They drove this woman so crazy all she wanted to do is die. That’s why she went through the gate. She wanted to end it all.

This woman’s next door neighbor said she was very quiet and kept to herself. Her neighbor said she never caused any problems.  She got fired from all her jobs. and recently had a baby. And she used to hear voices  telling her President Obama was talking to her. The perps talking to her, of course.  Why would an employer fire a woman who was a good worker?  He fired her because he was probably told to do it.  And here she was pregnant, hearing voices and without a job?  The bastards just drove her insane.  And her mother was definitely involved in her stalking.  She said her daughter was acting crazy.  How would she know?  She didn’t live with her daughter? The next door neighbor said she wasn’t crazy, Why would the mother say she was?  Because the mother was a no-good mother.  She was harassing her daughter.  I have no proof of any of this, but this woman was another victim of gang stalking. All the signs are there.  A good, decent woman driven to insanity by those freaks of nature who should all be in prison!

It’s happening more and more. Every week we read of someone just losing it.  And all the experts come out of the woodwork to say she was insane.  A bunch of idiots they are!  They don’t  know shit!

Now, a little girl lost her mother. A mother who loved her from all accounts I’ve read. She took really good care of her.  If she’d been crazy, she would’ve mistreated her daughter, but she didn’t.

Another day, another victim of gang stalking.

When the hell is this going to stop???  How many more people are going to get killed before something’s done?

Wake up, Americans!  Wake up to the damage you are doing to your fellow citizens, and stop the nonsense. Grow up!

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5 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Grow up, Americans, and stop harassing your fellow citizens!

  1. She was a target and the “police” killed, murdered and “UNARMED” woman. The “police” are the stalkers in my case as well. They have made up stories that CANNOT be support. In other words, they have told out and out lies. The tools they are using are in their cars and on their person. I wish ALL the countries would wake up. They are pedophiles.

    • They sure did murder her. Why in the world couldn’t they have blown out her tires? She had no gun, never pointed anything at anyone, but killed without thought. And now a little girl is motherless. Nice going, cops!

  2. I agree with you completely!! She was a target and it scares the hell out of me because their tactics work. I do not want to leave this world like like that. I try and protect myself with Mylar sheeting which blocks the microwave but nothing blocks the acoustic heterodyne assaults.

    Something has to be done- this is so unreal I feel like I am living in the twilight zone!

    • I’ve felt that way, too. I’m living in the Twilight Zone. If we were to see a story like this on the Twilight Zone, we wouldn’t believe it. We would think it is the imagination of the writers, but it’s for real.

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