Gang Stalking – I’m so tired of the same old crap.

100 Years old

100 Years old (Photo credit: shinealight)

Several of the City's [Butte's] Modern Apartme...

Several of the City’s [Butte’s] Modern Apartment Houses (1915) (Photo credit: Butte-Silver Bow Public Library)

Boy, am I tired! I just spent three hours walking around trying to find a new apartment.  Honestly, I sometimes feel hopeless. Why am I even looking for a new apartment when I know the same s–t is going to happen to me again.  But the thing is, that after a while, the people I look at every day when  I come out of my apartment make me want to vomit all over them, and do other things, which I can’t say here.  It is the only way for me to stay sane, not  to look at these disgusting  people who consider themselves human beings.

Everywhere I went, I saw perps all over the place.  As soon as I entered a complex,  they would come making believe they just happen to be passing by.  Of course, wearing the bright greens, oranges, yellows, reds they all wear.  It didn’t matter where I went, up they popped, like popcorn.

I am so, so tired of all this crap!  Every day it’s the same torture,  following me  where I go, making fun of the way I walk, talk, sneeze, cough, etc.  It’s getting very old this harassment.  I wish someone would speak out about what’s happening to us. I wish there was something I could do to end the harassment.  I’m just so tired of the same old crap every day. My body is beginning to feel the effects of the electricity hitting me all the time. I feel about 100 years old.

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13 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I’m so tired of the same old crap.

  1. Florida is the worst for gang stalking. I was ran out of Jacksonville, now I am terrorized in Tampa. Florida is ran by the Outlaw MC club. I wish I would not have came here. I would avoid military bases too. The center for the stalking is in Tampa. It is a fortune 500 company. I read about it in different articles. I hope you have gotten some peace. I do not, and I do not care. I hate the human race.

    • I lived in Florida, too. I left because of the gang stalking. I remember one particular incident, though there are a lot of things, that sticks in my head. I was waiting for the bus by Ft. Lauderdale Beach and 3 men in SUVS began to blow theirs horns non-stop. They were really loud, and they kept looking my way and laughing. I had to put with this for about 40 minutes until the bus came. No one complained. Perps surrounded me everywhere. But it’s just as bad everywhere I’ve lived. It doesn’t get any better if you move elsewhere. I agree with you about the human(?) race. Animals kill to eat and protect themselves, unlike humans who kill for stupid reasons.


  3. Everyday when I get up I ponder what life would be like if this hell were to end. After going through this hell i know one thing is for sure; I will never be the girl I used to be!

    Good luck with your search for an apartment. Hope you can find one that gives you a little privacy and peace.

  4. Good luck on your search. I still think you should leave LV. I like my neighbors ok here. Their not horrible people. I really hope you get away from all the pesticide and the noise harrassment, and especially the trespassing you have going on there. Dont lose hope.

    • I have to wait around because of financial matters. I learned once never to be away from my money. I lived in N.Y. and did work for someone. I left before I got my check. They never sen me the check due me. I complained to the Dept. of Labor, but it wouldn’t do anything. So I was out the money.

  5. Well it seems that every day brings some kind of horrific surprise.

    Come to Tampa? I own my home and it makes a big difference. One of my biggest fears is losing it and moving into an apartment with perps all around me. I need a roommate to share the expenses. I just filed for disability and am on early social security which is not enough to cover the basics.

    I trusted an old friend to move in and she turned out to be a perp. It was truly a week of pure hell that left me in a worse financial situation than before.

    My house payment is only $567 a month. It looks like a key west cottage, 787 sq ft but has a loft and a wrap around porch – you would love it! The perps are always walking down the sidewalk and declaring “I an going to live there”, “or “I want that house”! After all of the work I put into it, it really pisses me off to hear those comments. I would burn it down before I let them have it. .

    A roommate would prevent any intrusion since someone could always be watching the fort and I have surveillance cameras and an alarm system as well.

    My family and most of my friends think I’m nuts so I am totally alone in this.
    We TI’s need to stick together or we will never survive this!

    • I used to live in Fort Lauderdale once and I promised myself never to return to Florida. I was harassed there as much as I am here, but at least there’s the beach there. But I’m waiting to take care of some financial matters, so I have to stay for at least another year. It sounds like you have a nice place to live. Lucky you! I think most of us targets are alone. The family we thought we had ran away like cowards, or take part in our gang stalking. Thanks for the offer, anyway. And I wouldn’t blame you if you lost your house and burned it to the ground. I’d do the same thing before someone got hold of you.

  6. When I wear a certain color (most days its black due to their color restrictions placed on me) the whole city shows up in it. Other times people will all be in red, or orange or green even. The perp “vibe” goes ahead of them most of the time however long before I care what they wear. You get the feeling the “person’ in front or behind you or going by is invading you somehow, your thoughts, your happiness, something. They aren’t themselves minding their own business but are living through you. I hope you find a better apartment than the one you have now. How long do you have to move? Will they give you a good reference at least? I have never had to move on my own. I have always had help. It would be terrifying to me.

    • I have till the end of the month. I’ve moved so many times, I’m becoming an expert on moving. I think you’re a nicer person than I am. I don’t suffer fools gladly. They always know where they stand with me. I know my life would be easier if I just shut up and behaved, but that’s not something that I’ll ever do. I’ll keep fighting back and pissing off the assholes.

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