Gang Stalking – Police officers are also victims of harassment.


Brian WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER (Photo credit: National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund)

Corner of Bedford Ave and N. 6th

Corner of Bedford Ave and N. 6th (Photo credit: ifmuth)

5th Ave Brooklyn New_York north east side

5th Ave Brooklyn New_York north east side (Photo credit: mjording)

English: Looking north on a mostly sunny sprin...

English: Looking north on a mostly sunny springtime early afternoon as Five Boro Bike Tour climbs under Summit Avenue footbridge, past St Stephens Catholic church, and out of Brooklyn Queens Expressway trench in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Brooklyn North Side mural (with dog)

Brooklyn North Side mural (with dog) (Photo credit: cyclonecy)

Back at the hell hole again.  That’s the library to you.  The hackers broke my computer again. This time the computer only lasted about two weeks before they broke it. The computer is not broken all the way. I was smart enough to give passwords to my hard drive, so they froze the computer.  No programs work.  I can hit and hit and get nothing.

I was reading about a police officer in the North part of Brooklyn, N.Y.,  and he’s experiencing gang stalking, too.  His gang stalking began with the “stop and frisk” program.  This is a program where blacks and Hispanics get stopped for absolutely no reason at all, except for their color.  This police officer is a decent human being and did not want to go along with the program.  He would not stop people and frisk them.  If he saw  someone                              somewhere doing nothing, he left them alone.  The higher-ups wanted him to stop everyone he saw while patrolling in his car.  But he wouldn’t do it. He didn’t feel right harassing people who’d done nothing.  He got demoted to foot patrol in his neighborhood and then  driving around prisoners to where they had to go.

The top brass kept harassing him about his low arrest numbers.  They harassed him so much, his blood pressure went through the roof.  He ended up in the hospital. He spent a week in the hospital and went back to foot patrol.  And again, he wouldn’t arrest anyone.  The upper, upper brass even went to visit him at home and told him to improve his numbers. The told him to “pay the rent”.  Meaning, arrest more people so the police department looks good.

His harassment got so bad,  he decided to quit.  But, no, the top brass wouldn’t let him quit.  They knocked on his door and broke into his apartment.  They told him to get up and go back to work. But feeling as sick as he felt, he said “no”. They yanked him out of bed and told him to get dress.  He wouldn’t get dressed.  They called EMT and had him put in a mental ward. He lives by himself and no one knew he’d been put in a mental ward.  His father didn’t hear from him and went searching for his son.  He eventually found him in the mental ward and took him home.  Both  father and son moved to upstate N.Y.  But the harassment by top brass didn’t stop.   Police officers still show up at his door, knock loudly and say nasty things to him.

He decided to sue the police department.  He had proof of everything that happened to him.  He tape recorded every word from every officer.  But he lost.  And till this day, he’s not left alone. He’s still harassed.

He’s  sued the department again and his trial is coming up soon.

So, I have to believe there are decent police officers out there, but if they follow their conscious, they’re in for a hellish time. I guess that’s why a lot of them just do what they have to and keep their mouths shut until they can retire. This office officer made me realize there are decent police officers out and we shouldn’t judge them all with the same broad brush stroke.  They also are victims of harassment.

P.S. I ran out of time on the computer I’m using, so I had to get in line again.  Yesterday, no one in the library. I used the library for three hours without stopping. Today, gang stalkers waiting in line to use computers, of course. What a surprise!!!!

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18 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Police officers are also victims of harassment.

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      • Yes, I do too. I also remind myself every day that not everyone on this planet that I don’ know is a perp. I do take precautions, and I don’t give strangers my trust, but I don’t assume anyone is “out to get me” I just keep in mind that they COULD be. Since a lot of the people who harass us are people we don’t know, that is a rational thing to keep in mind.

        I love it when a customer is nice to me at work. It reminds me that I’m right to tell myself there are still a lot of good people in the world. It brings me a lot more happiness than they probably realize.

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  3. Have you tried reformatting your PC? For six months, June of 2011 through December of 2011, I had to restore my PC once a week, literally. They sent me to “Black Screen” (also used frequently by the lulzsec and anonymous hacking groups) weekly, sometimes daily. The PCs were not broken, they were just hacked. The stalkers were trying to convince me that I was a victim of anonymous. Then they moved into implications that it was the illuminati, then chris stangl of the fbi, etc… etc… etc.. If you do not have the CDs for your PC you can order them online from the manufacturer of the PC. Hope this helps.

    • I tried getting a disc from Microsoft and told they didn’t have the disc anymore. So it’s hard for me to fix my computer. I did a factory re-set and the computer worked all right, but the hackers got into the factory re-set, and I can’t even get into my recovery. Thanks.

      • That is a total bummer. I don’t believe they really can’t send you a disk. What model is it? If it’s after Vista it should be available.

          • That’s weird. I think the next up official one after VISTA is 7 but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they did do something like that. I’ve seen so many unbelievable things that I wouldn’t disbelieve anything you or any genuine target would say happens to you or them!

              • My OS stays the same, but in the past (they hide it now) I have found evidence of virtual systems running on it, using up my bandwidth, and they mess with my settings, change things in my files, delete them, uninstall my printer, etc, etc, etc… And as you know they mess with the one that doesn’t go online as well. Shame on them for interfering with our lives! B@$t@rd$! Why don’t they bother those people who put up bogus security software links to Trojans, release viruses…Oh, that’s right. They can do what they want. It’s we targets, who do nothing illegal with our computers they need to harass.

                • They don’t bother targeting people who are criminals. They only pick on people who’ve lived decent, quiet lives. We are test subjects for these horrible people. Want to test how real people will react when they’re harassed non-stop. Every one of them is a bastard@!

    • I’m glad you heard the story. It’s terrible what they did to this man. It doesn’t pay to be a decent human being anymore. It seems evil is winning the day! I’ve had a lot of things happen to me that happened to him, too. It’s terrible the b.s. we all have to put up with. Their day will come.

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