Gang Stalking – The Truman Delusion.

Cover of "The Truman Show [Blu-ray]"

Cover of The Truman Show [Blu-ray]

For a few days now, every single time I go to my comment section, there’s a message in Japanese. I delete it, turn on my computer the next day and there it is again. I delete again, shows up again the next day.  I think it’s a way for the perps to get into my computer. I erase it as soon as I see it.  I don’t open it. I guess the idiot who’s doing it thinks it’s funny.  Ha, ha, ha, you’re so funny, you idiot. Why don’t you do something that does something good for the world? Get a life!

There’s  a delusion that psychiatrist are now calling “The Truman Show Delusion“.  It’s a delusion where someone thinks he’s being followed around by cameras and everyone in his life is an actor in it.  The delusion takes its name from the movie “The Truman Show“.  That’s the movie where Jim Carrey discovers the life he lives is not real and everyone in his life is an actor.

Psychiatrist are now using this delusion to label people who complain about people following them around.  You see how this all works. Every time the government harasses its citizens, it backs it up with some made up delusion to go with what they’re doing to us. So, let’s say you go to a psychiatrist and tell him you’re being followed, watched in your home, etc., you’re probably suffering from Truman Delusion psychosis.  The delusion fits in with what they’re doing to us.  And instantly, you’re put on medication and told you’re delusional.  Now, doesn’t that make sense to you?

I never believed in psychiatry.  From all the psychiatrist I’ve met in my life, a lot of them didn’t seem to have it together. And these people, who don’t know whether they’re coming or going, are the ones who judge whether we’re mentally stable?  Thanks, but no thanks, to partaking in psychiatry.  I can very well do without them. I’ve never needed one and don’t need one now.  And pooey to “The Truman Delusion”.  Just another way for the psychos to make money off us.  And I sure don’t think I’m in a movie and the center of the universe.  What’s happening to me and others is real. Nice going, gov.

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19 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – The Truman Delusion.

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  2. I remember hearing about this on the news less than a year before my stalking went overt. Of course it was just one more thing that made complete sense after this happened. Being gang stalked is like being on a severely mentally challenged, psychopathic version of the Truman show.

  3. Truman show is exactly what has happened to me, and it comes closer than anything I’ve ever seen or heard. All research I have done on OGS spells out point by point what they do, and there are only one or two tactics that haven’t been used on me yet. The only reason people think its funny is because it isn’t happening to them, and they can’t imagine that it ever could. That’s a pure lack of empathy right there, folks. Plain and simple. It makes them feel powerful and that’s all that matters to them. Thats where we are as a society. How sad.

  4. That’s interesting. There is something I call “the Truman Show Effect” where a TI will see bits & pieces of their life displayed in movies music & TV.

    I think what is going on with TIs happens on more than just the physical level. It is metaphysical too.

    We become projectors & they make money from our suffering.

    They know what they’re doing is evil & they have been doing everything to try to throw it back on the target. They are guilty of murdering our spirit. Psyche is the Greek word for spirit, by the way.

    • They take everything you do and throw it back in your face, just to let you know that nothing you do is without their knowledge, and they take, away all your friends, so that all your friends are nothing more than actors, and every interaction you have with them is somehow fake, severely cheapened at best, by the fact that they are not sincere, and its not private, so its not real. Its all staged, even though youre not playing. Thats why its the Truman show.

      • How do they throw it back in your face… I mean, I know they use movies, music, & TV to do that to me (as well as directed conversation)… is it like that for you?

        I know how you feel regarding the friends being actors thing though.

  5. As always, great post. Psychiatry is a *subjective* profession *not grounded in science* but in theory and opinion. Back in the day (1930’s through the 1970s) and even more recently the CIA / FBI psychiatric group added conditions to the DSM for the sole purpose of discrediting the individuals that they were experimenting on (see MKUltra/CointelPro/Project Phoenix and the others). Sadly, this does still go on today.

    It is no different then the CIA putting it out in the world the the words “Conspiracy Theorists” are all people that are delusion nutbags. Their intent was to discredit those that were speaking the truth about the CIAs atrocities.

    More abuses and discrediting was done by the CIA when they came up with plots to cover up their attempts to kill Castro.

    The most recent is by our own media and Alexis the navyyard shooter…

    The government and it’s branches do horrible things and they do it for money which comes from the corporations and elites.

    It is a sad state of affairs when money is more important then letting a person live their life and watch their grandchildren, or children or whoever grow up and be happy and loved by one more person. They destroy not only the victims but all that surround the victim whether directly or indirectly. Money…. who knew that some think that is more important then a child having one more person to love them. How very, very sad and selfish.

    Stay safe and God Bless!!!

    • I don’t know if you listen to the radio, but they’re still doing a job on Alexis. Of course, they say he was crazy, which he definitely was not. The FBI also turned Martin Luther King into a monster and some other groups.

      Yes, it’s very sad what they do to families, including mine. I no longer have contact with any of them.

      Stay safe, too. Thank you.

      • I do not listen to the radio, I read mostly. I am extremely EHS from the stalking. Just more of the obvious and physical harm they have done, all while indicating *how fun* it is to hurt people, in a general sense. Anyone will due from what I can tell. The are severely mentally *disturbed*. I have read what they are saying about Alexis. But those of us that have endured their mental illnesses know without a doubt he was stalked.

        The FBI/NSA/CIA/Local Police… the list of perps is long but thankfully not everyone is a party to the domestic terrorism mental illness. Maybe they should add that to the DSM;-)

          • I wish I could listen, but cannot. It literally makes my head hurt, which is common as most of the technology they use is electromagnetic (aka radio, radar, elf, uhf, etc…).

            • I have a small transistor radio (am/fm) and it’s harder for them to mess with it. And it picks up all the electricity they’re directing at you. So you can tell where they’re hitting you from.

              • I tried that with an AM/FM radio and got nothing. In my home, it appears, they use my electricity, my computers, my cell phone, my DVR and anything wifi or bluetooth capable. In the beginning of the stalking, it was my router they attacked. They would alter the password on the router, then they migrated to the PC and then they destroyed my first iPhone. I plugged it in and they, I think, tried to remotely jailbreak it, which destroyed it. Fortunately, it was new and apple replaced it. When I got home that day, Even Manni, IMd me and laughed about the fact that apple replaced it and he then apologized for destroying my phone. From there they infiltrated anything computerized. The reality is that the world we live in is wired for stalking and hackers that know how to hack can hack pretty much anything they want, for their criminal desires. Whether that hacker is government related or not makes no difference though. It is all criminal behavior regardless of the *who*..

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