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A motor officer patrolling in Arizona on a BMW “motor” Photo © by Jeff Dean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



I’ll be moving from my apartment.  I got a notice on my door that said the following:


Community Policies Violation.  Warning to Resident.


It has my name, address, etc.  It comes from Pinnacle, the management company.


“This is your last warning, as we have discussed before your inappropriate behavior cannot continue…You cannot continue harassing your fellow neighbors.  Police was(sic) called and event #130922-1639 was filed against you. Please stop by the office to speak to Manager. Please do not continue this behavior. We will take further action if you continue this.”


At the end, it had 2nd Warning (last warning) and signed by Manager.


Yeah, I’m such a harasser.  Every day the perp next door comes into my apartment, the one in apartment 203, too, and who knows who else is here while I’m out.  And every time I come back home, they’ve done damage to something in my apartment, or stolen something, ruin the vegetables I’ve  bought. That’s when they’re not hitting me with electricity and making monkey noises, leaving garbage in front of my door, honking their cars, slamming doors, etc.  Yeah, I’m the harasser.  The perps are such angels.  I’m the bad one.


This is how they slowly drive us to insanity.


I went into the office with the note and told them I’m moving out.  The manager had me sign a form.,and I’ll be leaving on the 30th of October.


I have absolutely no idea what I’ll do. It doesn’t matter if I move out of state, stay in the state, get a new apartment, it’ll be the same bullshit wherever I go.  Nothing will change.  Just the faces will change, but the same harassment will continue in whatever apartment I rent.


The police officer who came to see me yesterday wrote me up as being a racist,  That’s what that code means.  Someone can call me white trash, but I can’t respond in kind.  I told the woman harassing me to go back to Africa after she called me white trash.  It’s okay for her to call me names, but it’s not okay for me to call her names back.


But then, I’m only a target.  We targets have no rights whatsoever.  No one ever listens to our side of the story. I showed the officer how they took my chairs apart.  He said he wasn’t interested in hearing about my chairs.  No, siree. What the perps do to us is never considered a crime, but if we targets defend ourselves, we’re criminals right away. It doesn’t matter what happens to us.  We don’t count.


So, I’ll be on the road again looking for a new place to live.  Now, I have to look for another miserable place to live. Nothing ever changes.  It just gets worse all the time.


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16 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – On the move again…

    • Well, they’re like rats, they like to hide in corners to scare you. I don’t know what country you’re from, but most times, they do things to scare you and drive you crazy. As far as I can say, you’re probably safe. But, of course, always carry something to protect yourself, and don’t be walking around dark places at night. If you have to be out at night by yourself, make sure it’s an area with lots of light. Carry a flashlight so you can see in the dark. What have they done to make you think they want to kill you?

    • I think Neverending is right. They have too much fun torturing us to want to kill us. They wouldn’t have any fun anymore if we were dead. They want to make you do it yourself. That is why I don’t fear for my own life. I fear for those around me because they’ve killed one of my sons, but I know they won’t kill me.

  1. Learn how to speak simpletons and the next place you go explain to the managers about gang stalking and maybe do it in front of a cop telling everybody to do a google search telling them when the media says it is Truman Show Delusion that it is a sick joke since President Harry Truman established the NSA. After they research stuff on their own, they’ll know your not the bad guy. I just got evicted from where I stay after cops showed up getting me kicked out but I was given plenty of time because they realize I am not crazy. Just don’t talk about telepathy or ELF weapons but keep it that criminal informants and private investigators hired by defense contractors are doing the harassment protected. The cops will lie because they don’t want the blind to realize they are psychopaths but it works. Tell people to look up Bill Cooper’s Behold a Pale Horse or Satellite Terrorism by Dr. John Hall so they realize our government is out of control.

    • Maybe the cops are good guys where you live, but here in Las Vegas, they all know what’s happening and will do nothing to help any of us. Almost everyone knows whats going on. They just want to belong to the group that has the upper hand. They like abusing someone. They don’t really want to know the truth if it hit them in their faces. After all, why give up a good paycheck?

    • Good advice. Next time I move, I’m going to hand out info to all my neighbors and local hangouts. I figure if they think I’m crazy, they would have anyway, but if I told them my side, maybe 1 or 2 would be influenced the right way and spread the news. Worth a try, I think. I don’t talk about the two things you mentioned as a rule either. Even though they are real, they are too hard for people who don’t know to believe. It’s best to wait until a person knows you’re not nuts BEFORE you talk about things like that.

      • I try to tell people about what’s happening to me, but it’s a waste of time. They’ve become zombies. Just think, they’re told what color to wear, what to do to harass us, and they’ve become indoctrinated zombies. After a while, I don’t think they can think for themselves. They don’t realize what a con game the government has done to them. If one day they were told their next job is to kill someone, I think they would just do it. That’s how brain dead they are.

        • Some people I tell have actually listened, but the bulk of them really are stupid. And you’re right that they would even kill if asked. I know first hand about losing loved ones to Gang Stalking.

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  3. My advice would be to get out of Las Vegas. Sounds like a nasty place to live. There are places where there are some people who are nice. Yeah, there are also perps, but not 100% of them are pieces of Sh**.

    Where I live, I get harassment from neighbors and whoever else, but I also have nice people talk to me at work, and gentlemen opening the door for me when I go to the store. I still have to work with some people who vandalize my things, while others are actually nice. We’re never going to win all the time because we’re cursed by the government lies, but it sounds to me like there is no one who is worth staying there for.

    • You’re so right about the people of Las Vegas. The only thing that really matters here is sex. Gambling is not the number one thing anyone. It’s full of slutty women sleeping with whom and whatever they want to. It’s really become more disgusting in the last three years. I came to Vegas in 2004 and gambling was still king. You should see the slutty women I have to look at all day. It’s disgusting!!!!! You’re right, I should get out of Vegas, but I’m waiting around for another year for a reason. I really want to leave, but I have another year to go. And then I don’t have to look at any slutty women anymore, hopefully!

  4. Lately I’ve been called racist and race baited as part of my harassment. My dear perps have made more enemies for me by saying this than anything else they have tried. I hope you find a better place that is harder to break into. Once, I got a place on the top floor of a small apt and had no stomping feet on the ceiling but the apt below me was always empty…weird. Also I only lived there a number of months.

  5. Sorry to hear about the bad things. Zombies come in all colors and are PAID to harass and torture the defenseless and the law-abiding. Just remember not to react to their provocations. I’m going through the same torture. If you do not mind cold, come to MN, but again there could be more perpetrators living here.
    Stay strong and keep faith!

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