Gang Stalking – “Losing it” as a target.

English: Coat of arms of Cuba. Español: Escudo...

English: Coat of arms of Cuba. Español: Escudo de Cuba. Русский: Герб Кубы. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Picture of an American Pit Bull Terrier

Picture of an American Pit Bull Terrier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just went out to get my mail today.  I didn’t pick it up yesterday because I was too busy trying to keep my computer working.  As soon as I stepped out of my apartment, the man next door pops up, the bitch in 203 comes over to the man next door and has to bum a cigarette off him.  A woman comes out with her pit bull immediately, the people from the complex across the street suddenly have to walk around, a man with a walker always, always has to come out every time I step out of my apartment and various other idiots have to make appearances.  I called the woman in apartment 203 a bitch, because she’s a real bitch, and told her to go back to Africa. I was never a racist, but I admit with all the immigrants I run into all the time, I’ve become very anti-immigrant.  These immigrants come here and harass American citizens.  They’re not even citizens and they have more rights than we do!  No way, no how am I going to stand for this non-sense.  The government uses these immigrants against us.  They tell these people that they get an “in” if they do what they’re told.  The biggest lie ever!  Not only will they not become citizens, but will get deported on the reason that they committed a crime by coming after American citizens.

Not only did they all come out, but the bitch in 203 ran off and told me she was calling the police and put me back in jail.  I’ve never been in jail in my life, so I don’t know what she’s talking about.  Probably another lie told about me. I told her “go ahead!”.  The man next door said in Spanish, “Policia, policia.”  I wonder how long this man has been here, and still he doesn’t speak a word of English.  He’s from Cuba and I figure he’s been here for over 30 years, but still, he doesn’t know one world of english.  He kept looking at me and telling me “policia”.  I laughed at him and told him he should learn to speak English.

I’m sick of all these people.  I can’t even step out of my apartment to get my mail without a bunch of them coming out to annoy me.

I’ve become very anti-immigrant.  At one time, I was for everyone getting a fair shake in getting a chance at the American dream. I no longer am.  My American dream has become a nightmare, so why should I share it with a bunch of immigrants who want to destroy my life?

Things lately have  gotten bad.  It was bad before, but, lately, they’ve piled people and more people on me.  You should see what it’s like for me to take a walk?  It’s like a parade of  idiots joining an idiot parade. It’s horrible.  I can certainly understand why Aaron Alexis “lost it”.  At least he’s at peace now.  He doesn’t have to put up with any government bullshit.

Oh, I had to stop, the police officer knocked on my door.  The police office  told me that I was being given a “red card”.  He told me that I was being a racist by telling the woman in 203 to go back to Africa.  Of course, he tried to make me appear crazy.  He asked me if I was hearing voices, or talk to myself. And was I on medication? I said, “No.”  I told him I was  very sane, and I mentioned Aaron Alexis and what happened to him.   He told me I should get some help.  He also told me I should call the police next time I have any problems, because everyone has been calling the police on me when I defend myself. And I replied, “Why would I call the police when they don’t believe anything I say?”  Yeah, the police are a lot of help!  I also told him that he knew what was happening to me.  The officer also mentioned that if I get enough “red cards”, I’ll be evicted.  I told him if this place evicts me, I’ll just get on the bus and leave.  I told him to go ahead and give me a card.  And he said he would.

By the way, the woman is not from Africa. She’s from Cuba.

Another great day in Perplandia.

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10 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – “Losing it” as a target.

  1. What a nightmare. I believe they recruit immigrants and ethnics to set up situations and make out you are a racist or worse. About the prison jibe- about 30 years ago before I knew gang stalking existed I applied for a job that I was well qualified for and had the experience. The interview went as normal (3 interviewers) then one asked about a gap on my CV when I had been unemployed, so I told him that. Then he said – you should have said so – we might have thought you had been in prison. I was astonished into silence.
    A few years ago in London I went into a bank, there was only one person in the queue before me. When my turn came an African migrant shot up to the counter ahead of me. I went up to the counter and said I am next. She denied it and it became a shouting match. The adjacent teller confirmed I was next so I was served. On the way out I heard people muttering in the queue behind me which was suddenly long that I had been abusive to that black woman.
    Walking down the street in a Tooting an African migrant asked me for money. I never enter into dialogue with strangers because afterwards they can put words in your mouth – harder to do if you said nothing. Years later I thought what if I had given her money? Would there have been someone standing by with a camera – and then they could claim- even show a video- of a drug transaction going on?

    • You just never know what’s going to happen when a perp talks to you. They come into my apartment and steal my knives all the time. I worry that someone will get killed and my fingerprints will be on it. And guess who they’ll come after.

    • I think you’re right about the setting up thing. That’s really scary to think they may have been setting you up for a drug deal accusation, but it’s a good ting you didn’t give her anything! Do you think they were saying that stuff about being abusive in the bank so that you would want to prove yourself by giving that other creep money? I take it you didn’t get that job. I know the feeling when stuff like that happens.

      • No, I didn’t get the job. I got discrimination in middle class offices but not when I worked for the Royal Mail a mainly working class occupation including the managers.
        In retrospect the incident was strange – even by London standards. She was very beautiful, you would say model class. She didn’t look poor and she seemed furiously angry and she all but exploded when I said nothing to her.
        In the bank it seems more likely this was a staged incident to ” prove” I was a racist.

  2. I’m starting to think the reason for this “amnesty” thing is to recruit GS’ers. And I don’t think they will ever be deported. They are government employees, after all. Shame on that Police officer for being such a creep!

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