Gang Stalking – I will spit in every zombie’s face some day. Yes, I will.

Ironworkers surprised by photographer, while e...

Ironworkers surprised by photographer, while erecting the steel frame of a new building, at the Massachusetts General Hospital, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wasn’t going to blog today, but I just had.

That man that everyone is calling mentally ill is not. Not in any way, shape or form. He’s 100% one of us. He’s been one of the first to speak about what’s been happening to him. The other targets never spoke about what was happening to them, but this one did.

He told about how the construction workers made fun of him, and said nasty things to him. How the construction workers made it a point to park in front of where he lived. How he kept hearing voices. How he was hit with a electronic magnetic weapon. How he was followed everywhere. I hope those construction workers feel good about what they did to this man. I hope they do. I’m sure they feel no guilt about they did to this man. Nor does anyone else who harassed this man and drove him to do what he did. There’s just so much a human being can take.

The man is telling the truth about what was happening to him. I know about the construction workers. These low-lifes do the same things to me. Every time I pass by a construction site, I have to put up with extraordinary noise, dirt thrown in my direction, laughter. I also have to put up with being hit, but I know how it’s done. I don’t think this man knew how it was done. And the following…everywhere I go, followed.

Another death caused by the U.S. government and the zombies they hire to do their dirty work for them.

When, oh, when, are people going to start questioning what is happening? As I stated before, this will happen again. Why don’t the news people get off their doffs and really find out why there are so many shootings by supposedly sane people? And this man is sane. He was not crazy. If he was crazy, so is everybody else.

I had to come to the library today and exonerate this man. He was driven to the point to where he got. Driven to this point by hateful, zombies. Keep up the good work zombies. It seems you’re all winning. But your zombies’ day will come. And I can’t wait for that day. As I previously stated, I will spit in every one of your faces. Yes, I will.

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8 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I will spit in every zombie’s face some day. Yes, I will.

  1. I get a lot of construction site harassment, too. Was laughing about the fact that their bosses would be kicking their butts if they were wasting even a second of company time under normal circumstances. But when a TI is in the area, walking down the street, the same foreman only grins and lets his guys waste as much time as they want.

  2. Construction workers and contractors are MAJOR perps. They park the big utility vehicles in front of my home 24/7, last summer that’s all there was. They find any excuse to park/ drive around target’s home or do a remodel nearby to make lots of noise. Big time perps. And don’t even go near Home Depot, everyone in there is a perp, seriously.

    • Oh, I know about Home Depot. Isn’t every place we go perp heaven? They can never help me with anything, but that’s the way it is everywhere I go. No one seems to know anything. I feel for that man shot in Washington. He was the first one to mention anything about what’s happening to him, even though there has been many others who been victims.

  3. I wrote a enghty
    comment and posted it to ur blog today and when I went to look it was never poste … UGH so there must have been alot of truths to what I said. UGH I dont want to write it all again to have it not get posted. Keep up the great exposure to these freeks/ our goverment

      • Thanks we are in this together, did you read my blog on my word press? I went into it i was so pissed my comments on your never made it, also when i went into my hotmail, your blog ( which i follow) would not allowme to even open it FROM MY MAIL! it kept saying the site was blocked because the security certificate was corrupt. I got your comment only by going onto internet exploer and openning my account

  4. Another damned shooting….there are more of these “shooters” now than ordinary crime because the cops own the criminals due to all the technology and the criminals are a snitch perp army.

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