Gang Stalking – Cameras in your home, for sure.

Guess where I am? I’m at the disgusting library again. Same old, same old thing that always happens when I come here. A lot of throat clearing, sneezing, hit with electricity, lots of noise, laughing, lots of talking. etc. Isn’t life wonderful? And the loudest jerk is this 500 lb. man who looks like he might have a heart attack at any moment. I’m sure it makes him feel better to pick on someone else instead of someone picking on him.

If you don’t think there’s a camera in your apartment watching you, think again. I’ll give you an example of what happened to me the other day. I told you about how they keep ripping my jeans. Well, I finally had to buy new jeans. It doesn’t bother me to walk around with torn jeans. I don’t give a s–t what someone thinks of me! Becoming a target has given me a certain freedom, which is strange. As I was saying about the ripped jeans, I got a new pair. When I got home, the jeans were too long, so I decided to take up the hem. I didn’t have any pins, so I used bobbie pins to hold up the hem while I sewed. I don’t sew too well, so you can imagine what a job this is for me. Considering I don’t sew well, the sewing part went okay. I went out the next day to pay my electric bill. I went to a certain store I won’t advertise and looked to see if there was anyone in line to pay his bill. Lucky me! Absolutely no one in line. So I stood in line. A woman was paying her bill and talked, talked, talked and went on and on. Then this small Asian woman stood behind me. She was about 2’3″. I didn’t think she couldn’t do too much harm to me so I paid no attention. The woman who talked and talked finally left. I went to the window, paid my bill and left. I walked around for a while and then decided to go home.

I got home, took off my jeans and guess what I discovered?! That little Asian woman, who I didn’t think would do me any harm, had pinned 6 bobbie pins on the back of my jeans, three pins for each leg. So I was walking around with these bobbie pins stuck in the back of my jeans. The only way someone could see me do this is by watching me at home. So I definitely know there’s a camera in my apartment. And there’s probably a camera in all of your houses/apartments.

Of course, when I discovered the bobbie pins, I screamed at the idiots. I know they watch me all the time. I called them all kinds of names and damned them to eternal hell. It made me feel better.

We targets have to put with a lot of crap. And I don’t think this crap is going to stop anytime soon. I don’t think Edward Snowden knows about what’s happening to us. The only people who know about us are probably at a very high level. It’s top-secret what they do to us and very few people know what’s happening. People like the President, NSA, FBI. So I don’t think there’s any chance in hell, this hell is going to end anytime soon.

I’ve had a lot of other things happened to me, but I don’t have too much time to tell you about it. Maybe when I’m able to fix my computer and type from home.

It’s good to get in touch with all of you again. I miss the contact with my readers.

Take care of yourselves and miss you.

Can’t show any photos. They’ve inactivated Zemanta at the library, too.

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44 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Cameras in your home, for sure.

    • What??? What are you doing? Don’t throw your computer into the water. No, please! Stay in touch. I want to know what’s going on in your life. Don’t give up. They brag more than they do. Don’t throw your computer in the water, please! Let me know what’s happening. Stick in there!

        • Those people are nuts! Is there anywhere you could go away from them? Someone you can trust who you could stay with for a while?
          No matter what happens, please don’t leave this realm. First off, they are not worth it, and second, they get big rewards when they manage to get one of us to do that. It comes back to the fact that they’re not worth what they get for that, either! Don’t give them the satisfaction.
          We here, may be far from each other, and not know what each other looks like or anything, but we are all united in love, caring and understanding for each other. None of us likes to hear of another losing so much hope they “leave” before their time is up. Please hang on!

          • its not looking promising tomorrow its all over the apt. complex aim leaving I think their all putting their dancing shoes on to dance on my grave and really I have no one to stay with aim pretty much isolated I’ve asked my cousin put its the same old song and dance thieve got their own problems so I really don’t now what to do I was taking a bath today and my neighbor below said to the landlord the guys a “monster” I went down stairs to get mail and he was talking to his wife I want him but away I really don’t know what to do anymore

                • I don’t trust many people, but I try to remember that not all of the rest of the people in the world are GS’ers, either. That gives me the hope I need to believe there is still good in the world. I do meet nice people still. Though I know not to trust any stranger to come into my home anymore, I’m sure some are genuinely kind. I am thankful that I have two people willing to sit in our house when we want to out together sometimes to keep the freaks out. When I lived on my own in England I stayed in all the time in the end. Now I or my husband stay here at all times.

                  Do you like Ohio? Did you grow up there?

                  We live in Montana but I grew up in Washington. We want to go back there.

                    • Did you do damage to your laptop? Or are you on your phone? I definitely know how you feel. It’s hard to put up with the garbage we have to put up with every single minute of the day. The government of the U.S. should be investigated. It’s the one paying for all of this harassment to happen to us. It’s been happening for a very long time. Feel better.

                    • NE’s right. But the government doesn’t prosecute itself. Don’t give up. Get out instead. If you have enough for a move, try somewhere else. Sure, you’ll always have perps, but what have you got to stay for? I always keep the hope that I’ll end up in a decent place. I don’t like the cold here, but a lot of the people are generally nice. I know there are worse places, so I try to keep that in mind when the snow ticks me off. I hate cold winters with a passion, but I hate perps more!

              • I cant trust anyone anymore I used to joke about but the conspiracy but not anymore I take it very seriously now I go out side and their on cell phones to the cops I stay in the slights noise I make their on their cell phones to the cops I feel like a hunted animal I try to stay in my apt. but the landlord and the maintenance woman have keys so I stay in my room with the door locked

              • It may seem like it because of the situation, but you are not alone. We have the same thing going on. It’s called “Gang Stalking” and “Community Stalking” and such for those reasons. It doesn’t make anyone feel better knowing there are other people suffering the same things, but it sure helped me calm down when I found out I wasn’t “alone” in it. I hope that helps you a little at least. Whatever they do, never let them have your sanity. It’s the only thing we really still own. They vandalize and steal everything else. Even our bodies – but I’m determined they are never going to touch my mind or my soul.

  1. I’m sorry,that sucks. Isn’t wild how they can make us ape sh#% over stuff like bobby pins. It’s not the act itself, it’s the insinuation. That we are watched inside our home. I wonder though if it could be “through wall” or thermal cameras from outside. Or are they so good at brain mapping and Artificial telepathy now that they don’t even need a camera to know what we are doing? It is sheer frustration and horror. God help these people from the karmic freight train that will surely flatten them someday.

    • A bobbie pin is extremely small and I don’t think they could have seen it through the wall. I keep an umbrella facing the wall when I use my computer. So it had to be from a camera.

  2. Ok, fansfiction has a point. This is the only advice I ever received from any professionals on any level. The same thing over and over. Ignore!
    We all need to start a blog I think.
    I want to say that people picking on other people, acting like children, starting rumours, has been going on for centuries. GS is bullying on steroids. Most people have no idea because they can’t see the big picture.
    Psywar, psychological warfare, was invented by leading psychologists, long ago, to be used by the military on prisoners of war, etc.
    Not on civillians. Psywar is what they are taking part in. And they all jump on the bandwagon like its a silly game. Well it isn’t. It destroys every aspect of your life. They won’t let you find work, they try to drive you into poverty, take your friends and family, try to drive you crazy, try to drive you to suicide, and they laugh about it. I had a guy tell me the other day, as a threat, I’ll bully you. I’ll get so and so to bully you. GS is 10 times worse and it goes on for decades. Being broadcast 24/7 to complete strangers and having them sit down and quote parts of your conversations back to you as part of theirs,
    then bow their heads and pray to a God that loves me and hates what they are doing. Dont kid yourself. Intentionally torturing people is NOT okay, okay?? There is nothing lower than that. I’m not surprised at all people fly off the handle.

    • Yeah, that’s why they harass us 24/7 so our brain doesn’t get a chance to relax. A brain is like a computer, too much damage and it breaks. Too much damage to our brain and we break, too. A human can only take so much garbage before he/she cracks. Stay strong and get as much rest as you can whenever you can.

  3. That is so aggravating! I’ve had several not-so-subtle hints that they had been watching me as well. That woman is might be an illegal doing a favor for Obummer’s regime so she can stay. You have ask why he’s giving permits to all those people and drivers’ licenses so that they can vote…and do perping?…but a perp of any race might have done it, too. I’m not racist. I was just wondering. And I don’t mind people coming to live in this country if they are honest, go about it the right way, and are good neighbors, though I can’t imagine why anyone would want to now.

    I do the same thing when I get mad at them. My mother and some other religious freaks don’t understand, but it really DOES make you feel better to give them what for and call them all the names you can think of, and it does no one any harm. If that’s what helps you cope, do it! When they say, “It only hurts you.” I just think they’re stupid, because how does feeling better and getting some stress out that WOULD do me harm HURT me in any way? Anyway, the perps ARE listening, and they DO deserve the ear frying. Sometimes if we can’t find something in our house, and we have recently accidentally left the front door unlocked, we think it’s been stolen, and then we find it, and we say, “Let them keep the blame they just got anyway, because they earned it, by stealing things in the past and making us jump to that conclusion.” Then we find other things they DID do when they had snuck in anyway, so who needs to feel bad for blaming them for anything? Not us.

    • I know;. I feel the same way. I feel no guilt when I blame the perps for something. They do so many things to me in a one day period that it would drive someone else mad. But I know better, so I don’t worry about blaming the freaks.

  4. I know what your talking about I in live in apt. complex were the neighbors are ganging up on me telling lies to the land lord all kind of lies trying to get me kicked out ill be surprised if aim here tomorrow and I agree with you we probable all have cameras in our homes watching us

    • Oh, we do, do, do. We’re all experiments. Experiments on how people will react when driven to a certain point in their lives. So far I’ve lasted, and I intend to keep on going. They can all go to f—— hell!

  5. Ne-I already told you the perps read your blog even when I don’t, so today I got asked for bobby pins in advance. They are just so clever. (Yeah right) Same with my facebook. Recently two of my favorite reads disappeared from the website they were on, probably for their constant encouragement they provided me with. I so relate to your story of waiting in line. I know that feeling of rushing to avoid them because normally they get there before we do. I know the conversations. When I catch myself about to overhear somebody’s pointless and exxageratedly loud banter, I briskly remove myself to make their conversation even more pointless than they could have imagined since I wasn’t there to hear any of their directed conversation fiction bs.
    I know yelling and cussing at them in “private” is about all you can do without getting fired or arrested. But they are still congratulating themselves. Anything that makes you mad, they’re going to do more of it. I promise you. And they think they are such good people. But your blog made me LOL today. Thanks

  6. OK, here’s a long answer: I haven’t been much to WP lately myself. Visiting only once in a few days and I posted today for the first time in 3 weeks. Some prompts are too personal. One of my worst perps was a huge man. He was 400 pounds on a good day and he was my supervisor. He made my life hell at one of the last jobs I had and probably got a former cooking school classmate/enemy of mine hired to bring me down. Somehow, I got fired and I saw this chick shaking hands with a strange old white woman while I waited for the bus after getting fired. This fat guy seemed to be on a roll after becoming my perp. When I first got there, he was the most hated guy there. Everyone talked about him. He started perping me and he was Mr. Popular. He went on to get a much better job after the one where I worked with him. Then he died. Dead at 54. Just like that. I am not gloating over his death. It was avoidable. He probably dug his grave with a fork. I’m just saying it does not always go on forever for our oppressors.

    As for jeans, mine rip pretty fast too. I have short legs and I don’t have a grandmother to take them up anymore. Plus there was always a risk of getting “floods” if she took them up too much. I let them rip on the ground. I don’t care really. Even if I get “average” length it drags a little. If I get “tall” they drag over my shoes and on the ground all the way. I like the way they cover my feet. Sometimes I don’t want the perps to see my feet. If I get petite they are too short.

    As for bobbie pins, the perps put them in my path since I read this book at the library about an unpopular girl who was that way because the popular girls were witches and were stealing her bobbie pins/barrettes and putting curses on her to keep her unloved. The girl finds out about the spells, somehow gets in with the popular crowd and starts picking on others including the heroine of the book who was sympathetic to her before she caught onto the bobbie pin trick. Now I see them everywhere. They are saying “we do put curses on you to keep you where you are” and I believe it. The occult is huge in America. Most Christians are fake or too weak in the faith to beat them off. Most Christians are selfish and greedy and if it hurts to practice their faith forget about it.

    I don’t get excited about stuff like Snowden or Wyden? because nothing ever seems to come of anything concerning targets. I think everyone knows and wants to keep it that way. We keep things running. We are the scapegoats so everyone else can live wonderful stupid lives in the land of the “free”. Someone has to suffer. You cannot pick on minorities, gays, women, Jews, etc..even fat people– like ti’s get it. Used to be everyone stuck to their own “kind” but now everyone has to be “diverse” and blend with “everyone” no matter what EXCEPT FOR THE TI’S. THEY HAVE NO ONE. It’s been this way for me since childhood.

    • As for the fat man, his parents were Holocaust Survivors and he was a little Nazi to me. What irony. His folks lived into their 90s I believe.

    • Yeah, we’re the new group to pick on. We’re of every race, religion, color, etc. We’re the new American victims. It’s always been that way in America. It has to have a group to pick on, or how else would the elite feel superior?

      • “Individualistic” America is really America of the herd. Most people have always went along to get along. Individualism died over 100 years ago. Even the poorest “American” can now feel superior to a ti.

      • your one hundred percent right about the cameras and they read our blogs they have two way audio cards on the ones hear and they actually taught me the entire time by making little comments today I foolishly spoke out loud and one said were already here that ones a smart Alex because right after that he turned on a little electronic siren just to be smart ever time I go out someone’s following me today they say there going to take me in good luck they don’t have a thing on me.

  7. Every time you give them any type of visible reaction, you are feeding them. Their controllers want you to be focused on the tactics, and blame the perpetrators. Why did you scream at them? That is why they keep it up. They are playing with you. You need to learn how not to react at all. All I do is observe their tactics and move on with my own agenda. Don’t act surprised, vent anger, or react in any way that can be observed. Just hide it. They live for ANY kind of reaction. This is the entire point of this. They are feeding on it.

    • Oh, I know it’s true that they live for my reaction. But I can’t keep all that stuff they do to me in. I’m happy you can, but I just can’t. It’s my N.Y. upbringing. If someone dumps on me, I dump right back.

      • It’s the same with me. I know they like to get me riled, but that’s why I insult them directly while I’m at it. Like when they stain my clothes, I tell me husband, mom, or son, whoever’s there, that the perps are demonstrating just how dirty and nasty they are, and they agree with me. The perps can hear this. Or sometimes I say, “Did you that, creeps?” after saying something about them. Not that I need to ask.
        It would be nice to not have to express my feelings, or to be able to keep from doing so, but I can’t live that way without going nuts, and I’m not going to make the effort. I already put too much effort into not going nuts over the crap they do.

  8. I need to start a blog as well so I can leave behind the terrors each day brings. I enjoy reading your daily account of this targeted life we live because it parallels mine to the T!! I had no idea two years ago that I was a target but kept noticing that all of my pants had tears in the most important places. Now I know why and like you I no longer care if my clothes look ratty-what the hell!!! I am losing my home because of these psycho thugs and have no idea how I will pay for an apartment without a job and how I will survive apartment living after being in a home with security and camera’s! No clothes just don’t matter any longer!
    Take care of yourself as well!

    • My advice. I know you won’t like it, but it’s the only way you will survive. Take the government for everything you can get from it. If they make our lives so miserable that we can’t work, then live off them. Take care. And thanks.

      • Good advice. Take advantage!
        They would never let me be successful, and now I’m living on SSID because of that. It’s their fault, so I have no guilt about it. I tried making ceramic dolls and jewelry and had places that wanted to sell them. They sabotaged it so that I had to keep throwing away all the batches they rubbed the glaze thin on to mess it up so that it didn’t fire shiny and smooth, they stole molds, etc. I tried making jewelry with beads and it was beautiful. I had people who wanted to buy my stuff, but they frayed the wire so that the necklaces and bracelets would break. I’m trying to write a book and they are giving me all sorts of hell with that… so they WANT me to be on public assistance – I think it’s because it keeps me in poverty, and they like that because I clearly have more talent than all the hoards of them added together, but can’t get the recognition or satisfaction it could earn.

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