Gang Stalking – What a hell of a week I’ve had!

Hi, everybody. Nothing’s happened to me. I’ve had some week. Cheated out of money from Best Buy and some mom and pop store I went to trying to get my computer fixed. And I wasn’t allowed on the internet. My Trend Micro and Norton anti-virus, what junk, allowed the perp hackers to get into my computer and keep me off the internet. From now, I’m not wasting my time going to anyone to get my computer fixed. I saw what they do.

I went into a mom and pop store and I watched them as they fixed my computer. Fix it? That’s a farce. What they did is put more bugs in my computer. The place I went to had a glass window between the front of the store and the back where the computers get fixed. While the technician (that’s not even a title I should use), it’s more like they’re crooks. While he was fixing my computer, he got a call, I’m sure from government hackers, and he was given a number. As the man on the phone told him the number, he typed the mess into my computer. So you see, we non-technician have no chance in hell of finding an honest techinician. So give up that thought. If you want your computer fixed you’re going to have to fix it yourself, because all they do is nothing!

I managed to get on today, so I don’t long I’ll be able to stay on. I just want to let you know, I’ll keep trying to fix my computer. I miss writing, and it keeps me in touch with other human beings, there aren’t too many of us left.

Anyway, my week has been really horrible. I won’t even go into details. I just got on to let you know that hopefully I’ll abe able to fix my computer and keep my blog going.

Stay safe.

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17 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – What a hell of a week I’ve had!

  1. you got watch everybody in this community I have a social worker Debbie Buckingham she works for them trying to twist my words around and she’s supposed to help people ha!!!!! and then I do food service for john and Kathy graham they work for them to they try to hide be hide religion hypocrite’s this country going to hell in hand basket

    • It seems these people have nothing better to do with their lives, but make other people’s lives miserable. Stay calm no matter what, otherwise, they’ll say you’re crazy. Take care.

    • I’ve used AVG too. Any antivirus only “works” for people who aren’t being hacked by the government. Most of those people recommend it, so you’re not alone in your good opinion of it.

  2. The NWO way of business, I have endured NSA and Obama elite fascists similar harassment, and to top that they prey like weirdos on us, stalking us until the day they’re given orders to snipe us via genocide assassin tactics of some bizarre nature. Waking up in the new fascist governance really stinks to high hell. Obama couldn’t make a pimple on Chesty Pullers ass, and General Dempsy couldn’t make a pimple on Chesty Pullers ass either. Both traitors to the American people. You can quote me on that!

      • I’ve been to hell and back because of elite fascist governing New World Order, NSA, CIA, FBI, Obama and Weather Underground…I’m tired and exhausted from HAARP and entitite in illegal genocide of worldwide proportion. I hope to shed light on these atrocities of innocent people and families like my own so that we won’t keep suffering like idiots. Thank you and I sincerely hope I didn’t offend you. Please erase my comments asap if I did.

          • I am so sorry you felt that I was in any way doing this to you. I was doing it to the bully people and organizations doing it, not you ever. Again, I apologize.

      • You’re right about that.
        I’m glad you’re all right. And I’m glad you could see what that guy was doing so you won’t get duped by him again. Thanks for keeping in touch. Best wishes.

        • Oh, I always try to watch them, sometimes it’s not possible to see what they’re doing to our computers. But I wouldn’t trust any place to try fixing our computers. They’re all in on what the government is doing. They’re all controlled zombies.

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