Gang Stalking – Letting someone into Facebook, is like letting someone into your home.

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Today when I turned on my computer, my anti-virus reported that it’d stopped 35 viruses from getting into my computer.  I know that the perps have copies of everything in my computer, but I still like to know how they get in it.  As I stated before, I turn off computer every night, take out my modem, my battery, but still, every time I get into my computer, I find changes that were not there the night before.  I really have to take a computer course, but they’re so expensive.  Well, at least it went on today.  I didn’t have to spend a few hours trying to get on. Hallelujah!!

If you have a Facebook page and you’re a target, I’ve noticed a few things. It’s taken me a while to notice these things. I’m usually just trying to keep my computer on, and have little time to interact with other Facebook users, or anyone else.

Be careful who you let on to your Facebook page.  On my page, I think most of the people who befriend me are perps.

(I must be on to something, they just deleted everything I typed. So I have to make sure I get this published.)

I’ve noticed that the government perps will try to have you connect with someone who’s of the same race, origin, country, has same hobbies, hispanic, black, etc.  They want you to trust this person and spill out all your secrets. You know, the best friend kind of thing.  Sometimes I let  them join, even though I know they’ll get in and do damage to my computer. I let them join because that’s the only way I’m going to learn who’s a perp.  I recently let a woman in and immediately I got very bad feelings about her.  It was the way she smiled, posed, and the general feeling I got from her photo. I let her stay on. That’s the only way to learn about these people.  One of the first giveaways is how they agree you, “Hi, dear friend.”  I don’t even know this person and we’re friends already.  If you get someone whose statement is something about friends, un-join her.  I can tell you, she/he is usually up to no good.  There are other signs, but I don’t want to give up my secrets. I wish I could, but they would change their ways. I know now they’re thinking, we can’t call them friends right away. A dead giveaway.  Just let your instincts guide you.  Your instincts will always help you.  If you get an “icky” feeling about someone, go with that feeling. It will help you keep perps out of your computer.

I also get “icky” feelings when I’m on WordPress, but as I stated, I let them in, sometimes to my detriment.

When you let someone into your Facebook page, it’s like letting them into your house/apartment.  Would you let someone into your house who gave you a creepy feeling? No.  And that’s the same way you should consider Facebook — letting someone into your house. Be careful what information you put on your Facebook page, or anywhere else. I give out information about myself, but up to a certain point.  I don’t give out my phone number, my birthday (if I do, I lie about it, sorry), but someone can steal your I.D. very easily. Be careful.

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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Letting someone into Facebook, is like letting someone into your home.

    • A lot of targets get harassed by perps doing surveillance on the governments’ behalf on fb. I get it too. Especially right after I post something anti-Obummer.

      • It might be I am just incompetent. And I am sorry I am clueless about American politics which is one of the great mysteries of the world. In Britain we tend to like Obama – we admire him trying to break the throttle hold of the medical establishment over medicine.

        • Yeah. I admired Margaret Thatcher until I went to England and found out what she was really like..

          Trust me. YOU HAVE BEEN GREATLY DECIEVED! Obummer is another Hitler. His “affordable Healthcare” costs people a $4,000 to $12,000 deductible out of their own income before they get the social assistance. Proper private insurance companies charge $250 deductable. He has CANCELLED millions of peoples’ insurance policies without their permission in order to force them to buy OBAMACARE. To give you some idea of how much money I’m talking about, $4,000 is about 1/3 of mine and my husband’s total yearly income. Businesses are letting employees go and cutting hours to be able to pay its premiums. We need social healthcare, yes. But we need one like YOURS.

          About the other hurtles he’s jumped, they all involve breaking the laws made to protect us by the founders of this country in the 1700’s. That’s not something to admire.

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  2. Here’s another not so rhetorical question to all the TI’s: Who is on here by choice?
    Which one of you signed up for this??
    Nobody. Nobody volunteers for this and nobody goes into this knowing all the facts.
    We only recognize this disease by its symptoms. And we see every one so prominantly displayed. Here’s a promise from me. Your voices will be heard. Our voices.
    This is the day OGS goes mainstream.

  3. I know how they get into your computer and make changes. I found an explanation a while back written by a guy who said he was a former NSA employee. I can only take his word for it, but the things he said all made sense. He talked about various backdoors and things, but the thing that really made me lose hope, but feel better at the same time, was he said even if you do ALL of those things you mentioned, AND take your hard drive out, they can get into something in the circuit board and make any changes they want to. When you stick the HD back in and fire it up, all the changes they did take place in your HD. This guy was an expert, but he couldn’t keep them out.

    OK, you’re probably wondering why or how this made me feel BETTER?!

    It’s this: I no longer need to go through the disappointment of finding out yet another thing I thought would work to keep them at bay has failed. I still make an effort to keep my computer as secure as possible, but there’s no more chasing rainbows and finding no gold. And when they do what should be impossible, I don’t have to be so frustrated trying to figure out how.

    You might still want to take that computer course anyway. It might be fun, and you might be able to learn something that could keep them out.

    • I know Windows has a back door. I read it somewhere, that’s why it’s so easily hacked. I saw something in my computer that said Microsoft “Watchdog”. I also have an eye that’s a camera in my computer. I covered the camera in my computer with tape, so they can’t see anything, so they installed a camera. I was able to get rid of it, but I don’t know how long it’ll last. They tried to re-install while I was reading your comment. Computer courses, if it’s a good one, costs like $400. Thanks for the info. Everything helps.

      • You’re welcome. Glad I could help even a little. 🙂 That’s a lot of money, but if you might learn something you could find useful, it might be worth it.

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