Gang Stalking – May the government hackers die a slow death. Idiots!

HE Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico

HE Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico (Photo credit: Chatham House, London)

President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Ob...

President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and daughters Sasha and Malia are greeted by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota, right, upon their arrival at the Palacio do Alvorada in Brasilia, Brazil, March 19, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found Edward Snowden!

I found Edward Snowden! (Photo credit: robertDouglass)

Rent day again, and of course, it’s always such a trip for me.

When I went into the office today, the manager took my check. There was no one else in the office. She asked me if I wanted a receipt.  I answered, “Yes, I always want a receipt. I don’t trust anyone. I’ve been screwed too many times.”  The manager answered, “We haven’t screwed you, have we?”  I answered, “I wouldn’t say that.”  She looked at me for more explanation, but I ignored her.  I was thinking about what the manager allows her men to come in my apartment and do.  As the manager wrote the receipt, I looked around the office.  I noticed that a new vent was put in.  I also noticed that the vent was full of debris.  So I asked the manager, “What’s all the stuff in the vent?”  She replied, “Oh, that’s just paint chips in the vent.”   I asked, “What are paint chips doing in a vent? That’s a little strange.”  She answered, “The paint chips fell down.”  I replied, “What?!  Why can’t any of the men get up there and remove the debris?”  She replied that they couldn’t do it.   The answer she should have given me is:  is was put in the vent for the targets.  You see, some paints attract electricity and the paint chips were put in the vent for when the targets come into the office. What this woman doesn’t realize is that the vent, when it’s on is, is putting out chemicals which go into her body. In trying to harm targets, she’s harming herself even more. But, manager, keep listening to the government perps and you will get very ill. ************************************************************************

I don’t know if you heard about the National Security Agency spying on Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto (he’s kind of cute) and Mexican citizens,  and Brazilian President Dilma Rosseff (and we don’t even have a woman president in the U.S. yet). The Brazilizan press reported this news.. The press got the information from Edward Snowden.  As you can imagine the Brazilian president is mad. She supposed to visit President Obama, but now she’s thinking of calling off the visit.  And President Pena Nieto is also angry and wants an explanation.  And I don’t blame either one for getting angry.  I keep hoping that Edward Snowden will come  out with information about what they’re doing to targets. He must definitely have information on what’s happening to American citizens. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will happen. ************************************************************************

I keep thinking that I’m wasting my life.  I think of all the things I could be doing, but, instead, I have to spend all my time trying to protect myself and trying to stay sane.  What a waste of life. We should all be living life, instead of living in hell.

And to the lowlife hackers who made typing my blog and removed my Zemanta(from where I get my photos) die a slow, slow miserable death! You pieces of human waste! And anyone who does this to people is truly INSANE! You sick, sick bastards. Why don’t you all go see a psychiatrist and find out why you do what you do to people?

P.S. I was able to fix my computer and get some photos. Never give up!

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11 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – May the government hackers die a slow death. Idiots!

  1. Nowhere did I say we should try to win over the perps or be nice to them. Neither did I imply that neverending is not a nice person.
    I know we are all justified in feeling however we feel because of the constant abuse. Just offering a suggestion. Venting can be done in many ways that aren’t hurtful to us. Wishing an ill fate on someone else will always hurt you. And that is what perps don’t realize. We have to be smarter than them. They are all mindless puppets who can’t think for themselves anyway. Best way to tell a perp is that smirk they get when you complain about anything that bothers you. Dead giveaway.
    I can see someone smiling from the back of their head. And I can see it in their eyes, and I can hear it in their voice.

  2. You won’t get anywhere by wishing an ill fate on someone else. Take the moral high ground. These perps are the scum of the earth purposely torturing people day after day. They will have their reward. They lack wisdom and any conscience or human dignity. Hold your head high and smile. Help a stranger. Make them wonder why they are so evil and you are not. This will frustrate them to no end. Hate is a disease that kills the person who has it. Period.

    • Thanks. I realize this, but sometimes it’s hard not to let out anger. I rather let it out then keep it inside myself, which I think is worse. I’ll try to be better, but I can’t promise anything.

      • You don’t need to try to be better. There’s nothing wrong with you. There are times when we’re not perfect. You’re right not to keep it inside. I don’t either. I know, too, that it does no good to wish these people harm, but it does no harm to anyone either. If it did, they’d be in pain and have to stop hurting us to stop getting hurt back. I’m sure you’d help someone clearly in need. I would. You’re a good person. I know you have kind feelings toward fellow human beings. For example, when you drew that picture of that guy on the bus and gave it to him, and felt happy that he liked it.

        Sure, it would be nice if we could be all love and gushy all of the time, and by some miracle, some people are capable of doing that. Most of those people aren’t targets. I’m not capable of being like that all the time. My life just doesn’t allow me to be that way. I know if I tried to stop feeling angry at the perps, I’d go insane from the stress. Do what you need to, and don’t try to blame yourself for your feelings. We’d be completely happy people and want to be nice to everyone if it weren’t for the crap inflicted upon us. If you feel angry at them, it’s their fault, not yours.

        Being nice to them might make them wonder why they are so evil – Are they capable of wondering things like that? After all, they didn’t ever question ethics before – when they decided to harass us. I suppose it would depend on the situation. Some may be convincible.

        • Being nice to targets is a waste of time. Every time I’ve tried, it’s backfired on me. As an example, just recently, after coming out of the supermarket, I stopped in front of the door to fix my packages. When I finished, I took out the ice cream I bought to eat it. It was vanilla ice cream. I saw a boy of about 13-14 years old sitting by the door and said to him, “Would you like ice cream? I don’t like vanilla ice cream. I picked out the wrong one, and I don’t feel like going back into the store.” He said, “Sure.” Ever since that day, I find vanilla ice cream in my bag every time I buy ice cream. He reported that I didn’t like vanilla ice cream and now that’s all I get. It doesn’t pay to be nice to any of them.

          P.S. This is the back story to the ice cream I have to keep bringing back to the store. I saw him recently and it brought back the memory of giving him the ice cream.

          • That is so bloomin’ horrible! What a little jerk! I’d suggest from now on you ask them to leave out the ice cream till the last thing and keep and eye on it, then you can make sure it’s not vanilla before you take your stuff. Or if it was me, I’d say straight out, “Don’t switch it with vanilla this time. I’ll bring it back for a refund even if it’s melted.”

            Come to think of it, vanilla is a generic flavor, and it certainly reflects their personality.

  3. Hope your stupid manager gets cancer and is then stupid enough to take the government recommended treatments for it and suffers a lot before she dies!

    On a brighter note, Hurray for Edward Snowden! He is a brave man, and deserves much gratitude and honor! I hope all of the world leaders get mad at Herr Obummer and stop wanting to associate with him. You can’t ruin a country, or the world without help. I hope Edward will be happy and prosperous in whatever his future brings. Thanks again, President Putin, for not sending him back here to be tortured!

    …And I’m glad you got your pictures back.

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