Gang Stalking – Another great day in Perplandia.

White Ferrari 458

White Ferrari 458 (Photo credit: DryHeatPanzer)

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

For the last week or so, the perps keep ripping the pockets of my jeans.  They rip the jeans, I sew it back, go out and come home with my pockets ripped out.  I think  it’s done with a laser.  They get behind me and hit me with the laser.  And I’m not talking about those big lasers.  There are now some very small lasers that look like pens and can rip things apart without someone knowing what’s going on.  The idiots can’t think of enough stupid things to do.

And yesterday when I came out of a certain store, I saw the white car that constantly follows me around.  I went behind the car to see if it had the same license as the car I see all the time.  The woman in the car saw me looking at the car and took off.  So, today, everywhere I went the same type car with an antenna sticking out was everywhere.  At one point, I was standing by the traffic light waiting to cross, and about 20 white cars with antennas made a left turn and, of course, made sure I saw them.  I can’t believe people can be such zombies. It’s amazing to me how people can be so stupid!  It was white cars with antennas everywhere I turned. I saw at least 200 white cars today.  I wonder how many I’ll see tomorrow. What a bunch of idiots!

And when I was taking a walk, I saw two police officers manhandling a homeless man, so I stopped to watch.  The police officers immediately wanted to know “did I want something?”  I always have an answer ready, because I know how police officers in Las Vegas  are.  They don’t like anyone watching them. They’re really paranoid.  So I put my middle finger up and said, “Is it against the law to show someone the middle finger?”   He answered, “No, no, it isn’t.”  I was going to write something else, but I think I better not. It might get me in trouble. I certainly don’t need any more problems. I have enough.

I asked the police officer the question, because when I liv

Middle finger

Middle finger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ed in Arizona  it’s against the law to show someone the middle finger. It’s considered profanity in Arizona and a person can get arrested.  My sister, the one who targeted me, was put in jail for 11 days for telling a neighbor to go “F–k herself!”  If  a person complains about someone using profanity, the cops come and give the person a warning.  My sister was given a warning, but she didn’t listen and again told her neighbor to “F–k Off!”  I was at her trial.  It’s the most ridiculous law I’ve ever heard off.  Arizona is like one of those Muslim countries.  Don’t ever live there if you can help it. And then there’s Sheriff Arpaio.  He’s a real Nazi.  Can you believe someone spending 11 days in jail for using profanity?  It’s true. I saw the trial, so it happened.

Enough for today. Have a good night. Sleep well, that is, if you can.

Another great day in Perplandia.

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18 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Another great day in Perplandia.

    • I don’t know if it’s illegal in California, but it’s not illegal in Las Vegas. Why don’t you ask a police officer the next time you see one. Hold up you finger. I loved holding up my finger while talking to the officer. I got in two that day.

  1. I was almost arrested for giving a cop a dirty look a few years ago. There is some kind of law about disrespecting law officers. They mess with the homeless here too. Be careful. My keyboard is screwed up. Dummy (me) spilled milk on it.

      • I’m always spilling things. They can make me drop things out of my hands. They used to make me trip while walking fast or running as well until I ruined my ankles for any dress shoes. I was stupid enough to stand over my computer with a bowl of cereal however. I lost 5 letter keys and 2 numbers.

        • That all sounds familiar! I never wear shoes with heals now. Haven’t for years. I think I’ve been experimented on all my life to some degree, and the thing about them making your hands just open up hits home for me. Done that all my life out of the blue.

          Do you also miss things you reach for, and hit things by accident? Example: like putting sugar into a coffee cup and hitting the edge with the spoon, sending the sugar flying everywhere on a much too regular basis?

          • Yeah I’m a klutz too. The coffee flies everywhere when I put it in the pot to brew. I bump into things, have poor balance, etc. The balance stuff started in my teens.

            • Interesting. I’ve had it all for as long as I can remember.

              I’ve read they start usually start experimenting on children from about the age of three. They always pick ones who are above average intelligence and have an independent spirit. I have a theory that those assessment tests they give in school are to see what kids are above average intelligence so they can see which ones to “watch” for “bad qualities” like nonconformity, a tendency to question authority, and those who abhor injustice and are not afraid say so.

              When I look back on things that were weird about me as a child, and compare them to how my sisters were, and consider the things they can induce people to do remotely, it really looks like I’ve been one of their science projects for a long time. I didn’t get the actual vandalism and DEW attacks until 1997, but the other stuff….

              • Something supposedly happened to me at age 3 as well but no one will talk about it. I was always the odd one out even in elem. school. My sister was so normal compared to me…at one point I believed I was a space alien.

                • Really!? I guess we must have been chosen for something like MK Ultra.

                  I was always the odd one out and felt like I didn’t belong on this planet either. I used to think there must be somewhere that I would be thought of by other people as “normal” but what a bummer that I wasn’t born there… I don’t know what else to say at the moment. I feel like life just gave me a wake-up slap!

                  Did your dad have anything to do with the armed services by any chance? Mine did. And I’m asking because someone who was an MK Ultra victim says she had a father in the military and that they commonly chose children of men who were serving for their experiments.

                  • Nobody in the military, except my grandfather who was only in a short while. I’m sure I was “chosen” due to aptitude tests at school or my masonic grandfather. I don’t go along to get along either. I want to think for myself which is the biggest crime of all: thoughtcrime.

                    • I really do think that’s really what those tests are for, but yeah it could possibly be because of having Masons in your family line. I don’t know, but being a free thinker who doesn’t go along to get along is the key. All the targets seem to have that trait as well as intellect, and a dislike of ignoring injustice done to themselves or anyone else.

  2. I believe you about the rips in your jeans being from lasers. They use those precise weapons to mess up my face and hands but they do it all the time. Not just when I go out. Those beams go through walls. They use High tech to see where you are in your home so they can constantly attack you.

    I had trouble with cars for a while. Every time I went to get on the highway to go to work there would be a line of about 30 coming from one direction. It didn’t matter what time of day it was so it wasn’t rush hour or any other legitimate reason. I got fed up and started turning right as soon as there was the slightest bit of space instead of waiting for them, went a few feet, zipped into a parking lot across the road, turned around, turned right again, and triumphantly passed the rest the parade on my way to work. I did that for months. Now they’ve stopped turning up. Yay! A victory for a target.

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