Gang Stalking – “The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself.” F.D.R.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933. Lietuvių: Fra...

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933. Lietuvių: Franklinas Delanas Ruzveltas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



English: A 4 segment Panoramic view of the Gra...

English: A 4 segment Panoramic view of the Grand Central Terminal Main Concourse in New York City, New York, United States. Taken with a Canon 5D and 24-105mm f/4L IS lens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Grand Central terminal in New York, NY

Grand Central terminal in New York, NY (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yesterday, I felt as if I was in Grand Central Station  in New York. (It’s really called Grand Central Terminal, but all New Yorkers call it Grand Central Station.)  As soon as I left my apartment, stepped on the sidewalk, a group of perps began following.  First, a man behind me , then another man across the street, a woman behind the man across the street.  They all walked at the same pace.  You ever see those cop shows where the cops are following someone?  There’s always two cops behind the target, one across the street and they all act as if they just happen to be walking by. There’s always a cop across the street to make sure the target doesn’t get away if he decides to cross the street.  This is the way it was for me yesterday.  Not only were there 3 perps as I walked, other perps fell into line.  They  walked as if they were casually walking along.  I can pick these people out three miles away.  Do the idiots really think I didn’t know they were following me?


It’s the end of the month and so many people moved out of my complex.  These people move in (I never see any furniture) with a mattress and a t.v.  And then they get bored, because I’m usually good at keeping my mouth shut, of course, sometimes, I don’t.  And if I keep my mouth shut, none of them makes any money.  They have nothing to report, so no money.  Let’s see, the people in apartments 205, 206, 211, and downstairs apartments 103, 104, 108,111.  Of course, other perps moved in already, as always, without furniture.  And who knows what the b——-s will be like.  Of course, I’m happy the old perps moved out.  After a while, they can really get on my nerves. A lot of perps don’t even live here.  They just stay in the empty rooms to watch and perp me.  Sometimes I’ll see their little kids show up and then go home after visiting their father.  The man in apartment 109 has two kids, about 3 and 4, and every time they visit him, he sends them upstairs to knock on my door, scream, and  run back and forth and stomp their feet. Now I have a new group of perps to get used to.  Will this crap ever end?


I guess the landlord must make a lot of money from the government.  I can’t see how an owner of a complex can make money with all the empty apartments he has.  And this goes on throughout the complex.  Each complex has 4 or 5 targets in them.  And all of them hide. I think I’m the only who goes out.  Maybe if these targets went out and made the life of perps miserable, I wouldn’t have it so bad. They pick on me because I dare not to hide. I’m not afraid of the idiots.


As President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “The only thing to fear is fear itself.”


The photos of Grand Central Station make me homesick. I spent a lot of time in the station. I thought of going home, but the thought of finding out more of my family’s involved in my gang stalking makes me stay in Las Vegas.


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52 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – “The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself.” F.D.R.

  1. Identify with your empty apartment block. When my husband died at the start of this year I didn’t feel safe staying in the flat (even though we loved it) and I found an en suite bedsit in a lovely house overlooking woodland. Needed lower rent too. There are 14 rooms in the house and they were fully occupied- I had to wait 2 weeks for my room to become vacant. Some parking all fully used. Then the estate agents told me I couldn’t move in for a further week and made out that was the agreement all along. Which forced me to pay an extra months rent on the old place. When I do move in ALL the previous tenants have moved out. This is a semi rural area and this kind of accommodation is scarce and they were all long term local residents.-The new tenants are from all over. And the car park is full of executive level cars, mercs and BMW’s and such like. Every few weeks the tenants and the cars changed. As I have a view of the car park from my window I started to take photos. As soon as I did that the car park emptied for a week or so and now there are a couple of bangers which sit there nearly constantly. Empty parking spaces in a house of 14! Now the house seems empty except for my adjacent rooms.
    How are they paying for it? I suspect self funded operations. Two of my previous landlords lost their houses. They were both good guys- not overcharging rent. Then after a few years they upgraded ( turning bed sits into flats which doubled the rents and landed rates and utilities on top). The owner here told me with a smile that if she had a smaller house the overheads would be lower. The same pattern. They start with helpful advice maximising financial return then con? The owners out of their property. The owners are good people. Honest. I am disgusted at being used as bait by criminal con artists. I try to warn them but nobody listens to me.

  2. Just had an interesting and enlightening conversation w/someone (I’ll refer to as BBB) I connected with as a result of one of your posts.

    Although I sort of knew this distinction on an intellectual level, it had not fully dawned on me. After being on FCHS briefly (boy are there a bunch of perps over there), I was of the mind that there were 2 main types of stalking:
    – one was a gvt initiated “pinned to the wall” Cointelpro stalking where gvt was using experimentation weapons (psych & tech) on vics for testing purposes. I had a bit of trouble believing some of the details of this type of stalking – especially when they got into alien abduction (I know, lots of perps using misdirection tactics there, as well as lunies).
    – then there were the TIs who’s targeting was local, with lots of community members of all ages, as well as the participation of local police, politicians, and probably being bankrolled by a wealthy individual(s) or business/corp.

    I didn’t really fit in either of these general categories. They both seemed to refer to tactics like V2K, microchipping, microwave, DEW, and a lot of high tech equipment I had never had used on me. I was a bit confused, and wondered if eventually I would be treated to some of these hi-tech devices of torture.

    Then, as a side comment, BBB pointed out a third type of GS – my type. At the onset, I had called in the Staties on a local drug operation, and the County DA’s father found out and warned the locals about what I’d done. It’s been hell ever since, BUT other than possibly the DA knowing/suspecting how I’m being treated, my perps are just local white trash having sadistic fun taking out a vendetta, trying to use GS tactics.

    I know who my perps are, at least quite a few of them. BBB suggests that this is just about the only form of GS where hiring an attorney to get the police to investigate has a good chance to succeed. I am very hopeful.

    I’m so happy I found your blog that day I was Googling around. It is very good that WordPress is tied to Google and information related to a search includes WordPress post tags. It has opened up a wealth of resources and information, and most importantly, the ability to make connections with other TIs like BBB and you. We REALLY can help each other.


    • What happens is that the local police report you to a threat assessment committee in your community. This community’s connected to Department of Homeland Security, and you get placed on a threat assessment list, someone who’s considered dangerous. So it does start with your community, but the government pays for the community to hound you. You then become a target. It will not matter where you move. The government keeps track of you.

      • I feel like my balloon has been stuck w/a pin.

        Well, hopefully this hasn’t been done bcz I’m so rural. I stopped contacting police and making reports two years ago, and if I was considered a threat, I would think I would have seen some sign of an investigation (or whatever they do) by now.

        Everything has been pretty much static, with perps trying to figure out what to do that will upset me. It has to be hard for them bcz I refuse to give them any feedback (no matter how angry I might be).

        Keep your fingers crossed for me.

        BTW, if you don’t mind my asking, do you know if you are microchipped? I actually gave up a surgery last year for fear something like that might be left behind.

    • I’m glad you found people you can identify with here, and are happier than you were. That’s wonderful!

      I’m wondering if any target could afford a lawyer who would genuinely be able to or WANT to try to win against a DA backed up by a whole community. I hope you can. Miracles can happen, I suppose, so who knows?

      • The whole “community” consists of a bar surrounded by ~50 houses, some of which are summer/hunting camps. When I say rural, I mean rural. It has to be difficult to badmouth and destroy the reputation of someone who has chosen to live isolated to begin with.

        I may be misdirected, but I do not believe the Staties are in on this, and would at least look at the collected evidence if an attorney made the argument on my behalf. My area is so rural that it is covered by State & County police, nothing more local. The County cops may be under DA’s thumb, but Staties trump County DA. Also, if it comes to it, a civil rights attorney can go federal on DA if misbehavior warrants.

        I’m still feeling hopeful, based upon the realization that this is pretty much JUST a local testosterone thing. Their actions over the years have born this out – lack of intelligent mental direction re tactics used, and nothing more sophisticated than purchased eBay tech.

        If we begin to pull together as a unified group with a purpose, we may or may not be able to stop the “root”, but we certainly can stand back to back and protect each other. Anyone interested in a hilltop rural Walden 3 TI commune?

        • We targets are still stuck where we started because lawyers, D.A., etc. who won’t help. I hope whatever you do works out for you, but I’ve tried so many things and none of them has worked. I really hope you find an attorney who will help. And if he does, send him my way. I can use an honest lawyer.

        • I’ve tried all the agencies NE1 has. Also the DOJ and the State Attorney. I hope you’re right about your situation and get help, too.

          • In order for something like that to work, let’s say you might want to start now to acquire a cert copy of your birth certificate. Plus, put your energy into finding a way to support yourself independently.

            Anything on US soil can and will be focused upon by gvt, if my perception is correct re who is behind most of the GS’ing.

            Are GSTIs that much different from those who came to this country from Europe in 1620? They left everything they had ever known behind in search of freedom in an unknown land. Perhaps we might consider a similar exodus.

            • I have been considering trying to leave it all behind and start a new life, but I’ve been chipped so it would be impossible. I believe you’re right about the United States being the biggest culprit in this thing. I won’t go into all the reasons.

                • Someone suggested my GS’ing may have been started in Britain BY the US gov. because I was an American living in a foreign country AND I had a perp husband. (X now) I could believe that. I have no reason not to. I now know I’ve been being bothered by them in other ways since I was a kid, and can recall incidents that I now recognize as GS’ing happening in the 80’s. I moved to England in ’88. I think they made a deal with him and his family before I did. Come to think of it, his dad died of a heart attack suddenly one day after he started being nice to me. This is strange, since he was in good health an then just suddenly “dropped dead” literally.

                  • Anyone that’s on your side and doesn’t want to join the idiots becomes a target himself/herself. So it’s a lose/lose situation for them. I’m glad that someone was nice to you. He probably came to realize that you are a decent human being doing nothing to anyone. Too bad a good soul like his had to die. It wouldn’t be beyond belief that they did something to him. Who knows?

          • Okay, blackbird63… apparently my exodus plan doesn’t work for you.

            I’d like to think it would be possible to build a TI commune (so we can protect one another) and stay stateside, but this problem is so prevalent and apparently gvt is at bottom. My concern would be that the gvt would see it as a challenge to their authority and control, and would look at it as anti gvt activity. Does “Waco” ring a bell?

            If you have any ideas you’d like to toss around, my ears are burning with desire to hear them.

            • Yeah, WACO did come to mind. If I get any ideas that I think will work, I’ll let you know, but I pretty much hit a brick wall with everything I think of so far. Further consideration always rules it out.

              • Thanks for getting back to me, and I apologize for being so tardy in replying.

                I haven’t been chipped, so can’t really offer any intelligent comments. Are there any conditions which will block the chip – like a metal barrier, or underground living? What a terrible price we must consider to reclaim our birthright! But, I guess we have to do, what we have to do to survive. No sense in crying over it.

                My perps began burning out our surveillance cameras with an IR laser. They progressed to burning the eyes of my farm animals/pets, then turned the laser on my eyes. Your prison is dictated by your chip, and my prison is dictated by shielding my eyes and/or living behind closed curtains.

                Exactly what do you experience from having a chip? I suspect it allows tracking, but what other problems does it generate for you?

                Ever consider hopping on a sailboat and living in a quiet bay or large lake somewhere?

                • I know they track me by the noise in my ear. When I tried to get away from them in Florida, my ear almost blew up from the noise. They were able to find me by the noise in my ear. I haven’t been able to get away from them since then. And as to getting away to a sailboat and living in a quiet bay or large lake, there’s no way of getting away from these people. You will get harassed wherever you lived. And it doesn’t matter if you leave the country, there are perps in every country.

  3. Personally, I think most malware, trojans, and viruses are put out by Microsoft and the government. Most people who use the internet are polite and behave. Maybe because most people think hacking is illegal. That’s not true, but you only find that out if you’re a TI trying to get help with harassment online and computer intrusions.

      • Yeah, like neighbors and those stupid people who park in front of your home and mess with your computer. I pressured my ISP into making it so that our modem will only accept one IP at a time. They insisted it already was like that for years, but I finally told them I’d done research that said otherwise, and that the model I had was designed to allow up to 250 IPs through it by default. They couldn’t deny the information from the website catalogs. It was public! So they finally did it. Decreased our hacking drastically. Taking the wireless cards out decreased it more. I think the gov and Microsoft have stakes in all the antivirus software sold. They make problems so that they can make money off us trying to prevent the problems.

          • Sorry I didn’t answer this sooner. I just found it. Anyway, what I said to the ISP reps, was that I had found the exact model of my modem online and the description of what it was capable of, and that it was set to allow all those IPs access through it by default. I said I had software that proved that this was the case with mine because I could see the connections. They couldn’t argue, and a couple of days later, I only saw one IP, which was ours, on the software reading. I knew they had done the change because the hacking had decreased tremendously (otherwise I would have suspected they had just hidden the connections somehow) I wouldn’t trust an ISP rep as far as I can spit. BTW, I’m not seeing any posts from you the last few days. I hope you are all right.

            • Well, I just got back on. The hackers did a job on my computer. Those anti-virus things are totally useless. The hackers used the anti-virus on me and I couldn’t get on the internet. I was lucky to get on today.

              • I know they use anti viruses against us. I think the whole malware system is run by them, so you have to use something, but it’s never going to work well. All the ones I’ve had that say they’ve blocked such and such an IP are lying. I’ve tested it, using IP scanning softwares, and if it was really blocking those IPs, the scanners wouldn’t be able to see the connections when you scan the block they’re in. So they no longer let me have any that tell you which IPs they’ve blocked because I figured out that it really is telling me who is connecting to and hacking me. I was looking them up and finding government contractors. They didn’t like that.

                • I’m glad you check things like this, because I barely get time to type my blog. I have time for nothing else on the internet. They keep erasing things I type and hack me non-stop. I don’t know why they have to hack me. What I type is out there in the world for all to see. They can just get on the internet and read my blog. Why waste all that time hacking me?

                  • They used to bother us a lot more than they do now. To be honest, I can’t figure out why it reduced. Maybe because I’m NOT brave enough to write a blog. But I hope you never give it up. You really make a positive difference in the world! Your readers would miss you. I know you think you don’t have any friends, but I’ve seen indications that I’m not the only one of us who think of you as one, and would be back.

                    Or maybe because the ISP I’m using did what I asked them to with the modem, making it less accessible to anyone but the hard core government hackers, so the smaller contractors and neighbors don’t get in, or the missing wireless card…which was replaced without us being informed when we had to send it in by post to be repaired once. I had asked them specifically NOT to replace it, in a letter explaining that I’d taken it out to cut down on hacking. I checked when it came back, found it, and took it out. It’s probably a gov requirement for them make it accessible for them all again when people do that.

                    But I can guess why they do it. Because their @$$%0!$ who get paid really good money to sit in a room full of monitoring equipment or wherever they prefer to work from, and hack and harass people who aren’t doing the world any harm 24/7, while there are criminals putting malware onto websites to attack innocent surfers, including bogus update prompts, security alerts, toolbars no one needs or wants, and doing internet fraud. Those people get away with everything they do. Why? Because THEY are doing it FOR the government. The US government runs the WWW. So with all the technology they have that they could use to track down and prosecute these rats, therefore keeping internet crime down to a point of being rare, there is no other explanation for this being so commonplace! They make a lot of money on security software sales. Whether it’s from rogue ones that put malware on peoples’ computers, or “legit” ones.

                    They do it to you, because you use your computer for the good of others, and for trying to make the world a better place. You’re one of the LAST people that would deserve it!

  4. I can’t imagine any real TI, after what we go through, would turn into a perp themselves. What real TI is going to even believe their torments who promised they would stop being targeted, if only they would turn on another TI. It defies the imagination, yet you aren’t the first one I’ve heard this from. Any perp that presents him/herself to me for a “talk” of this ilk will be leaving in a bodybag.

    • This happens all the time. The last time, the woman didn’t know she was a target and I told her what was happening. She’d been a target for over ten years and didn’t know. They saw her talking to me, and immediately she was given an out. The perping stops for them if they decide to harass other targets, and if they don’t want to do it, they go back to their normal target life. It’s disgusting if a target joins the devils!

  5. Maybe they hide because, like me, they’re fed up with going out, having a nice time, and coming home to find out more crap has been done in, and to their home. After a while I ordered my groceries online and had a friend collect my meds. Here you can’t order home delivery but I get someone to sit here while I’m gone to get food or at work. Mom or Shaun stay here if I go out with my husband. Thank god I don’t take meds for the perps anymore! Now I’ve figured out there’s nothing wrong with ME mentally. It’s them.

    I would say something to the creeps if they followed me visibly. That’s why I never get that, I suppose. They have to be sneaky with me. They always designate someone to be where I’m going to so they can get into my purse or my car when I’m not watching instead.

  6. Still doing catch-up reading…

    Okay, I have to ask… are the people in your complex that you refer to as other targets, experiencing the same gang stalking tactics you are? Have you tried to talk to them? What if all of you could move into the same building (different apartments) in the complex to somewhat offer support and protection to each other? Take turns at camera carrying guard duty? One of the avenues to ultimately resolving GS is for TIs to band together – sort of watching each other’s back side, if you will. Perhaps you could all meet in a “clean” corner away from cameras and bugs and communicate with each other via pen and paper. If necessary, hang sheets for walls to block cameras.

    Oh what I could accomplish with a few angry experienced TIs watching my back!

    Another idea on your computer situation… have you considered getting a tablet? I don’t know if your problems arise from perps breaking into your apartment while you are gone and screwing w/your computer, or they hack your accounts and dl malware? Anyway, although I’m not totally familiar w/tablets, I know you can get an external keyboard to attach to some of them, and they are capable of internet access. Don’t seem to be all that expensive. May be worth a look? The best part would be your ability to carry it with you so you could protect it from unauthorized access and damage.

    • I carry my computer with me, and I had a tablet, which they messed up. The people who are targets in my complex never show their faces. The times I’ve become acquainted with targets turned out not too well. They were turned against me and became perps.

      Do you know what “uiSeAgnt.exe – System error” means. It’s a box and says I should turn my computer off because boost_date_time-vc80-mt-1_49.dll is missing from my computer. I can’t get rid of it. I think it’s malware and I can’t remove the damn thing. As you can see, I got into WordPress, so it’s b.s.

      • I’m better on prevention than on solving problems once they occur because there are soooooooooooooo many things that can go wrong. Googled “uiSeAgnt.exe – system error” and it seems to be a fairly common problem, although saw no mention of that specific missing dll. According to info on == == it could be caused by just about anything from your antivirus program to malware. This is a problem pertaining to your Windows OS. I AM NOT recommending you dl the fix on that site! Sometimes virussss are created by people who want to sell you something to fix it. Sometimes sites say they are giving you a problem fix, and give you Trojans. Seldom do things come w/o strings anymore. I’ve become very cynical.

        There are a number of ways to resolve this type of problem in the future. One is to remove the HD and take it with you, another is to boot Linux from DVD. If you want to try to temporarily bypass this Windows problem and give Linux a whirl, let me know and I’ll try to help you get set up. However, sooner or later you will have to deal w/current problem when you go back to using Windows.

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