Gang Stalking – …don’t drink from the cup of bitterness…

A. Philip Randolph, U.S. civil rights leader, 1963

A. Philip Randolph, U.S. civil rights leader, 1963 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C. [Leader...

Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C. [Leaders of the march posing in front of the statue of Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln Memorial.], 08/28/1963 (Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives)

Civil Rights March on Washington, leaders marc...

Civil Rights March on Washington, leaders marching from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Photograph of the President's meeting with the...

Photograph of the President’s meeting with the leaders of the March onWashington. Left to Right Willard Wirtz, Martin Luther King, Jr., Eugene Carson Blake, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Walter Reuther. Others not in order: A. Philip Randolph, John Lewis, Whitney Young, Mathew Ahmann, Joachin Prinz, Roy Wilkins, Floyd McKissick (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God, am I popular!  I had 60 spams for online dating.  Did the idiots really think I’d open any of them?

Today is the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.  The march was led by Martin L. King, Jr. and over 250,000 people attended.  On August 28, 1963, Dr. King stated: Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.  I can truly say, this man had a very forgiving heart considering all  the things that happened during the Klu Klux Klan era in the South.  He was willing to forgive all those people who hated him because of his color.

Well, I must honestly say, this is hard for me to do.  I’m sure that my life has not been as difficulty as Dr. King’s, but my heart is not as forgiving.

I drink a lot from the cup of bitterness.   I really don’t want to drink from it, but it’s hard not to when I have such miserable people making my life a living hell every day. I guess I don’t have the forgiving spirit Dr. King had.  I’m very flawed when it comes to forgiving. I wasn’t always this way, but I’ve learned  bitterness from the evil that entered my life five years ago. In some ways, Dr. King was luckier than I.  He had a lot of friends who stood by him, and I’m sure that made his life bearable.  I, however, have no one I can turn to.  No matter who I try to befriend, it turns out bad.  The only thing I have left is hate and bitterness toward those who want to destroy me.

I wish Dr. King was still around, maybe we’d have someone who’d listen to us.  Someone who’d stand up for us targets. There are no Dr. kings today.  Just a lot of psychos who care only about becoming famous.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)who only want to be famous and could not care less about what is happening to us.

So, I don’t want to drink from the cup of bitterness, but it helps when I have nothing else.

I have a dream, too.  That some day the targeting that is happening to us targets ends.

And I hope that Best Buy goes out of business soon.  Best Buy doesn’t deserve to be in business with all the cheating it does to its customers.

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In front of 170 W 130 St., March on Washington...

In front of 170 W 130 St., March on Washington, l to r, Bayard Rustin, Deputy Director, and Cleveland Robinson, Chairman of Administrative Committee / World Telegram & Sun photo by O. Fernandez. (Photo credit: Wikip i


27 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – …don’t drink from the cup of bitterness…

  1. Way too old for you Elior. Didn’t you visit my old blog about 3 years ago? I’m sad to see gangstalking going on in the Holy Land.

  2. I know about the bitterness, it really gets me down. Christians are supposed to forgive their enemies and not desire retribution. Christians are supposed to love their enemies because they are sinners like us. I have a hard time doing this. Still, try and get the bitterness out if you can because it leads to physical disease amongst other things. The only way I can even begin to forgive them is to remember they are brainwashed and weak and are not really seeing the big picture or eternal consequences of what they are doing. That man next door needs to be STOPPED however. He lets himself in and does what he wants? Could you booby trap your apartment somehow or block the door? What you go through I never could. I can’t imagine. You said they stopped for awhile. Guess they came back. You need God’s protection at this time in your life. It is the only thing that stops them at all.

  3. Well said. Every last word.

    I’ve been signed up for dating services by perps before too. Probably to make it look like I wanted to cheat on my husband, but I didn’t have any intention or desire to do so. One was on FB, and every time I went to see if I could figure out how to unsubscribe (cause I was new and didn’t know yet) it would say, “Ravenna used ……..(whatever the name of the stupid thing was)” on the side for all my friends to see. I finally found out how to unsubscribe, thankfully. Until then I kept getting advances from guys that wanted to meet me and didn’t answer.

      • Yeah, for a while I had a Russian friend a couple of years ago. He seemed really nice. One day I asked him how he had heard of me and he said some name. I figured it was the name of some friend he had. I looked it up and found it was a dating service not even related to FB that I had never heard of. I explained to him that I had not heard of it, and I didn’t ever sign up for it, and that sometimes people did that to me. He was nice about it and didn’t try to push the prospect of romance (even when he thought I’d signed up to that stupid service) I had him on my list for some time after that still, since he’d always just been nice, and there was no real reason to unfriend him. Eventually I did, just because I couldn’t talk to him without using Google translate. I feel no bitterness toward him He was a real gentleman.

          • I’m sure they did, and the guy I was befriended by was probably an innocent participant of the club, who thought I was looking for a potential partner, and meant no harm. My memories of the conversations we had about how people from all parts of the world should be able to live in peace and such things, will always make me regard him fondly. If I had not been blessed with my nice husband, I probably would have gone for him. He was sweet.

      • ok this is a long shot, but I’m being targeted in israel for over 6 years, I’m 25
        how old are you? any chance of trying to start something romantic?
        you know we have no chance with outsiders.. settle for a targeted jew 😀

        • Well, you’re younger than I am. And you’ve been a target for 6 years. That means you became a target at 19. That’s terrible. Maybe some other woman would like to have a relationship with you. So is anyone interested? Send him a note.

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