Gang Stalking – America, the new Nazi state.

Nazism collapsing.

Nazism collapsing. (Photo credit: onesecbeforethedub)

Office Depot’s First LEED CI Store in Austin, ...

Office Depot’s First LEED CI Store in Austin, Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Logo of Best Buy, US-based retail chain

English: Logo of Best Buy, US-based retail chain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, I’m back for a while. I don’t know for how long. My computer’s already hacked. Everything that was in my old computer is now in this computer.

I went over to a pawn shop and bought a used computer. It’s in pretty good condition, considering. As soon as I bought my computer, I walked over to Best Buy(Nazis!). I immediately had them put in an anti-virus(a lot of good that did!). I went into Best Buy with 41 items in my computer. When I got home, I had 54 items in my computer. They added 13 malware items to it. And the anti-virus is totally useless.

It’s hard to find a place that will fix my computer. There’s a choice between Office Depot or Best Buy, and Mom Pops stores. And each one of these places is  government-controlled, just as in old Germany.  The American government owns the people and all businesses. They will all do what the Nazi American government tells them to do. I will not refer to Nazis as Germans anymore, because America has taken over that name. It is now American Nazis!  America now officially owns that name.

Every time I hear someone say America is a free country, I laugh. I  can’t help but laugh. It’s so absolutely ridiculous to refer to America as free.  Have you seen the Gestapo?  Those are the police officers with armor and every kind of protection that an officer of the government needs to protect him or herself from the people. The people they are supposed to serve and protect.

When I left Best Buy yesterday, I saw this sign in the store.  It had a blue background with white lettering.  The sign said: NSAR Patriot Act, report anything or anyone that looks suspicious, or something like that.  I’m sure  the store people put that sign up for me. It wasn’t there the day before when I told a few worker perps off.  And, of course, like the cowards they all are, they ran running to daddy to take care of me.  I’m surprised they haven’t tossed me out of the store.  The store no longer has to worry about me showing up.  I will no longer do any business with the store.  I hope it goes out of business. From what I hear, the store is not doing too well financially.  Oh, my heart goes out to the store.

I now know how they get into my computer when I’m off it.  They’ve made a copy of everything in my computer and when I’m off, they change all my settings and mess up the computer.  So it’s hard for me to know what they’re doing when I’m not on.  They’re hacking my computer, which, of course, the government says is not happening.  The American government would never do such a thing to its citizens, only foreign terrorists.  Another good laugh for the day!

Hopefully, tomorrow, I’ll be able to type my blog, if not, I’ll try to fix whatever problem comes up.

Thank you, readers, for standing by me.

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11 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – America, the new Nazi state.

  1. Best Buy! What a laugh! Sold me a dog computer a few years ago that could not do the Restore function, collected viruses, and had error messages. I invited a homeless man in and he ruined the already dog computer and I had to get a new hard drive. It lived a year after that. It died at 2 1/2 years old after a long illness. The day I wanted to publish all the V2k said I got 14 viruses on my current machine. I only went to Best Buy back then because I did not know where else to go. Non ti’s have friends who know techies and good places to get computers worked on and purchased: with us, it’s usually getting screwed. I guess it would be a loss to get a computer delivered like a Dell.

      • You are right. Been there. Done that. Ordered a Dell. They had it hacked before I got it, then they hacked me even after I changed computers because they work with the branches of government that harass us. I traced a hacker IP back to their tech support from my next computer. They had also cheated me on a guarantee I bought from them. They cancelled it. It was expensive, too.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that. I learned the hard way a long time ago – Never let a tech put on an antivirus or any type of “security” for you. Go online an download something yourself. There are plenty of free ones. I use several. If you’d like, I’ll do a list for you, along with reputable websites to get them from. Not that it keeps the government out, but it does a pretty good job with cleaning out other junk.

    And yes, they can change your settings when you aren’t using the computer. They use something in the circuit board, according to an article I read by a former government agency worker. Even if you take out your hard drive, they can use this method to change your settings and it will change them on your hard drive when you put it back in. Somewhere else I read that expert security techs don’t even use antivirus programs because they are useless, but they know of other things they can do that we don’t.

    • I don’t have a disc and that’s the only way I can get an anti-virus in my computer. Every time I try to download an anti-virus from the internet, the hacker perps get to it first and put malware in it. Either way, I lose. Thanks.

      • In that case, it may be better to go to an office supply and buy one than pay those dirty creeps to it next time. I’ve bought security discs at my local office supply before. I don’t know if that would work for you. Just an idea.

        I know one thing – When I tried a router twice, it made matters worse. It automatically turns on wireless access for all your neighbors! I swore I’d never try it again.

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