Gang Stalking – At the library again!!

I’m back at the Clark County(disgusting) library again. The hackers crashed my computer. I don’t know how they get into my computer when I have it off. I disconnect the plug, take out the battery and turned it off.  There must be something they put into my computer that connects  it to them.

I went over to Best Buy, another disgusting place, to get it fixed, but it’s two times the price it was.  I could buy a new computer with how much they’re charging me to repair it.

I just got on to let you know that I don’t know when I’ll be writing my blog. I have to find another way to fix my computer.  I’m not rich, and all this computer fixing is costing me a lot of money. I’m sure the hackers are happy to read that (damn every one of them to hell).  I could come back to the library and write my blog, but perish the thought! The static  at the library is worse than at home. I can’t even listen to my radio there’s so much static (I have ear plugs on).

I’m leaving the library as soon as I answer everyone who’s responded to my blog. Within 20 minutes the library will be overrun with perps. I’m already feeling the electricity they’re hitting me with. It’s quiet right now, but it won’t be for long.

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21 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – At the library again!!

  1. I gave up on the library and got myself an iPad which is handy as I can keep it with me. I didn’t mind the noise at the library ( whoever heard of a noisy librarian.? Banging books on the table every couple of minutes – I ask you – don’t these fools realise that they are being conned and indoctrinated) ear plugs solved that problem. I gave up on the library because when I went a child would always come and sit immediately beside me – in school hours and during term time. And lots of other places they could sit.

  2. Where is God? God died for you, and He loves you. What you are experiencing is from satan and his dupes.
    Everything that is good in your life comes down from The Father, but who thanks Him and appreciates that He gave His very life for any one of us?
    God gave human beings a free will, and He cannot go back on that choice. The perps have chosen to follow their god who is satan, and they have sold out their souls to him. They will receive their reward for that choice.
    These perps are filled with every type of demon that controls their minds. They have no idea what they are doing. The ring leaders are psychopaths, and the ones under them are just their dupes.
    The dupes are being used, and they will then be eliminated as the brown shirts were.
    They are people who would betray their own mothers, and so once they are used to build up those in control; they will be eliminated.
    What makes me really angry is when people blame God for what the enemy of our souls is doing in the world. This life is a test. Which way each one of us will go.
    For me and my house; we will choose and serve Jesus Christ, the One who died on the cross and proved His love for mankind.
    Turn to Him and you will still be persecuted for righteousness sake, but The Lord will be with you, and He will never leave you or forsake you. My advice to any TI is to turn to God with all of your hearts. It will not exclude you from problems, but it will bring you healing, protection and eventual salvation from the evil that is in this world.
    I am a devout Christian, and I am being persecuted 24/7, but the Lord is there, and He heals me daily, He protects me from the death that they are attempting to bring upon me, and He is giving me a great peace in the midst of the storms.

  3. Dear Friend Neverending,
    Sorry about that. I have had every type of computer problem due to my 5 hackers. I have to format my pc every few days, and I also have to change computers every few days. I have 5 computers that are used as needed.
    It is a constant problem formatting and then having to reinstall all of my programs etc. If I paid to have this done; it would cost around $100. for each format, etc., and also you can’t trust the local pc companies (as through my experiences with them). You have to do it yourself.
    When I can’t get my server; I report that I am unable to get on the Internet to the FCC each time because that is a universal crime.. When I can’t get my server to function; I report it to the local authorities in charge of The Internet, and within 5 mins. I am able to get on the Internet again. Why? Because they know that this is a serious offense with huge fines and these criminals know that they do not want an IT expert investigating their hacking ring and their pc drives. This crime has much evidence on the hard drive and these criminals could be incarcerated as well as fined.
    I pray for your situation will change and you will have your life back and better.
    In His love,

  4. I so agree with “damn them to hell”!! They are disgusting! If you have to buy a computer get a laptop and take it with you everywhere you go! You could use it to defend yourself too 😦 Sorry, everyday is harder. I am having serious symptoms of radiation poisoning this last week. God help us all: “HELLO ARE YOU REALLY UP THERE GOD? WE NEED DOWN HERE NOW-RIGHT NOW, please!

    • I have a laptop, buy it doesn’t do any good. I carry it with me. It’s small enough for me to keep in my handbag, but they’ve copied everything in my computer and can cause havoc when I’m not using it. Yes, where is God?! I’ve been asking this question for a long time now. He certainly doesn’t seem to be on our side.

  5. BRINA wrote:
    As of date I have been a gang stalking victim for over 6 years. I am not certain as to where my experiece began, but I am certain that I should not have been a victim with a prebubesent child in my care. I am threatened via v2k everyday that myself and my now 19 year old daughter will be murdered. The mind control program has been trying to induce matricide. They have messed my daughter’s head up. They exploited me and my kid. Now they have people who are knockkneed around me saying they are going to set me up for murder of my child or force her suicide by torture or sublimination. Instaed of leaving us alone they have insisted on trying to kill us off. Erasing all account of Facebook and proof of the torture that I endured as a result of being burned almost everyday for over 6 years. My child was exposed to microwaves as well. This cannot be alloew to happen to children!!!!!!! THESE PEOPLE KEEP MY KID AWAY FROM ME SO THAT THEY CAN V2K THAT THEY ARE KILLING MY CHILD WHILE EXPOSING ME TO HPM EXPOSURE!!!!!!!! copolamine THE COPS IN MINNESOTA alloed this drugging of my kid and myself it is in her blood!!!!!!!!!!

    • No, they don’t. We feel it because our body is full of stuff they put in our body to attract electricity. Glass, some black stuff that looks like pepper and other things. Put some Vaseline on your body and rub, you’ll see the strange stuff that comes out of your body.

  6. they are in the powerlines and in the air. In my case they use wifi/bluetooth and the powerlines. Smart Meters are wifi capable and it is not a far cry from hacking meters and attaching to whatever they want inside the house. No satellites required, just a smart meter and the router next door, at least in my case. I sat and watch them, and video taped them, hitting my firewall with a few thousand pings per minute until, after four weeks they broke it down and were in. No military, no cops just robbers;-)

  7. The last time I went to the library a lech old man sat a few chairs from me and made sucking noises. I used a lib computer that did not work, and perps were all over even in the bathroom, yet, i stayed, partly due to the heat outside and dreading coming back here. I have made a stupid vow to never read non Christian novels again. I am very sorry for this vow since I want to read so many books. The last book by David Foster Wallace is out for one.

    Got perped all the way there and back on pub transportation.

    I sure hope you get your computer fixed. I can’t see how they do it unless they use DEWS to simply fry the machine whether its on or off. I take it you carry yours all the time. I don’t because I’m afraid of breaking it and the fatigue of carrying it around would be too much all the time.

    My computer was attacked when I said I wanted to post all the V2k that was said to me that day. 14 viruses at once. Yesterday I got a Trojan going onto a site I should not have. They promised a “free” movie that cost money to see on You Tube. I had to uninstall all the stuff they put on my computer and did a complete scan to make sure it was off.

    • There’s absolutely no place we can go to get away from the perps. They’re everywhere we go. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an apartment, house, hotel, library, bus, car, airplane, boat, etc. The creeps will show up wherever we are.

  8. Don’t worry I’m going through the same issues your going through, the electrical energy attacks at the library was so horrendous, I had to get the hell out of there! I was being surrounded by gangstalkers at the library, and even the librarians were perps! All I can say is be strong, god has an unstoppable plan to damnate those idiotic stalkers.

    • That’s why I write my blog, to let you know that what you’re experiencing is happening to a lot of us and that you’re not crazy. Because they try to convince us all that we’re crazy. If anyone’s crazy, it’s the perps.

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