Gang Stalking – Dirty Electricity making us all sick.



English: Illustration of a magnetic field arou...

English: Illustration of a magnetic field around a conductor through which current is flowing. I is the direction of current flow. B is the direction of the magnetic field. Traced by User:Stannered using Draw 2.0, from an original render by Wapcaplet Русский: На иллюстрации показано магнитное поле, возникающее вокруг проводника, по которому течёт электрический ток. I указывает направление электрического тока, B – магнитного. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: 'Audition' brand pocket transistor radio

English: ‘Audition’ brand pocket transistor radio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cows in the Mist

Cows in the Mist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night I couldn’t fall asleep.  The electricity  kept me awake.  The bozos to the right  and left of me were busy doing their utmost to keep me from falling asleep.  I decided to get up and walk around, and then went back to bed.  I always have my little transistor radio on but couldn’t get the station I listen to all the time because of all the interference in the radio.  So I played with the radio.  I got a clear signal on one station and began to listen to what the man said.  The man’s name is John P. Wells and has a program called Coast-to-Coast.

He had on Dr.  Samuel Milham, MD, MPH.   This doctor is an expert on electric magnetic field.  He spoke about how the electricity we all get is not clean electricity and the current we get is  very high.  He calls the electricity we get “dirty electricity”.  This electricity has a lot of static in it.  All this static is causing all kinds of diseases — Things like diabetes, breast cancer(in men and women), ADHD in kids, killing the bees (the bees lose their balance because of the static), prevents cows from producing milk, causes leukemia, stress, loss of sleep,  and a host of other diseases.

The doctor also stated that having a wireless computer is the worse thing someone can have (which I have), the static that comes into the computer is so high that it can cause cancer if held in someone’s lap, or breast.  The doctor also said that we shouldn’t have coils in our mattress, because the coils act as an antenna and draw electricity to us, which keeps us awake and causes stress. The dirty electricity has so much static that it causes paper to corrode.  With all the towers the electric companies are putting up, the electricity the companies send into our homes is dirty.  There’s all kinds of junk that goes into the electricity and creates a very strong electric magnetic field.  And he also stated that with the new smart meters, big brother knows everything we’re doing every minute of the day (no surprise to me).  He also stated that lithium batteries are not safe and we should avoid them.

I wrote all these things down while I was listening, because I know how strong the magnetic field is in my apartment.  As I stated in my previous blogs, I said my apartment is a power plant.  I never realized how right I was in making this statement.

Dr. Samuel Milham is an expert in the electro magnetic field and has studied this subject for years.  He wrote a book “Dirty Electricity:  Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization”.

Dr. Milham  stated that the government knows what’s happening with dirty electricity and is allowing power companies to let dirty electricity come into our homes, schools, etc.

Dr. Milham has lots of videos on YouTube you can watch.  One video is, or you can just type in YouTube, Dr. Samuel Milham and you’ll get all his videos.

He’s a little difficult to understand, so use your ear buds to listen to him (plug them into your computer).  Any ear buds work.

Everything I stated above might not be correct. I don’t know too much about electricity, so listen to the good doctor’s videos. He’s trying to keep us healthy.

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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Dirty Electricity making us all sick.

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  2. I’m really fed up of them never letting me have any decent rest. I know how you feel. I think some of the stuff that Dr. says is true.

    • Yeah, I’m tired, too. I’m glad you got out of town and had some fun. I’m not going to answer anyone one by one because then they put all the things I write first and no one can see what they wrote.

      • Thanks. I’m a little confused by the second part of your comment. I always see a bit of what I wrote on your answers. Enough to remind me what I’d written.

        • When I answer readers’ comments, the perps move all my comments to the front and then the readers can’t see their comments. The hackers move readers’ comments to the back.

  3. BRINA wrote:
    As of date I have been a gang stalking victim for over 6 years. I am not certain as to where my experiece began, but I am certain that I should not have been a victim with a prebubesent child in my care. I am threatened via v2k everyday that myself and my now 19 year old daughter will be murdered. The mind control program has been trying to induce matricide. They have messed my daughter’s head up. They exploited me and my kid. Now they have people who are knockkneed around me saying they are going to set me up for murder of my child or force her suicide by torture or sublimination. Instaed of leaving us alone they have insisted on trying to kill us off. Erasing all account of Facebook and proof of the torture that I endured as a result of being burned almost everyday for over 6 years. My child was exposed to microwaves as well. This cannot be alloew to happen to children!!!!!!! THESE PEOPLE KEEP MY KID AWAY FROM ME SO THAT THEY CAN V2K THAT THEY ARE KILLING MY CHILD WHILE EXPOSING ME TO HPM EXPOSURE!!!!!!!! copolamine THE COPS IN MINNESOTA alloed this drugging of my kid and myself it is in her blood!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’ve heard of TI’s killing their children to put them out of their misery, but keep fighting them. Don’t let them win. I don’t know how they can be so heartless as to be able to pick on a person’s children and pets. I hope it ends for you soon!

    • Actually, it’s the dirty government oil proponents who publicize that coal causes problems. They don’t want competition. Coal plants aren’t all dirty. Ours in Montana are some of the cleanest in the country. They filter out impurities so that they won’t get released into the atmosphere. The oil people also don’t like solar, wind, or water, being used for electricity because they don’t make a profit from that. They make it as hard as possible for anyone to build generators for and use those things.

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