Getting Crazy

They’re always calling us targets crazy. This blog says crazies are good. I’d thought you targets would like to read it. [NE1]

Leadership Freak

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Run to crazy people. Avoid comfortable people.

Teammates, who think like you, are irrelevant. They take up space and suck oxygen. Reserve chairs and air for crazies. Invite in those who see differently.

Punish silent agreement and reward dissent.

Strong leaders seek options, alternatives, and diversity. Weak leaders build weak teams filled with empty heads and spineless politicians.

Lean into crazy not away, when building teams.

The people closest to me drive me crazy. They move faster or slower, take more risks or fewer, take more time to think or less, than I do. Their caution, or lack of caution, for example, drives me nuts. Why can’t they be like me?

A team of crazies must:

  1. Fight nice. Belligerence, arrogance, and rudeness are not allowed on effective teams. Nasty is easy. Good crazy is nice. Bad crazy is plugging your ears and screaming la la la la to block out…

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7 thoughts on “Getting Crazy

  1. they almost had me for a week they had me in a mental hospital now I stay hidden away in my apt. hardly going out at detmer they trying everything try in to set me up to calling the police I held out until my social worker arrived I almost thought she had abandoned me now I stay hidden away in my apt with the blinds closed

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