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Oh, God, will this horror ever end?

I have slightly elevated blood pressure (who wouldn’t with all the stress we have to put up with) and I go to CVS to get the medication. I once had a problem at the store with a customer who hit me with his phone. I wrote about it in another blog.  Anyway, the pharmacist was definitely on the customer’s size.  Ever since then, there’s been a change in the store security.  A camera is now installed behind where the pharmacist stands, two glass dividers were put in so I can’t touch her, and a security camera is now in the entrance when I walk in.

I recently told the woman off, because she’s a perp.  And I know she’s the one who probably made up a story about me being violent. I can just imagine what story she invented.  They always embellish what’s happened to make us seem violent.

Now, I’ve noticed that every time I go into CVS, she never serves me until a manager is nearby.  That happened yesterday, she kept doing everything except helping me.  And then I saw the manager move supply around  in front of her.  The pharmacy woman immediately went into her sweet persona.   So I went over to the manager, stood in front of him and put the right side of my face to the side, put my right hand to my face, and in the sweetest voice, dripping with sarcasm, said, “Oh, do you have to be here before she helps me?” He laughed.  And I continued, “Oh, she’s such a phony!”

I can just imagine what lies this woman told about me.  I’ve been going to CVS for a few years now, and have never been violent, nor even come close.  The perps like to make up stories about us so they can look good when they attend their weekly meeting with the other perps.  The more violent the story they tell, the more attention they get.   There are a lot of Americans who perp us, but there are also a lot of aliens.  This woman is from Hungry.  It must make her feel good that she belongs to a group the government considers so important.

I would not return to CVS, but as with everything in a target’s life, the same thing will happen no matter what drug store I use.

There’s just no winning.  We’re outnumbered.  How can we beat a corrupt government with millions to spend on targeting us?

I remember when I left Las Vegas, I went to live in Mesa, Arizona.  The first day I was in Mesa, I was sitting on the bench waiting for the bus.  Two men came near the bus stop, one man said, “There she is.  Just do what we told you to do.”  The second man left and the man sat next to me.  I got up, crossed the street to the bus stop on the other side.  I sat watching the man.  I heard the man say, “This is so stupid!”  He had his hand on his hip and looked very puzzled.  He again said, “This is so stupid?  I’m not going to go after somebody and do what they told do me to do.”   He just sat, looking back and forth with a very annoyed expression.  He would lift his hands up and put them down,  repeat, “This is so stupid?”  He kept repeating the same thing over and over. He never bothered me and never looked at me.  He seemed to be in a state of shock.  My bus came, I got on the bus and heard the man said, “This is so stupid. I’m not going to chase anyone around and hurt them. This is so stupid!”

I’ve never forgotten this man. I can see his face every time I run into a perp.  Why are they all so stupid?  Why can’t they think for themselves as this man did?

I thought of this man as I stood in the CVS store waiting for the CVS pharmacist to get my prescription order ready.

Why is this woman so stupid?  Why can’t she think for herself? Why can’t any of the perps?

And to the decent man, I say, “Thank you.”

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14 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – “This is so stupid!!!”

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  2. BRINA wrote:
    As of date I have been a gang stalking victim for over 6 years. I am not certain as to where my experiece began, but I am certain that I should not have been a victim with a prebubesent child in my care. I am threatened via v2k everyday that myself and my now 19 year old daughter will be murdered. The mind control program has been trying to induce matricide. They have messed my daughter’s head up. They exploited me and my kid. Now they have people who are knockkneed around me saying they are going to set me up for murder of my child or force her suicide by torture or sublimination. Instaed of leaving us alone they have insisted on trying to kill us off. Erasing all account of Facebook and proof of the torture that I endured as a result of being burned almost everyday for over 6 years. My child was exposed to microwaves as well. This cannot be alloew to happen to children!!!!!!! THESE PEOPLE KEEP MY KID AWAY FROM ME SO THAT THEY CAN V2K THAT THEY ARE KILLING MY CHILD WHILE EXPOSING ME TO HPM EXPOSURE!!!!!!!! copolamine THE COPS IN MINNESOTA alloed this drugging of my kid and myself it is in her blood!!!!!!!!!! Reply »
    |Report Abuse |Judge it! |#13 May 9, 2013
    Brina wrote:
    I am staying at harbor lights shelter they allowed the theft of my tablet and boost phone in order to try and shut my Facebook down, now since I have three police reports they now have resorted to taking my possessions while I sleep and accessing mY accounts accessing the pin to my stolen phone on my tablet. Minneapolis Salvation Army Harbor lights.
    Reply[/QUOTE[QUOTE who=”Brina”]My name is Sabrina Taylor I changed my last name after I began to be stalked because of the frequency of electronic attact I assumed insurance fraud adter going to shelter It became very clear that gang stalkers ruled the homeless shelter envioronment esp the staff who procure all personal info birth cert. SSn and ID’s In my situation I have exerienced extreme discrediting campains via lies feed through hearsay and other things being said via v2k. IN MY CAMPAIGN TO BE LEFT ALONE I HAVE HAD TO ENDURE DEATH THREATS HAVING OFFICERS DRIVE BY SHUTTING DOWN MY CELLPHONE. GANG BANGERS SPEAKING OF HARMFUL INTENT. FALSE relationships in order to gain access to ny emails and facebook accts, This gang stalking campaign has included pc hacking phone tapping apartent entering w/o consent bank info monitored false hospitalization due to v2k attacks. Constant stressors. And repeated microwave attacks with the intent of causing heart attack. I am convinced death is the intent. My kid does not want to kill herself yet this group contantly allow me to hear terrible things that infer our deaths, Military is definitely involved, So is intelligence,but the thread of comnand extends from military, law enforcement, transit, homeland security operatives taxi drivers anbd store owners al the way to street thugs. This group is too expansive to be ignored,
    I am researching FBAR and FACTA reporting to the IRS in order to ascertain if possibly international insurance fraud may be a possibility. It can be trace if a corporation, business or person has received foreign insurance money and or it can be used to monitor persons who have offshore accounts period with the monitoring of income into those accounts whether a dual citizen or not……I have never traveled abroad nor do keep company with foreigners…….all problems have solutions

  3. Excellent article, as usual! Although I’m not sure of the ultimate mechanism or purpose behind Organized Stalking, I’m glad one of us encountered a decent person with the courage to resist. I pray more people will do the same. It’s only a matter of time before this horror is exposed!

  4. I think I have one of the worst pharmacy stories. Back in October 2000 or so, I had a terrible sinus infection/bronchitis and I went to the City health clinic to get antibiotics. I had to fight with the Dr. to get them, and, then she only gave me Amoxicillin that does not work anymore. I waited for the prescription probably 2 hours then the perp behind the counter asks me who I VOTED for before handing them over. I said the Dem candidate since I was a Dem then so he gave me the drugs. I looked inside the bottle. There were only 1/2 the pills the Dr. ordered. I had to fight with them to call back to the Dr. to confirm. I got the pills, did not get better and had to go to an urgent care to get stronger Antibiotics paying 88 dollars to be seen for 3 minutes and paying 20 for the script. I was getting 500 or so from the govt then and was paying full rent until I got Sec 8. I worked part time to have a little money. I was sick all winter that year and went through 7 series of antibiotics. Finally I hooked up with an old Dr. who gave me older very strong Antibiotics and I finally was better. It was late March.

    • They’ve done that to me, too. I always count my pills at the counter when they’re handed to me. Too many times I’ve come home with about ten pills less than I’m supposed to get, or they’ve been broken into pieces. And I tell them right there and then that they shorted me on the pills, or they’re all broken. They’ll apologize and try to look puzzled as if they don’t know how it happened. And I always make sure that the number of the pill is the correct number on the pill. They’re such b——s!

      • Gotta check the drugs. I also take inhalers and have received “leaky” inhalers before. Also, I went to the pharmacy to order nasal spray and someone told the pharmacist something and then I heard “I’m gonna get her” and got worried she’d messed with the nasal spray. It remains unopened.

        • It’s too bad you can’t afford to get the inhaler checked. It would prove they did something to it and you can sue the bastards! Unbelievable the things they won’t do. And I don’t blame you for not opening it. I wouldn’t either. Can’t you return the inhaler?

          • If it’s leaky I demand they replace it, end of story. A leaky inhaler is a tampered inhaler. The nasal spray is still sitting here. I think I did get sick on a bad nasal spray sample a perp nurse gave me. I ended up in the hospital I was so sick. The nurse quit a while back. You can open this kind of nasal spray and the contents are right there. The other kind I get is more of a dispenser type that you can’t get right into the bottle.

  5. I would have liked to see you say that to the manager. Good for you.

    I wonder if that man who was nice is a target now for not conforming. I’d be grateful to him too. Wish more were like that.

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