Gang Stalking – The beginning of the 5th year as a victim of government harassment.

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On July 11, 2009, I officially became a victim of gang stalking.

Before this date, I experienced people following me around, playing loud music where I lived, the complex manager often threatened to call police on me for no reason (if I said something she didn’t agree with, or if I complained about  condition of the complex, etc.).

But July 11 is the day the electricity began.

I’d began suffering sleep deprivation.  I was not able to sleep more than an hour a night. I couldn’t understand why.  In all my life, I never had a problem sleeping.  I’d hit my bed and within 5 minutes I’d be asleep.  I found it strange not being able to sleep. I changed my diet, exercised more, stop eating after 6 P.M. But nothing helped. My sleep pattern didn’t change.

I felt I needed a vacation, so I went to Oregon to visit my sister.  While I was in Oregon, I slept well, no one bothered me and the visit to my sister seemed a little odd.  When I think back on it, she was angry with me all the time, and never smiled. Not once.  I don’t know if she knew about my gang stalking. I never said anything to her about it.

On my return to Las Vegas,  July 9 and 10  were the last two days I would experience as a life free of gang stalking.

On July 11, I went to bed as usual, and began experiencing sharp hits to my back.  The hits got so bad, I slept on my couch instead of my bed.  The couch was all right for a while, but then the attacks began again.  And during the day, I experienced the sharp attacks to my back when I went out.  And now, there were more and more people following me everywhere I went.  And the noise level I’d experienced at home was now happening everywhere I went.

The bus drivers began being rude to me.  They would put on the bus lights as soon as I entered the bus.  And screeching their brakes became part of my life.  On the bus, I began getting the sharp hits to my back.  Everywhere I went I got hit.  It didn’t matter where I went.  Life became a living hell.

I knew my lease was up at the end of August and decided I would move.

If you read my blog, you know the rest of the story.

On July 11, 2013, I began my 5 year of gang stalking. Even though my gang stalking began before this date, I did not experience electricity that I now experience all the time. So I consider July 11 the anniversary of my gang stalking.

It has been hell for the past 4 years. There were times I almost gave up.  But since then, I’ve learned how to protect myself. And I began writing my blog, which lets me pour out to the world what is happening to me day after day.

I don’t know if this will ever end. It seems to get worse as the years go by.  I guess I can expect to experience gang stalking for the rest of my life.

Thanks, United States government!

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57 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – The beginning of the 5th year as a victim of government harassment.

  1. About sleep. Same thing happened to me. I have always fallen asleep as soon as me head hit the pillow but after my husband died and I moved into me bedsit I haven’t been able to get to sleep. However tired I was. I seemed to get to the edge of sleep and then just stay there. Now I don’t attempt to sleep. I just stay active until it seems I can’t stay awake any longer then put headphones on playing music – and I am out like a light. But I have to use the headphones.

      • I’ll try that. You said somewhere that radio or whatever rays enter the body at the openings. So that makes me think you have a point. I am back to sleeping normally since I ‘ve used headphones. And I love banana and cheese so that is no hardship. Anybody know if peanut butter works?

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  4. Sometimes I get a bit aggressive and heavy handed when I write. When I “yelled” ……………….. Knowledge is protection! Stop sweating the small annoying BS things perps do and get on the stick ====> LEARN REAL ways to protect yourself – engage your brain and not your emotions. Be proactive instead of reactive!……………. it was NOT directed at you! It was/is a tag line general statement, a sort of TI kick in the ass. I am not a good hand-holder.

    I get frustrated at all the pissing and moaning I hear TIs do, long after they should have accepted the reality of GS and moved on. As long as a TI stays in this emotional stage of the stalking, it will drain away whatever life energy the perps haven’t managed to rob.

    The only one we can truly rely upon to help us is ourselves. To be able to do this, we must move past the emotions which weaken and incapacitate us, and refocus and educate ourselves in areas we formerly were not interested in. I no longer cook profiteroles or sew up Lois Ericson designer clothing. I am re-educating myself and learning new things like electronics. Just completed a simple project which will locate most hidden cameras ==>

    I fully appreciate what you are doing to help TIs realize they are not crazy. That epiphany is the necessary turning point which spurs them back from the brink, and empowers them.

    From what I’ve read, most TIs are no mental slouches (nor are we slack jawed white trash). We must all work tirelessly to pull each other away from emotions and back into the world where logic reigns. That is where the road begins for resolution of our shared GS problem.

    CAMERAS… here’s one of the ones I have which is small, can be worn (clipped or hung), and takes a fairly good picture/vid. It is small enough that it can be kept with you at all times in your purse/tote. These cameras don’t have to be big and expensive. The idea is to let perps know that there is a camera watching them – after a while, you probably won’t even have to turn the camera on, its presence will warn them away automatically. We aren’t the only ones in this “game” who are subject to conditioning.

    WORDPRESS… what originally brought me to you was research. I’m shortly going to be going to an attorney and wanted to first construct a website which contained a concise non-emotional, non-detailed description of gang stalking, a sort of Cliffs Notes on Gang Stalking. Most websites contain too much information, and I wanted to have something which dispassionately conveyed the necessary information and could be read quickly. Once I get that set up, maybe I’ll work on a countermeasure and coping page(s). Since I am one single woman doing battle with 200+ perps I may not be winning, but I am holding my ground and have succeeded in pushing them back a bit.

    One last thing… you asked if perps could still do things to your computer is you used Linux. Unless they want to take a knife to one of the circuit boards and physically damage it, the problem mostly lies with the hard drive (HD). EVERYTHING including your operating system (OS) is stored there (unless you are using Linux on a DVD/jumpdrive). If you remove your HD’s and take them with you, perps are left with no place on your computer to store malware. The ONLY exception that I am aware of is a piece of hardware called a key logger which collects your passwords. If you pay attention, a key logger is visible and may well be attached in such a way that it can be seen and then you can remove it. No malware (software) can be installed or downloaded onto your computer if you are booting Linux directly into RAM from a jumpdrive, or from a DVD. Nothing (malware) can be “written” to the DVD or stored permanently in RAM. Shut off your computer and any cookies or malware, etc that you may have acquired during that online session is gone. BTW, Linux is a freeby. I’m presently using PC Linux OS KDE. It is open source so if you take an interest, you can learn to tweak out your own personal version of it. I’ve included Tor, which is a handy thing to have.

  5. One more thing… when you have a really screwed up hard drive and can no longer use computer.

    There are a number of FREE programs out there like Linux. One is called DBAN and it will completely wipe an infected hard drive clean. Another good program is Acronis Home which is a disk imaging program but will cost you (unless you steal/borrow it).

    Possible scenario for FU computer: unplug your internet connection (important) == DBAN your hard drive == reinstall your OS and all the programs you normally use == use Acronis Home and take an IMAGE of your hard drive == keep that IMAGE in one or two safe places (burn to DVD is good)
    – this is your starting point
    – your computer is just like it was the day you bought it
    – the first time you do this (or have a geek do it for you), it will take a long time and a lot of fussing around
    – you now have a way to put your computer back to square one should it ever get frigged up again

    Knowledge is protection! Stop sweating the small annoying BS things perps do and get on the stick ====> LEARN REAL ways to protect yourself – engage your brain and not your emotions.

    Be proactive instead of reactive!

    • Well, if I didn’t write about the small stuff, new targets wouldn’t know that they’re not crazy.. That’s why I write the way I do. To let newcomers know that what’s happening to them is real and they are not crazy. I know when I first began experiencing gang stalking, I didn’t know what was going on and only through someone else’s blog did I learn this was happening to others and they were experiencing the same things I was.

      Thanks for all the info. I really appreciate it.

  6. Am reading more posts on your site as time allows. One thing which I’ve found to have stopped my perps cold is a simple camera. There are cheap cameras on eBay which work very well, and will clip to your clothing, or you can wear around neck. They often times record audio as well as video. No matter how silly this looks, WEAR ONE and you will be treated differently. Perps DO NOT LIKE being videoed, especially when exercising a tactic. Besides you brain, a camera is your #1 defensive tool.

    • I’ve had some many cameras stolen from me, I can’t count how much money I’ve lost, plus every one of them, they’ve hacked, or broke.

      No matter what I do, they will go after me. They don’t want me to write my blog. That’s why they always break my computer.

  7. Well, I’m new to wordpress – in fact, I went thru the signup just to respond to you. Be patient and I’ll try to learn it as I go.

    Anyway, a CADDY is what the hard drive mounts in (search “drive caddy” on eBay to see what they look like) to allow it to slide in and out of your computer. In a tower, it is usually just rails that screw to the side of the drive, then those rails slide/screw into a “port” inside the tower.

    With a laptop, it’s a bit easier, but the same idea. If you have a laptop, look along the edge (usually edge, could be bottom). There will be your DVD/CD drive tray, USB and other connection ports, and somewhere in there you should see the 3″ wide drive caddy door (PCMCIA slot might be there with it). It won’t have any buttons, but will be secured in place with screws on the bottom of the computer. All you have to do is remove the screws and slide the drive out. Now I know you’ve just met me and I could be trying to get you to destroy your computer, so either get out your owner’s manual or Google “laptop hard drive access”, or something like that. It should show you pictures too. eBay should have the caddy (mounting rails) and a hard drive, but you might feel more comfortable going to someplace like Best Buy or private geek to set you up w/the spare drive.

    It IS WORTH IT – having a spare drive(s) is like having two+ computers.

    sorry to cause you a headache – I work better with pictures (if I can see it, I can do it)

    • You should write your blog about computer repair. Most people who write blogs about computer repair, make it sound very confusing. We all could use someone who writes in such a way as to make it understandable. I understand what you’re writing about computers. Thanks for info.

  8. Ah, I forgot something rather important. If you haven’t every use Linux, try it. We had a lot of problems w/running Windows and made the switch to Linux. I have the whole operating system (Linux) on a jumpdrive and when I turn on the computer, it’s set to automatically boot to Linux.

    Windows OS is installed on your hard drive, so you need to access your hard drive when you use it. The hard drive is where all the nasty little spyware, virusesss, trojans, password trackers, etc are stored. It is almost impossible to prevent being infected over and over, even when using Norton – if you’ve got perps with a little computer knowledge working against you. You can do everything right, but if you don’t use an online email service (hushmail, gmail, hotmail, etc), you are leaving a port open. If you leave this port open, a keylogger/spyware has a way to send the information it collects back to the AH who installed it on your computer. So, if you are going to keep using Windows OS, at least switch to an online email site.

    Now here’s the good part: If you use Linux, the whole OS is on that jumpdrive (or DVD) and you never have to access the hard drive. In fact, you can unplug and remove it if you want to. Linux can be run either from the jumpdrive/DVD, or it can be temporarily installed in your computer’s RAM. Whatever cookies, spyware, trackers etc which you get will go into the RAM. Once you are done surfing and turn off your computer, EVERYTHING GOES AWAY! The idea is that Linux is not installed on your hard drive so no remainder of your surfing adventure is left behind.

    HINT #2: I have two(+) computers, and only ONE of them is devoted to internet access. I store nothing on that computer which could be accessed if I used Windows OS. All my personal information and private stuff (YES, I still do have things that are private) is kept on one of the other computers. Never the two shall intermingle!
    === if you want to continue using Windows OS and are using a laptop, might I suggest you consider purchasing another hard drive (+caddy). With a few exceptions (like keylogger hardware), all malware is software and resides on your hard drive. If you want, you could use one of the hard drives for internet access, and the other hard drive to store your personal private information. You can even pull the hard drives and take them with you when you leave home (just don’t lose them unless you have an online backup of them). That way, even if perps have access to your domicile while you are away, they can’t install any malware on your hard drive.

    HINT #3: Look into a free program called Truecrypt. No perp who doesn’t have access to code breaking Pentagon computers will be able to break into any of your encrypted files.

    • I’ve managed to stay on my computer because I’ve learned a lot about it since I’ve gotten it, but what you’re writing about, I must admit, leaves me with a headache. It’s too much to take in at once. I’ve heard of Linux and I want to try, but won’t they be able to get into it once I go into my computer? I know it’s not a hard drive, but they get into everything I get. All anti-virus, etc. I have to re-read this again, and maybe my head won’t hurt. Thanks for all the info. The more I’m learning.

      What’s a caddy, and I didn’t know I could buy a separate hard drive for the computer.

  9. I was surfing re gang stalking and ran across one of your posts. You sounded so upset, I felt compelled to contact you. Firstly, I’m sorry you are a target – that sort of goes w/o saying. Secondly, if you don’t get some control over your anger, you will begin to experience some very serious health problems. I know what perps do enrages you, but remember, THAT IS THE PURPOSE & REASON WHY THEY ARE DOING IT! Tactics are used to make you respond and be out of control. They target your emotions and as long as you respond w/emotions (rage, depression, sadness, etc), they will come at you HARDER & HEAVIER! The only way to get past this GS phase and regain the ability to respond w/o causing yourself some form of injury is to calm down. I know it is difficult, but it is true that if you get successful at withholding your emotional responses, your perps will not be getting any feedback, and won’t know if the tactic they are using is working to make you upset, or not. When I’m being hit hard w/some form of harassment, I plug into my mp3 player and listen to a funny audio book. This makes me occasionally laugh out loud and confuses the hell right out of my perps and they usually stop. If you can’t (or they think you can’t) hear or see them, their tactics fail – they absolutely REQUIRE YOUR ATTENTION – don’t give it to them. ALWAYS, ALWAYS keep a camera handy, but otherwise, try to ignore the small stuff.

    • Thanks, I know that’s why they annoy us, to get us to re-act. About the mp3 player, good idea. I have a transistor radio, but that gets boring after a while. Listening to a good book sounds good. I’ve been good at suppressing my emotions when I’m out. I let my emotions out on my blog.

  10. well tonight aim going to try and slip out of town even though I know the conspirators know that aim going to do that I have kind of sixth sense about things like what would be the best way to escape aim sure there reading everything aim typing on my e-mail. now that the conspirators known I know there harassment has intensified.

  11. well the conspirators are closing in just about the whole town now this may be my last message the cops are moving in for the kill to but me in prison for chumped up charge may not be able to send another comment.

    • I certainly hope this is not your last comment. If it is, it was nice of you to comment. I’m keeping my fingers cross that I hear from you again. If they arrest you, don’t do anything that will get you more time in prison. Stay very, very calm. Good luck to you.

      P.S. Don’t they have computers in prison?

  12. silver only blocks the radiation from the phone, it does not block the GPS. The only way to block the GPS on a phone is to turn the phone off and take the battery out. My phones have been hacked for 3 years. They destroyed my first iPhone on Sept 18, 2010 and then an Even Manni IM’d me and Laughed about the fact that Apple replaced the phone and he then apologized for destroying the phone. The only way, once the root the device, is to turn it off and take the battery out. The bags they sell on the internet do not prevent access to the phone, It only blocks EMF , which is a form of raditaion.

    • I agree. They’ve messed up about five of my phones already. I now don’t own a phone. The last one, the bastards totally destroyed. It was destroyed by a perp at T-Mobile. I went into the store to fix the phone and she took out the white piece that’s in the back of the phone and then told me that it was missing and the phone had water in it. My phone’s never been near water. Don’t let the phone out of your hands, and don’t trust anyone at those phone companies.

      • They enjoy destroying stuff. Anything to make us look crazy or destructive when it is really them. Sadly they are so vrazy, nutso, etc…

        I do not let anyone touch my electronics anymore. I do not even plug one peice of equipment into the other. That is how they destroy and spread their little hacking tools. Plug a phone into a PC and the trojan is passed on. I have had Netdevil, linezero, Catchme.sys and phone eavesdrop on so many pieces of equipment, Screen shots of all of it so it is provable, but the police pretend it is nothing, even when I showed them that I had antivirus installed.

        Bunch of useless mean people in the world.

        I do know that the things they cannot control they destroy, like VHS and Tape. They cannot control so they try to destroy the equipment. I like it when they do that because that shows what little power they really have. It shows their weaknesses.

  13. Your cell phone is a GPS. I have an old one and can turn it off. The stalking and brighting are not as intense when I turn it off. I can actually lose them for a bit. With a smart phone, you can’t turn it off. People are starting to invent holders for phones so they can block the phone from working when they want to. The one I saw on the internet is not cheap……………..silver lined. Guess it is the silver which blocks the signal. Anyway, it is important to know. A phone tells the stalkers where you are.

  14. I just saw this on the front page of Genio, congrats! your getting thru! Keep up the great writing about Gang stalking. Last night when I was coming home from Palm Springs I was taking pics of the fire while being followed by the groups that come up and brite me and trucks that swerve into my lane trying to scare me, well I started my camcorder and I think have one of the best non stop briting harrassment clips you have ever seen. I just got on here to download it to my blog and you tube when Genio popped up with your story. THANK YOU! : o) Keep doing what your doing its starting to work. BTW I have to wash every peice of clothing BEFORE I put it on because it is sprayed or somehow saturated with Morgellons. I document everything and take pics of all the fuzz balls floating in the tub. hav been getting real bad headaches short term but I know they have stepped up the pace in their slo kill. FYI to anyone reading this , The Goverment can control the weather they have perfected this with CHEMTRAILS not contrails. CHEMTRAILS are the white lines that linger in the sky and block pout the sun.. The Chemicals in chemtrails rain down on us and infect us with Morgellons… The CDC wont do testing and doctors are instructed with out any testing to refer the patient to a psychiatrist and then they are labeled crazy… 5150 It all ties in with gang stalking too. see the relationship? people being gang stalked will! The creation of changing the weather pattern all over the world does 2 things… Changes sunny days into gloomy rainny days and is depopulating the earth. So scientists that created all this know that 8 out of 10 people are infected with Morgellons now and dont even know it. Including YOU!

      • glad I could put a smile on your face! Genio is a pop u newspaper, search engine. also I was able to post my briting experience on my face book page, here is the lionk. tell me what you think when you can. : O ) suzi

  15. Mine started back in November 1987 when I noticed a large group of people clinically observing me at my favorite restaurant. I did not hear a Voice to Skull transmission until 1992 but had what sounded like my inner voice telling me what to do all the time from the beginning. The stalking/rudeness started in 1988 and got progressively worse until now it is so bad I don’t know how I can go on. I have police following me, bus drivers acting like they won’t let me off the bus, open hostility from minorities, poo on my building, hearing my neighbors talk about how they would like me to die, someone messing with my prescription at the pharmacy, etc… I think the perps are through with me and want me to die. I need some prayer. The neighbor shits are reading this and laughing and mocking as I write this.

    I also had some “warning” signs in 1986 and 1987 that something was off but I swept them under the rug because people had always been rude and cold to me to some extent. Some ti’s have suggested I’ve been a ti my whole life.

    • People who laugh at the misery of other people will suffer the same fate some day. I know how it is to be on the bus with a bus full of obnoxious people who are out to get you. It’s a horrible feeling, but you can’t give up. You have to allow yourself time to feel sorry for yourself, but then get up and go on with your life. Don’t let those worthless pieces of shit push you to do something to yourself. Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. But I continue to keep myself going and you can do the same. You’re braver than you think. Look at long you’ve lasted. No one who’s weak would have lasted as long. Look into yourself and find that strong human being. Don’t let those worthless pieces of shit win. You’re stronger than they will ever be. Stay strong.

      • The only reason we endure this is the grace of God and nothing else. I need prayer because no one is praying for me. I reached out to Christians online but after a few months they all disappeared.

          • I’ve lived in Greenville almost a year now and I worked for the graham today and there all about religion and and so called “mercy ” today Kathy tried to set me up to arrested we used to give food to grace united a church that runs a soup kitchen I’ve gone into the soup kitchen aim their 5 min the people and staff talk nothing but getting me out of there one of them tried to get Kathy to denies me food in short most religious people are hypocrites

                  • its very interesting the way they do it in Greenville Ohio they have so called neighbor hood watch groups that are supposed to be looking out for so called drug dealing they fund their gang stalking by a program called the community event fund and that’s how they pay for their gang stalking by pretending to have citizens looking out for drug activities that way they can use drug money optioned in busts to fund their program of “home grown terrorism”

    • Neverending is right! dont give up, you are stronger than so many who gave up! I am only aware of being stalked for one year, I went into a spiral 6 years ago when my DAD commited suicide, I lost it. but now with all the research I have done I now realize my dad was driven to it. It makes me even sadder I had no clue what was going on. I can see it in his eyes now when i think back to the last time I saw him. He told me my sister was going to stick him in a nut house, I told him over my dead body, and that was the last time I saw him. He killed himself shortly thereafter. They won. My dad was the best, So now iot is my plight to expose this truth and it is our DUTY to the People of the USA to educate them on what NAZI/Stassi like tactics they are doing to us for ??? money and power at our expense and my life doesnt mean shit to me anymore I could die tomorrow and be happy my misey is over but while Im here it is our duty to do everything possible to prove and talk about what is happenning to us. Die for a cause. dont die for them.. Stand tall. look those assholes in the eye dont back down you have alot of people behind you! God is with us and he is our strenght, rely on him, thats what he is here for, These are the end times, you have got to belie ve and keep being strong us other TI’s need you. You can write me anytime. I am here for you. Suzi!

      • Thank you for your reply! It is the End Times but they are having a long time getting here! The perps? convinced me I lost my Salvation a few years ago and I have not had one happy day since. They keep V2k-ing me pretending to be God and saying that it’s over blah blah blah. God’s silence is what is bothering me. I want to see those guilty fess up to it and pay for it.

      • I am so sorry about your father. I suppose he didn’t want to talk to you about it to protect you and not burden you. He sounds a lovely man. You are right – die for a purpose not for nothing but even better live and resist. Tyrants have the illusion that they wii never fall but they always do. Maybe some of us will be lucky enough to see it. Your father is in you so you can live for his values. Find ways to fight back and survive and be happy – make him proud. Everyone dies. My Mum used to say – we’ll all be dead in 100years – as a way of keeping a sense of proportion. Those self important idiots do not deserve to belong to the human race. Your father – he gave you good things – remember them and thank him. Were’t you lucky to have a good man for a father not like those other horrible people.
        Try the prayer site Prayonit. I pray for protection for myself and those I love and those who love me. The defeat and failure of my enemies. And you could thank your father for loving you as you clearly loved him. I also find the Psalms 140 and 141 relevant to our situation.

        ” Let the heads of those who surround me be covered with the trouble their lips have caused” Psalm 140 vs 9

        • The only interaction is to enter a prayer request . I don’ know about internet Christians and I am not Christian . My point is that prayer works – you don’t have to believe in it ( just as God/gods existence is independent of our belief)
          And they ran away? That’s pathetic.

          • probably got scared off by perps. Your handle is prayer warrior I thought you might be Christian. I’m not much for praying anymore because they read my mind but I do pray on and off a little all day.

            • Good point. That handle isn’t the smartest thing I had done. My favoured name was Wiliamson( deliberately one l) but it looked like somebody swiped it so I had to choose another. I have an awful memory and the whole thing about prayer warriors and psychics was on my mind at the time. I have background as prayer but I am not one anymore but you don’t forget what you learnt. I have never been a Christian but I accept as fact that Jesus was a Messiah. I don’t want to mislead people so I’ll probably chose a different name soon.

                • Now a lot of people wouldn’t have noticed I used “a” rather than “the”. Or that the distinction is significant. But I don’t want to discuss my religios beliefs such as the are. I am culturally “Christian” I acknowledge the heritage of Judaeo- Christianity to our culture andam grateful to it and support it. I DO NOT want to see the heathen alternative.

  16. I have been gang stalked by a community forgoing on 20 years now when it started I figured id move it the dark county home until the heat was off it worked and for a long time I forgot about it and so did the community but then they set me up to get thrown out of the county home after 21 years the community of Greenville Ohio was waiting it started again now there trying to set me up to go to prison first they tried to set me up to but me in a nursing home then they thought they were going to take my property when that didn’t work now there trying the prison scene this is terrorism and it has to stop in America were sup post to be fighting terrorism not creating it.

    • I can’t believe they stopped harassing you. It’s worse now than it was twenty years ago. Now gadgets can let everyone know where you are at any moment. And I’m glad they weren’t able to take away your property. Don’t do anything to get yourself thrown in prison. I have a feeling that if you end up in prison, they’ll never let you out. Be careful. This is America, but it’s not the America we know. Thanks for your response.

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