Gang Stalking – Do not sign your debit card…ever!

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A diagram showing the reverse side of a typical credit/debit card. (1) is the magnetic stripe. (2) is the signature strip (3) is the CVC2 code (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Credit Card (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

When I pay for something I buy, I always use my debit card.  I rarely carry cash with me. Lately, I’ve noticed something I didn’t before.

In the last two weeks, every time I give my debit card to the clerk, he/she asks me whether it’s debit or credit, which is a question they always ask.  So I respond “debit”.  And inevitably the clerk charges it to credit.  I went along with the credit thing, but now I will never sign my debit card again.  For one, it’s a debit card and it doesn’t require a signature.  The last week, it’s always been credit the clerks ring up.  And then yesterday it hit me.  I have to sign the credit card every time I buy something.  I realize that these perps are trying to get my signature.

I realized it yesterday when I went to pay my internet modem bill.  The first clerk I went to told me I couldn’t pay my bill because the card wouldn’t work.  I responded that I’ve never had any problem when I’ve paid my bill.  She didn’t want me to be able to pay the bill so that my internet access would be turned off.  I went over to another clerk and  told her my card is a debit card.  Of course, when she swiped my card, it came up credit.  Again!  She asked me to sign and I did.  After she got my signature, she went over to the other clerk to show her that she had gotten my signature.  Huh, I thought, and walked out of the place.

As I walked home, I told myself that I should’ve said something to the woman who was sharing my signature with someone else. What right did she have to show my signature around to other people?

I realize that I’ve been an idiot, accepting credit instead of what my card is. With credit, I always have to sign my card. My signature is out there for everyone to copy.   Someone can copy my signature, go the bank, and leave my account minus zero.  I’m kicking myself now on how stupid I’ve been.

From now on, no more credit card signature for me.  I will tell the clerk right up front, my card is a debit card and that’s how it should be rung up.  It should be rang up as credit, and if it’s not, I will not sign and  want a copy stating that my credit’s cancelled. I know a target who lost $15,000 from her Wells Fargo Account.  Someone went into the bank, signed her name and took her money.

I’m just warning you all not to be as stupid as I’ve been.  Make sure that you don’t sign anything you don’t have to, especially if it’s a debit card.  If its debit, it should ring up as debit, nothing else.  Be careful out there with your money.  You’ve worked hard to save it. DON’T SIGN ANYTHING YOU DON’T HAVE TO. And that applies to non-targets, too.  Just a warning.  Don’t be as stupid as I’ve been. And don’t let anyone know your password.

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8 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Do not sign your debit card…ever!

  1. The list of things they have done is lengthy. They have in three years:
    committed fraud against checking accounts, small dollar amounts that were refunded by the bank;
    changed the payment due date on cards so that they got charged late payments;
    disabled cards, intermittently

    That is a short list of the fraud.

    Over three years they have broken into my home, stolen a bike out of my garage, alter medication that was delivered via mail (or should have been but was delivered via dhl which from canada to the us is illegal).

    Their behavior is ‘typical’ gangstalking. nothing new compared to other people, except they used things I wrote as lyrics for songs. I wish I could say it was coincidental, but it is not. I wrote the words and someone now sings those words in exactly the order that I wrote them in.

    If everything is a coincidence, then nothing is a coincidence;-)

    Stay strong and God Bless!!

    • These people get into everything in our lives, that’s why I wrote the blog, to warn other targets about their tricks. I noticed that they set up a debit account folder just recently. I wonder if they’re planning to do something with my debit card. I’ve prepared for it by notifying the bank, but who knows what the bank will go along with. You stay strong, too. That’s all we can do until this hell ends.

  2. They did the same to me. Repeatedly have implied, overtly and covertly, they want/need my signature. My opinion, after 3 plus years of this is that is just harassment to make you paranoid about everything and anything. I ignore their idiocy. If they were going to do something with my signature, I would think they have had ample time to do so. Everything. it appears to me, is to make me crazy. I refuse to react or change anything for them, because that is exactly what they want. They want the reaction, it, as one of them told me, and I quote, “makes him hot”. So, try not to react, they win then. It is hard, I know, but they are very disappointed when you just move along without the reaction.

    • They’ve taken homes, money from other targets when they’ve gotten their signature, so if I were you, I’d be a little careful with the signature thing. I agree it’s to make us paranoid, but when it comes to money, I’m not taking any chances.

      • Agreed and think you for reminding me;-)

        They are tryig to take my home and make me homeless. Why? Because they are mentally ill.

        I have made numerous reports of identity theft. They sign my name on anything, I have proof of theft already from banks, via confirmation of identity theft. They are going to have a fight on their hands with supporting documentation of continual abuse and theft in the past. A good lawyer and they will be the ones that are homeless.

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