Gang Stalking – Edward Snowden is now a refugee in Russia.

Edward Snowden went that-a-way

Edward Snowden went that-a-way (Photo credit: Rob Watling)


I live in building three of my complex.  And next to me is building two.  Every day I pass a man’s apartment in building 2.  This man is a target of the U.S. government.  I can tell by what’s in front of his door.  There are twigs, feces, rocks, papers, and there’s writing and footsteps all over his wall.  Today, as I passed his apartment, I noticed someone wrote “fat boy” three times on the walkway, also a lot of broken glass was in front of his door. I thought of knocking on the man’s door and warning him about the glass. A lot of people in Las Vegas walk around barefoot in the summer.  But I decided not to warn him, because if  I’d warn him, he’d be turned into a perp.

Today is rent day, so when I went to the office to pay it, I told the manager what I saw in front of the man’s door.  She said, “Oh, it’s those kids again.”   Sure, blame the kids.  The manager knows exactly who is making this man’s life miserable. The handwriting on the ground is not a kid’s handwriting.  It is the  handwriting of an adult.  I heard the man is very heavy, so he probably has to put up with a lot of abuse.  I’ve never seen the man. He never comes out of his apartment.  That’s more proof that he’s a target.   A lot of targets stay hidden to avoid the harassment they have to deal with every day.  Isn’t life wonderful?


Update on Edward Snowden.  He finally left the transit center in Moscow.  He’s no longer like a cat in a cage.  He’s free to roam Russia.  I don’t know how much he can roam around when there’s a chance the U.S. might kidnap him.  He’s been allowed into Russia as a refugee, and he’s been given papers that state he’s no longer a man without a country.  He’s allowed to stay in Russia for a year.

Of course, when Obama heard this, he was not happy.  The Russians didn’t warn him about what they were going to do.  So now Obama is angry and is thinking of cancelling the meeting that was going to be held in Russia in a month.  I never realized what a Nazi Obama is.  This is a man who taught Constitutional law, and he seems to know nothing about the law.  And if he knows about the law, he’s ignoring everything he knows about the Constitution. It’s his way, or no way.  Sometimes I think he’s worse than Bush when it comes to personal freedom.

Of course, Lon Snowden, Edward’s father is very happy and thanked Putin for having the courage to do the right thing. This is a quote by Lon Snowden, “If he comes back to the United States, he’s  not going to be allowed to speak.  I wish my son had sat in Hawaii and taken the big paycheck, lived with his beautiful girlfriend and enjoyed Paradise. But as an American citizen, I’m absolutely thankful for what he did.”

I’m sure Obama is  stewing about Edward Snowden finding refugee in another country.  He wants him to come back to the U.S. and  be able to put him on trial for espionage and theft.  Bradley Manning isn’t enough.

English: Vladimir Putin and Gerhard Schroeder

English: Vladimir Putin and Gerhard Schroeder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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