Gang Stalking – Good luck, Bradley Manning!

Good Luck Wishes

Good Luck Wishes (Photo credit: arbyreed)

Rally in support of Bradley Manning on August ...

Rally in support of Bradley Manning on August 8, 2010, in Quantico, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s bad and good news for Private First Class Bradley Manning.  He was found not guilty of aiding the enemy, but was found guilty of espionage and theft.  This means that Bradley Manning will not get the death penalty, nor get a life sentence.  We do not know what sentence he will get.  Tomorrow the judge will tell him his fate.

The charge for aiding the enemy is so ridiculous!  If I write a blog and some al-Qaeda operative reads it and uses it to his benefit, will I get in trouble?  If a journalist somewhere writes an article that al-Qaeda reads and uses, will the journalist be accused of espionage?  If someone writes a book and al-Qaeda uses it to their advantage, will the person be charged with espionage?  What about television  anchors, if they report on something al-Qaeda uses, are they guilty of  committing espionage?

I’m sure the Obama administration will be happy if Bradley Manning gets a long sentence.  A sentence that equals life imprisonment. I’m sure the Obama administration wants to send a message to others not to do anything like Bradley Manning. Bradley Manning being punished for embarrassing the Obama administration.  The administration got caught with its pants down.

If anyone deserves a long prison sentence it is the politicians.  They’re all crooks.  They all belong in jail, and the key should  be thrown away.

I’m happy Bradley Manning was found not guilty of espionage. But I’m sure Bradley Manning can look forward to a lot of bullying in prison.

I’m puzzled as to why Bradley Manning had to spend three years in the custody of the government.  Doesn’t the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution also apply to  soldiers?  He had the right to a speedy and public trial.  Bradley Manning was also tortured while waiting to go on trial. The Constitution says no one can be punished without a trial, so why punish him before his trial?

The good thing about being in government custody for Bradley Manning is that the time he spent in government custody will come off his sentence.

Bradley Manning will find out tomorrow how long he will be in prison.  I pray that it’s not fifty years or more.  What a waste of a young life!

Good luck, Bradley Manning!

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4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Good luck, Bradley Manning!

  1. I’m glad they convicted him. Maybe now someone can take a one ton dually, a log chain and pull down those cell towers the Aussies have set up closer to the pedophile drug hauling group and prove they were always right-homosexuals can’t be trusted!

    The Constitution is dead and gone. It has been for some time. Where have you been? They ended it when the bombed the Murrah building. Since that time the citizen soldiers and retired soldiers have been manning the post (no pun intended).
    They stalk, terrorize, kidnap and murder just to keep these useless drunks safe from harm. They form citizen conspiracy groups, make movies, and try to get everyone to spy on everyone else. Never once did they think of asking a martial arts security guard for any footage since he was in the tallest building next to it.

    Just today I saw two military police cars where I went to pick mine up. On the other side was a militant looking person with an all black commando style truck with the sergeant strips and a combat help emblem on the back of his window. You’d have to look close to see it as it was black, too.

  2. It should be Obummer going to prison, and yeah, Bradley Manning’s incarceration and punishment so far has been illegal, but they are criminals and the masses are letting them get away with it, because they are just too lazy to get off their butts and protest, or too busy annoying their TI neighbor for money to give a F___.

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