Gang Stalking – No more Chinese food for me.

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beef with broccoli (Photo credit: Chewy Chua)

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Today on my way home, I thought about going home and cooking.   Just the thought of going home to a hot apartment and making it hotter,

just made me sick.  I passed a Chinese restaurant and thought “why don’t I have Chinese food“?  I’ve not had Chinese food in a long time. Every time I take out Chinese, they do something to my food, so I no longer spend my money buying Chinese.  This Chinese restaurant is new, so I thought “maybe they don’t know about me”.

I walked into the restaurant and it was very clean and stylish.  I ordered the Beef Broccoli with steam rice, and waited for my order.  I got my order and left.  As I walked, I noticed that the liquid was leaking out of my styrofoam  box.  I stopped, opened the plastic bag and looked to see what the problem was.  Well, again, the Chinese were at their game.  They  made two slits on the top of the cover and two slits at the bottom, so, of course, the liquid was escaping.

I was very tired from the hot Nevada sun and the thought of returning to the Chinese restaurant did not make me happy.  I thought of just letting it go, but then I got angry.  Angry that I have to put up with the bulls–t all the time.  The anger gave me enough energy to walk back to the restaurant.

I walked into the restaurant and just put the package on the counter.  I did not say anything to the people. I opened it and pointed to all the liquid coming out of the bag.  The liquid went on the counter, on the floor, and some of it went on one of the servers, which made me happy.  I didn’t say anything because if I’d said something it  would’ve been  really nasty.  They made a big fuss and acted as if they’d done nothing.

The repackaged my food and I walked out.

I got home, and again, they did the dirty deed.  I opened the box and absolutely no liquid in the meat, and they’d made two small slits on the top of the box, and whatever liquid they’d left, seeped out.

I sat down served myself some broccoli and white steam rice.  The meat was very tough and the broccoli florets were extremely small and yellow looking.  I swear to you, the meat makes me think they gave me horse meat.  It is so tough and the pieces so big that I just lost my appetite.  I ate three tablespoons of the broccoli and rice and couldn’t eat the awful food.

I put the broccoli and rice back into their boxes ,and I’m thinking of returning the awful food back to the restaurant tomorrow.  Why should I pay so much money for such terrible food?

If you’re ever in Las Vegas, stay away from Jugoo Chinese Restaurant.  If you’re a target, I’m sure your food will be awful. The place is on 4747 Maryland Parkway, right next to the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

I know how to get even. Ah, that feels good.  Bastards! No more Chinese for me. Fuck them all!

And don’t anyone write me and tell me I’m racist, because I won’t respond. I stand(or sit) by what I wrote.

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11 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – No more Chinese food for me.

  1. I hope you took the crap back to them. Even if you didn’t, I would tell them that they ruined their chances of having you as a regular customer. Might be interesting to add up the price of what you ordered multiplied by 52, and tell them how much they lost per year from you by joining in on harassing someone who has never done anything wrong and just had lies told about them and walk out. I’d like to see the look that would put on the manager’s face.

    • I didn’t go back. Every time I thought of the idiots, I knew I couldn’t return to the restaurant. I would have been arrested if I’d had. Worried about ending up in jail, I stayed away.

  2. Hi,
    Everyone hand in there. I’ve been through hell, but only for a short time. Those restaurants don’t deserve anyone’s business let alone yours. TURN OFF YOUR PHONE AND LEAVE SMARTPHONES AT HOME. Otherwise, you are tracked by your phone……..I turned mine off today and took random less traveled roads. The stalkers are thinking that they are making me pay. They are out full force going past my house. It’s their time they are wasting. I think they may have had it with me today. When I did see someone with lights on I waved my finger in the air like a sarcastic Yippee………I say “Whoop De Do”.

    I know Cherry Valley I think. Is it on the way up to apple country? I lived down south for years. I’m now up in the north bay (north of San Francisco). Yes, we live all over the world.


    • I don’t have a cell phone. And trust me, they know you aren’t home because of the surveillance they do 24/7. That’s why they’re at your house. And traveling less populated roads isn’t going to help, but if it makes you feel better, by all means, keep with it. Just letting you know if makes no difference so you don’t give up convenience for nothing. When you talk about brighting, what exactly do they do? Just curious.

  3. Chinese is hard: most of the restauranteurs are in on it but I used to get good Chinese if I went with someone else. The buffets would be safer but some of the food tastes like pet food. I went Chinese for my birthday years ago and the wait staff was nice to my friend and nasty to me. I love Pho and when I went alone to get it at a restaurant I’ve been to before I got a salty mushy mess–not real Pho. It was gross. Most Chinese/Pho/Japanese are in on it. They are taught to be obedient in their home countries and if perping is the “way it is” here they will do it. I once had a horrible rude experience with Pho when the OWNER made a point to come out and be rude to me. I’d return the slop if you can. There used to be a grocery store I’d go to to save money before they went out of business. It was a Mexican Supermarket–a huge place. The cashiers would poke holes in my meat products–especially slimy ones and the BLOOD WOULD GO ALL OVER THE BAG. Plus they were rude and ask shit like, “why are you so crazy?’ I’d still go there to stretch my foodstamps due to the low fruit/veg/meat prices. Now, another store like it but not as good is there. I’ve been there once. More rude staff and less food. Not worth the 1/2 hour bus trip thru the not so good part of town.

    Suzihotnps–sorry you are going through all that. I thought money could make life easier for a ti but apparently not…

  4. Hi
    That treatment really sucks. Hang in there.
    You can buy a device very small…and place it in your apt. It has 6 cameras and is motion activated. Cost is $60. You can post the perps faces on your blog.
    My blog is at

    Is $50

    • The perps watch where you hide these things and then vandalize or steal them – in my experience, anyway. There is no way to catch them on film when you’re gone.

  5. Dear gang, I just signed up for a blog about the sh t Im going thru because of your blog , I live in Cherry Valley Ca. on a ranch and every neighbor around me has their lights facing our ranch, there are at least 3 electro magnetic devices going at the neighbors ranches on either side of me, I have spo many pin holes in my walls its creepy, My clothes have ALL been altered with some itchy thick thread, I feel swollen and drugged when I finally wake up at 2 pm everyday, I cant get a job even tho I have made 120,000 in the past. This all started about a year ago. O am infected with Morgellons infection and so are my 2 beautiful dogs. My shoes (even flip flops) all have thick metal bars glued in so i cant remove them anymore. I would take them out and the next day they were back with cement. I am brited big time 20-30 cars no matter what time I drive at night, going blind in my left eye, vison is getting worse fast, My father committed suicide 6 years ago after he became depressed and my wicked sister moved him from Las Vegas into isolation for 7 yrs prior to his suicide. He lived a wonderful life in Vegas, He came in 2nd place in world series of Poker and had played all over . I now think / know in my heart what happened to my Dad, is now whats happening to me. My mom just thinks Ive done too many drugs and Im crazy. go figure. Anyway Your blog has helped me alot so Thank you! Suzi

    • Thanks for signing on to my blog. Usually the family knows what’s going on. They just act like they don’t know. They’ll tell you to take meds, because, of course, you’re crazy. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with
      you. What’s happening to you is happening to a lot of people. Google gang stalking, MKUltra, etc. and you’ll see that you’re not alone. And it’s not only happening in the U.S., it’s worldwide. It’s happening everywhere. It’s like what happened during the holocaust, only now, it’s happening everywhere. I also have all the lights facing me. It’s part of the gang stalking. I’m glad I’ve helped you. Thanks for writing.

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