Gang Stalking – Watch the cashier closely.

Mother with Her Children at the Cashier's Wind...

Mother with Her Children at the Cashier’s Window Paying for Her Annual Sticker after Her Car Had Successfully Passed Testing at an Auto Emission Inspection Station in Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio…09/1975 (Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives)

English: Polycarbonate water bottle

English: Polycarbonate water bottle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We debated about just leaving the leftovers.

We debated about just leaving the leftovers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today  the perps tried to run me over all day.  I  walked around the shopping center and a man in a car saw me, sped up and came at me.  I did not move out-of-the-way.  I was in the right of way and was not about to go running off.  If he’d hit me, maybe he’d kill me; or if he didn’t kill me, he’d end up spending a lot of his insurance money for my hospitalization.  After this man did this to me, all day long, cars were coming up to me, speeding up and stopping short of running me over.  I never once moved out-of-the-way. They thought they’d scare me, but I don’t scare easily. The s–t just never stops with these people.

I went into the supermarket to buy some things, and there’s one thing I’ve noticed lately.  Watch, watch the cashier very closely.  This happens to me all the time, so that’s why I’m telling you to be careful with the cashier.  I bought some rice and made sure that it wasn’t open, or had any holes in it.  I took the rice to the cashier and paid.  There are two things I’ve noticed lately when I get home.  At first, I thought this was just  happening as a normal cause of doing business, but now I know it’s not.  Every single time I come home, the bottom of my plastic bag has slits at the bottom of it.  And today, as always the bags has two slits at the bottom of the bag.  And the rice I bought, when I took it out of the bag, had a slit in it.  The rice was all over the things  I bought.  This is what the cashiers do all the time, make slits in the bottom of the bags, and other things, so that I’ll have an accident and drop my things as I’m walking home.  They also do this when I buy the 1 gallon bottles of water.  The bottles used to have a plastic handle, but no longer do.  The bottles now have scotch tape on the bottles.   So what the cashiers do is sneakily take the tape off just enough so I won’t notice.  I don’t know how many times I’ve dropped my bottle water.  The scotch tape breaks off and I drop the bottle water.  And the bottle breaks and water runs all over the sidewalk, so I end up going home with no water.  It’s taken me this long to realize what they’re doing to me.  I bet a lot of you go home with slits at the bottom of your plastic bags.  I know you do.  If they do this to me, they’re doing it to you.  Once they know something works, they do it to all the targets. When you get home, check the bottom of your plastic bags. I bet there are slits in the bottom of the bag. And I don’t mean  normal tear from carrying heavy things, it’s a slit.

So, I’m just warning you about the cashier.  Make sure you watch her when she’s packing your things.  Watch her/him when he’s putting things in your bag.  Make sure that he’s not making any slits in the bottom of your plastic bags, or removing tape from your water bottle, or messing with something in your bag.

As I said, the s–t just never stops.

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2 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Watch the cashier closely.

  1. Hi Neverending………….I’m so sorry you have to put up with this s**t. So far in the grocery store I have only had street theater people try to aggravate me into responding and I had someone drop punched out white and pink circles that are about the size of some pills I take. This was during an earlier phase when I had medications stolen, etc. Right now it is mostly brighting. Thanks for writing! It helps to know I am not alone.

    I have a blog at . I only bring this up as one of my posts lists 53 survival strategies. I think I have used every one of them. If I had “followed the plan”, but now I would be totally useless and mentally incompetent OR would have reacted to the constant brghting harassment and be in trouble. However, I don’t put up with a lot either and I don’t let the huge SUVs intimidate me (one of stalkers’ favorite toys)

    Thanks again!
    Sherlock1955 I gave myself the name Sherlock because I went through a horrible period of gaslighting and I refused to think I was going crazy…………………I think of Sherlock’s quote about logical and illogical. There is a human factor to all the craziness I experienced.

    • Sherlock Holmes one of my favorite detectives. I wish I had his help. About the pills, what kind of pills are you taking? You welcome about not feeling alone. I know how it is to feel alone, that’s why one reason I began writing my blog, to help those who didn’t know what was going on in their lives. What the perps are doing to us can be very scary if we don’t know what’s going on. And about the pills, they like to do things like that to us. Everything and anything we do is subject to being made fun of. And smart of you to refuse to believe you were going crazy. I will go to your blog and read. Thanks.

      P.S. About your phone, take out the battery. I always take out the battery when I go out, or even at home. I put it in only to make calls.

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