Gang Stalking – Snowden will not get death penalty if he returns home.

Edward Snowden Found

Edward Snowden Found (Photo credit: rtcosmin)

Seal of the United States Department of Justice

Seal of the United States Department of Justice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Flag of Tacoma

Flag of Tacoma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s some new information on Edward  Snowden.  The Justice Department told the Russians that if they return Snowden to the U.S., they will not seek the death penalty for him, nor torture him.   The U.S., which is supposed to be such a bastion of freedom is promising the Russians not to torture Snowden.  It just sounds a little strange to me.  Is the U.S. admitting that they torture citizens who out the U.S. on its practices?  The Russians told the U.S. that they will not send Snowden back to the U.S.  And if I were Snowden, I wouldn’t believe anything anyone from the Justice Department told me. I’d take my chances with the Russians.


There’s now a computer program that’s a crime predictor.  Every morning when police officers show up for work, they’ll go into their computers and look into red boxes  that predict where crime is most likely to occur.  And police officers will head for the area that the computer predicts will have burglaries, car break-ins, etc.  It makes me think of Nazi Germany.  What if I ever happen to be in the area that the computer predicts a crime will occur?  Will they think I’m up to something?  Or anyone else who happens to be in the same area, will they suffer the same fate?  This computer program is in its third week in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington.  It is also in use in Los Angeles, California.   There goes more spying on American citizens.  1984 is definitely here!


I don’t know if you’ve read about the NSA amendment  introduced by Rep. Amash to stop digital surveillance by the U.S. government.  It’s the Amendment to stop the NSA from snooping on Americans via their computer, phones, emails, etc.  When I say pass, I mean that Congress voted for the government to keep spying on U.S. citizens.  If  the Amendment had passed, the yeas would have won. The vote was 217 nays and 205 yeas.  So Congress will keep snooping on you.

Some Congressmen said they  voted against it because of  all the terrorists acts the NSA snooping stopped.  I’d like to know exactly what terrorists acts the NSA spying stopped.  I keep hearing 54 terrorist acts prevented.  If 54 terrorists acts were stopped, why doesn’t the government tell us what they were?

I can’t believe that the men and women in Congress can’t see what defeating this amendment will do to the privacy of Americans?  First,  spy on everybody’s phones, computers, emails.  I wonder what all the government spying will lead to in the future?  It will lead to  more and more spying on Americans.  But if Americans are happy to give up their freedom, who am I to complain? We’ll get the kind of government we deserve!  The wingnuts and the moonbats at their best.

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2 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Snowden will not get death penalty if he returns home.

  1. That whole thing with Edward Snowden is just amazing… I took away the same thing you took from the DOJ statement – the dumb sons of bitches are admitting they torture people? I most definitely wouldn’t trust a word any government employee utters. They are all liars!

    It’s also amazing that Snowden had to go to Russia to maintain his freedom. I grew up toward the end of the Cold War, when we were taught to fear the “commies” and the “Evil Empire.” We were sure they were going to launch ICBMs and ignite World War III. My God, how the tables have turned! Good for Russia. I certainly respect Putin for having the balls to tell the US to basically piss off. Turns out, OUR government is the Evil Empire!

    I just laugh at all these so-called “American patriots” who want to see Edward Snowden hanged in the public square. You couldn’t awaken these soon-to-be-willing-slaves if your life depended on it…and it does! If the NSA admits they spy on every American, one can only imagine the kind of things they really do. Gangstalking is an excellent example of just what the NSA and other government agencies are really up to.

    Do these “patriots” think they’ll stop with we TIs? I highly doubt it. I believe we are nothing but lab rats in the eyes of whomever is perpetrating this Holocaust, and once they get the data they need from torturing us, they’ll spread it across the world. There’s nothing we can do but keep speaking up about what’s happening in “The Land of the Free…”

    Great work, Neverending1″ I admire your tenacity, and look forward to each new post!

    • Thanks for your reply. I agree with you that after they experiment with us lab rats, they’ll go after the public. I must admit, I will not feel sorry for any of them. They deserve what they get. And since we’ll already be old hands at the torture, we can stand and watch the idiots. Thanks again for reading my blog.

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