Gang Stalking – I’m glad I was given the red pill.

ain't this a dystopian beauty?

ain’t this a dystopian beauty? (Photo credit: ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓)

dystopian city falling into ruins

dystopian city falling into ruins (Photo credit: ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓)

English: Red pill Português: Pilula vermelha

English: Red pill Português: Pilula vermelha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’ve ever seen the “The Matrix“, you know it’s about machines taking over the world and using human beings as energy to keep themselves alive.  Human heat is used to keep the machines alive and to keep the humans under control.  Every morning, the humans are given a pill to keep them in a zombie state.  Some humans have been born into this dystopian society and the others have been under control for so long, they’ve long forgotten what it’s like to be really human.

Like the humans born into the Matrix, we targets have been given no choice.  We’ve taken the red pill without consent.  There are two pills someone takes in the Matrix.  A blue pill, which keeps a person in a state of utopia.  And a red pill, which makes the taker aware of what is really happening around him.

So, we targets have all taken the red pill. We’re aware of what is really happening in the U.S.  We’re aware that the government is not truthful, that it does what it wants without our approval, that it tortures its citizens and then lies about it, that it takes our money and uses it to keep other countries under control, etc.

We targets have left the Matrix, but a lot of Americans  are still taking the blue pill.  They’re totally unaware of what is happening around them, and they don’t care because the blue pills keeps them in a state of denial. They see nothing, do nothing, and care about nothing.

They’re still attached to their wiring.

We targets have become detached from the wiring.  The thing is, we can’t convince anyone we know of what’s happening in the U.S.   The government helps the blue pill takers by convincing them that we red pill takers are insane and no one should listen to us.

So we red pill targets have to live in a world of blue pill takers.  We’ve tried waking them up, but it’s been a total waste of our time. The blue pill takers like the world they live in, and nothing we do will wake them up.

But I’m glad I’ve been given the red pill.

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13 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I’m glad I was given the red pill.

  1. I think it more like that movie than many people realize, including the possibility that this “perp” energy can come through anyone at anytime to attack those of us who have become disconnected from the sick system we still have to live in.
    There’s a really good talk on youtube that reminds me of this. It’s here:
    It gave me some comfort (which is hard to come by these days).

  2. These perps love to be involved in “charity” to make themselves look good. I have gotten crappy food at food banks along with crappy treatment. I forgot about all the Sally DoGooders who never buy themselves clothes, or eat meat, or experience anything sensual or emotional and then wonder why they have all this pent up rage they must take out on ti’s. No books no movies no computer, no makeup…Polly pure. Everything they use is “recycled”. They use a compost pile. Sooo sweeet unless you are a ti and get to see the real Sally or Polly.

  3. I’m not, what use is it? I love to see all the dumb smucks going to church totally oblivious to the world around them. All they are trying to do is give the church their money and get others to say a little prayer. Easy. We get the big crosses to carry in life, alone, without help with the exception of God. I love these smucks who love NASCAR, and Disney, and what passes for music today. I love all the dumb bunny hipsters all covered in tattoos and having plugs in their ears walking around without a clue!!!!! I love the arrogant yuppies who spent 10 years going to school and are as stupid as a bag of rocks!!!! Everyone in their little bitty houses living their little bitty lives and not giving one SHIT about the suffering around them. Sure they give for missions, but that’s so far awwaaaaay. Don’t forget the smirking glad slapping perps who “give their time” at soup kitchens and food banks. Ever been to those places and been treated “differently”?

    • No, I’ve never been to a soup kitchen. I didn’t know perps worked at soup kitchens. What phonies! Maybe they work there to make themselves feel better for what they’re doing to innocent people. By the way, I like the way you wrote this.

    • I like the way you wrote this too, especially the part about church goers. My mom’s trying to get me to go back to church, but they are full of perps at worst, and at best all you meet are the kind of people you describe. No thanks! I can contact God outside of their circles anytime I want to.
      I’ve never been to a soup kitchen either, but I can imagine they are run like the homeless hostels where TI’s will have their stuff vandalized and stolen at every opportunity.

      • The devil is not out partying on Saturday night: he’s in bed early so he can get up and go to CHURCH ON SUNDAY.

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