The Zimmerman Verdict: A Weapon of Mass Distraction

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Take 8 minutes and watch this video. I am sorry Trayvon is dead. However, his death, as well as Saturday’s verdict, have been so grotesquely overblown. There are far, far, far bigger issues plaguing America. The orgy of media attention here is an attempt to distract us, and nothing more.

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14 thoughts on “The Zimmerman Verdict: A Weapon of Mass Distraction

  1. I agree. I can safely say media lost its credibility. They are probably in bed with criminal networks game of distraction, gives them something to fill their air time. Criminals need distraction in order to steal ideas, reading thoughts and try to anchor terrorist acts or crimes etc, commit DEW attacks etc!

  2. Americans are so schizophrenic…on one hand Paula Deen’s life is over for using the N word while this Zimmerman punk gets away with murder. Probably some false flag news. Is anything really news or is all concocted?

  3. I find it hard to work out who’s right. On the one hand, 17, just minding his own business. On the other, my son says Trayvon bashed the other guy up before he got shot. Well, I dunno!

    • I think Zimmerman bashed himself. One person said that Zimmerman’s wounds were superficial, not at all serious, like something someone would do to himself. And Zimmerman said Trayvon went for his gun and he took it back. There were no fingerprints of Trayvon’s on the gun. They said Trayvon had drugs in his system. There was a little amount, not worth counting. We could go back and forth on this. My personal opinion is, Zimmerman was not in fear for his life. He didn’t have to kill Trayvon, but he wanted to. But, of course, I wasn’t there, either.

  4. I agree. It may have been a settup all along to distract from Bradley Manning’s plight. They knew when his trial was going to be… A trial held in secret, which is illegal, and then it served a great distraction from Edward Snowden. Of course the guy was going to get off. It was part of the plan. Look what people are doing… They’re doing exactly what the government wants them to do. So sad for Travon and his family! In a way they were TIs too. Their lives will never be the same again. Picked at randomn for a sinister purpose.

      • Thanks. I was trying to explain this to my Mom but she didn’t understand. She believes everything FOX news says and didn’t even know who Bradley Manning was. Arrrrrg!

          • Yes, She knows who he is and has the sense to agree he is a true hero. She agrees that his bravery gave us who said the gov was spying on us and weren’t believed credibility.

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