Gang Stalking – Another “black stain” on America’s history.

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Every time I stop and think about what is happening to me, I get angry. Whatever did I do to deserve this?

I know the answer is nothing.  I haven’t done a f—–g thing, and neither have other targets.  We, targets, were randomly selected to suffer this fate. We haven’t done a darn thing.  It is the government who should ask itself  this question “Why is it harassing good people who’ve done nothing to deserve this fate?”  Why doesn’t the government pick on people who’ve done nothing, but wasted their lives living off the government and creating havoc? But people like that wouldn’t be good test subjects.  They’re not normal people and experiments would tell the government nothing about the public and how it would behave in times of chaos.  So they need every day people to test.  People who really, in a sense, have very little power and no one will listen to.

We’re ordinary people who pay our bills on time, don’t borrow money, live off what we earn, aren’t criminals, and are good people.   We’re people who don’t shove our opinions down anyone’s throat.   We live our lives as we want to and let others do the same.  We don’t like the government  intrusion in our lives.

And there’s the paradox, we now have government watching everything we say and do.  There’s no place we can go and not have someone pursue us.  They come after us everywhere.  Cameras are put in our homes, apartments, cars, etc.  There’s never a moment when some perpetrator is not doing something to us  make our lives miserable.

We’re treated like stepchildren no one likes or cares about.  We’re subjected to everyday indignities that other Americans don’t suffer. We’re maligned  by other ordinary Americans who are sadists.  These ordinary people have been given power by the government to make our lives as miserable as possible. And these ordinary people lap up all the power the government has given them and act like spoiled brats.  They don’t care about the person they’re treating like an unwanted dog.  They enjoy the power in knowing that they can do whatever they want to us targets.  No one is going to reprimand them for being bad children.  The praise they get from the government is worth any prize. They see themselves as “special people” picked by the government to help.

But, as has happened in other places, lots of other places, this targeting of ordinary Americans will eventually open up a  “Pandora’s box” of  the evil perpetrated on innocent Americans who’ve done nothing.  Who’ve done nothing, but live their lives in a way that made America proud.

And now the so-call “freedom” America speaks about when it refers to itself  as “free”, is nothing but another black stain on its history.

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3 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Another “black stain” on America’s history.

  1. I was gangstalked for 3 years. I never let them bother me but I knew they were there. No one ever confronted me because 1. I am a big and powerful man and 2. I always went somewhere with someone. They use this tactic to intimidate you and make you feel terrified and paranoid but don’t let them have satisfaction. Go about yur life and be strong. I also met a woman that was an escort that was being gangstalked by one of her wealthy ex-clients. She was having a very difficult time with it too. I told her live life and eventually they”ll leave you aloe. These type of people that do these types of things have low self esteem and seek gratification in the guise:’ Safety in numbers.” Come to think of it – it has actually happened to me three times. I knew who instigated it all three times. One had nothing to do with the other or with the other. I am a big scary looking man so people who feel intimidated by me use this tactic to try and frighten me. I recognize it when I see it.

    • This is one time in my life I wish I was big and intimating. I’m small, but I’m not afraid of the idiots. They’ve been after me for four years because they want me to stop blogging about what’s happening to me. I have not stopped and they don’t like it. And I have no intention of stopping no matter what they do to me. Thank you for your advise.

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