Frequency Suits, They do exist.

This sounds a little crazy, but who knows? A lot of things I didn’t believe, I now believe. What do you think, is there such a thing as “frequency suits”? [NE1]

Gang Stalking World

They are like mini, teleportation suits, but they do exist, and they can enter your home.

Frequency Suits

Last year around this time, I blogged and posted about frequency suits. They are new technology that enable a person to travel from one location to the next. Basically the person uses a spiritual frequency, and the frequency enables them to go from location to location.

The suits are invisible to the naked eye, but they seem to transport either you etheric layer, or another such layer from place to place, you can see and hear, you can interact, feel, touch, etc. It’s not the exact same as full teleportation, because your physical being isn’t exactly what’s teleported. The closest experience that some might have had is astral
travelling, but where with astral travelling, you have to practice, get good at it, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, the suits…

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One thought on “Frequency Suits, They do exist.

  1. Maybe? I discount nothing anymore! I too believe in the unbelievable-we are living the unbelievable! It would be nice to escape even if only in thought but even that is close to impossible as a TI.

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