Gang Stalking – We targets are the new MKUltra test subjects.

Angry Gorilla Monkey is the Strongest Animal o...

Angry Gorilla Monkey is the Strongest Animal of Zoo Apes (Photo credit:

Each year of the 1960's the CIA provided the T...

Each year of the 1960’s the CIA provided the Tibetans-in-exile with $1.7 million for guerrilla operations and $180,000 for cultural centers and international lobbying. World News Briefs; Dalai Lama Group Says It Got Money From C.I.A. New York Times. October 02, 1998 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Unabomber (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Forensic sketch of the Unabomber, commissioned...

Forensic sketch of the Unabomber, commissioned by the FBI, drawn by Jeanne Boylan. This copy was found at the url: According to Encarta, the drawing was released by the FBI in 1987. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber, as...

English: Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber, as Faculty member at Berkeley. Cropped (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you remember Ted Kaczynski?  Probably not.  He’s the man who was sent to prison for life for sending bombs through the mail. He’s called the Unabomber.

Well, I was reading up on his life and I understand why he was so angry at the government.

While Kaczynski was attending Harvard, he joined a program that he thought was about debating personal philosophy with other students. What he got instead was a C.I.A. program that brutally and psychologically abused him and other students for three years. The students had to write essays about their personal beliefs and aspirations. The students were then attached to electrodes that monitored their physiological under bright lights and one-way mirror.  During that time the students were psychologically abused,  and also filmed.  After filming the students, an anonymous lawyer would come into the room, abuse them about their beliefs and aspirations, and play back the film to the students to show them how they reacted  during the torture and abuse them some more.  The program’s name is MKUltra. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the program.  The students were probably  the first ones tested and then it went out into the public for more testing.

From what I read, Ted Kaczynski was very angry with the program, and so were other students.  He often made mention of the program to family members and others. During the time he was part of the program Kaczynski appeared to be normal. I have a feeling that the MKUltra program did something to his mind.  As it is trying to do to our minds. It’s basically the same program, just keep abusing the person and see how far he can be driven to insanity.

The C.I.A. is still doing the tests, but now  on civilians who have no choice.  They just pick us out of the blue and torture us as they did  Kaczynski .

I’m sure the first ones that these tests were done on were apes and rats and other animals.  But testing on animals wasn’t enough, they have to continue doing it to  people.

I saw some pictures of apes who were kept in cages for 30 years and never let out.  Finally, after 30 years, they got too old for testing and were let go and taken care of by caring  human beings. The first time the apes were let out onto the grass, they didn’t know what it was and began picking on it.  One ape stopped and looked up at the sun and run back into the facility. But eventually, he came back out, climbed into a tree and stayed in the tree all night. These apes were psychologically abused, I’m sure, by the C.I.A.

I guess we targets are the new apes.  We’re the new test subjects.  It’s now our time to experience what the great apes experienced for 30 years.

It makes me sick thinking about what they did to the Great Apes.  Poor things. The Great Apes had no choice and neither do we targets.

I guess the C.I.A. nazis are still doing their job with new subjects.

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8 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – We targets are the new MKUltra test subjects.

  1. I could be wrong on this, stopogs, but I’m pretty sure the US Government and CIA have never been held accountable for the torture and deceit of MKULTRA. Sure, they were exposed during the Church Committee hearings, and “promised to never do it again,” but we all know how meaningless promises by governments/sociopaths are.

    I believe one woman, a Canadian senior citizen, successfully sued a university (in Montreal, Quebec?) that served as a CIA front for one of the MKULTRA test series. The doctor who tortured her was later installed as the head of either the Canadian or American Psychiatric Association. Anyway, she “won” a paltry amount, though she was in her late eighties and did not live long enough for it to salve any wounds. I’m in a bit of a hurry, so if you’re interested, you could research this a bit. Personally, there is NO amount of money that would make being an Organized Stalking victim worthwhile. Let me make that very clear!

    The point is this: MKULTRA was just one small incident in an ongoing chain of abuses committed by our government. They got away with it then, and they’re getting away with it now. All of these fun little torture programs are highly classified and designed (quite dubiously “in the name of science”) with layers of plausible deniability to keep the perpetrators well out of reach of the punishment they so richly deserve. May they burn in Hell!

    • I know you responded to stopogs, I just have to reply to this. MKUltra has happened over six or seven times already. The CIA keeps doing the same thing over and over. At one point, they had to pay millions of dollars to targets. So the CIA is at it again. I hope that Edward Snowden knows something about MKUltra and tells the world. And until some government agent comes out of the woodwork, we’ll be targets for a long time. I agree with you, may they burn in hell a million times.

      • Personally I think it’s unlikely Edward Snowden will ever say anything again. I think there is a chance he was on that Korean plane that crashed in San Fran last week.

        Too many weird things about that happening to not be suspicious. Electronic failures in the cockpit, unresponsive control tower at first, and the pilot saying (as some others have reported seeing there) that he saw a blinding flash of light when he was trying to land…they think it might have been a laser.

        No one has said a word about him since then. He may have been killed by gov officials. Until he turns up back in the news, I’ll be suspecting he’s been killed or being tortured somewhere, somehow to shut him up.

          • I missed this answer in my mail earlier but I later saw a post about it on fb. Very happy he’s still alive!!!! It gives me hope. I hope he stays in Russia even if he does take the deal not to say any more about his findings just because he’ll be safer there (hopefully) than if he tries to go anywhere. Our evil creepy secret service people would most likely get rid of him if he tries to go anywhere.

    • Well, I’m sure they’re still around. Kacsynski is still around. I thought of getting in touch with him, but I think I would have the FBI at my doorstep. I’m going to try to find out who they were. I’m sure there’s something on the internet on it.

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