Gang Stalking – Get out of my life U.S. government!

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English: Putting toothpaste on a toothbrush. The toothpaste is Crest Pro-Health Clean Cinnamon, 0.454% stannous fluoride, 0.16% w/v fluoride ion. Deutsch: Zahnpasta auf eine Zahnbürste auftragen. Русский: Выдавливание зубной пасты из тюбика на зубную щётку (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A box of American cheese Ritz Bits sandwiches

A box of American cheese Ritz Bits sandwiches (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Lately, a lot of gas lighting is happening in my apartment.

I bought a can of beans, haven’t used and it’s been in my cabinet.  I went to the cabinet to get the beans to use them and guess what, not the same beans.  I’m sure the idiot in apartment 209 exchanged the beans for  the ones I bought.

And then I bought a box of Ritz crackers, those with eight separate packages.  I ate three and had five left. I went to get a package yesterday and discovered there were only two left. The perps stole three packages.

I bought vegetables and went to the refrigerator bin to use the vegetables, they were gone. None left whatsoever. And the ones they left, they squeezed so much that they were useless. And when they don’t take the vegetables, they wet all the vegetables so they’ll get soggy and wilt.

I found a  hole, about fist size, in the cabinet above the oven.  They did this so mice can get into my apartment and infest it with roaches.

My soap and toothpaste keep disappearing. They steal the soap,  and with the toothpaste, they squeeze the paste out of the tube.

I find fingerprints on my kitchen table all the time and footprints in my bathtub.

They go into my bedroom closet and take whatever they want. I never know when I come home if I’ll have clothes to wear the next day, or food to eat.

I bought pesticide to spray in all the crevices, but I didn’t use it the same day.  When I went to use the pesticide the next day, the top was open and it’d been emptied.

And I have to keep checking my cabinets all the time because they keep making holes to attract vermin.

And every time I leave my house, they turn on my air conditioner so I’ll have a big power bill. I don’t even want to see my bill this month. I’m sure it’s going to be very high.

The perps also broke the refrigerator panel that keeps the refrigerator cold.

I know what I wrote about the missing things might seen petty to some of you, but when this happens all the time, it gets expensive.  Always having to replace things and not knowing what I’ll find  in my apartment when I get home can get tiring.

Oh, isn’t the life of a target just wonderful?

Every minute of every day, we have to keep watch on everything in our apartments.  If we don’t, we’ll find a family of roaches living behind our refrigerator, or even mice crawling up the wall of our apartment.

Isn’t living in Perplandia just wonderful?  How ever did we get so lucky?

I’ll trade places with anyone who wants to live my life. It’s such a wonderful life.

B——s all!

Get out of my life damn U.S. government!

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3 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Get out of my life U.S. government!

  1. I know how frustrated you feel. I had this for 8 years. I thank God that I have people who will stay in while I’m gone now. We still have incidents like these when my son and his friends use the back door and go out of range where they can see it, or when we forget to check the slidelock now and then, but we don’t have it all the time now. I wish you could have someone watch your place for you. I know from what you’ve written before that you can’t, but I wish you could.

    • As soon as I step out the door, some perp comes into my apartment. I know who are they, but it’s hard for me to catch them since every camera I buy is stolen. And thanks.

      • You’re welcome.

        They went in every time for me too. It’s to mess with your head. Even when I took the garbage out someone would dive in, tip a few things over, rip something, whatever, and dive back out before I came back in.

        I know who at least one of the present ones is – Tom Goff – and I knew who some of the past ones were but I had the same problem with cameras and finally decided I wasn’t going to buy them any more to ruin. The police refuse to look at pictures of damage and they refuse to read diaries of events even though they tell you to keep them, so I don’t know what they would do with video footage anyway. I tried security systems too. ADT are into it and give the perps your codes so that they can turn them off, do their crap, and turn them back on when they leave. Anything wireless is useless. They just scramble it and it stops working for them. Tried one that works with the computer and the hackers wouldn’t let it work.

        In the end I concluded the only way to keep them out is with slidelocks and sitters. Niether of those are fool proof because of human error possibilities, but it’s better than the constant assaults, and something to appreciate.

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