Gang Stalking – America, I miss you.


Sing (Photo credit: Kathleen Tyler Conklin)

Walking Shadow

Walking Shadow (Photo credit: themactep)

After America

After America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that's what I call missing.

Now that’s what I call missing. (Photo credit: robpatrick)

America, you were my mother once. I told you all my secrets, and walked your streets without fear.

I celebrated your birthday every year, and loved you more than I can express.

But something happened between us.

America, I’ve never been unfaithful to you, but you’ve turned your back on me. You’ve turned citizens against me and told them lies about me.

America, you’ve broken my heart.

I no longer walk your streets without fear.

I watch my back…always.

America, I no longer celebrate your birthday.  Now, I spend your birthday hiding from you.

America, I’m disappointed in what you’ve become. I know we all go through hard times and have to find our way back home and, America, I hope your find your way back soon, so I can sing your birthday praises once again.

America, I know it’s your birthday, July 4,  but I can’t wish you happy birthday today.

America, I wish I could, but I just can’t.

America, I miss you.

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4 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – America, I miss you.

  1. Dear Friends, Well said. Yes, our old America is not apparent at this time, but I believe she is waiting in the wings to fly again. The good citizens are just now awakening to the evil that has been lurking behind the walls, underground and in the high places where they should never have been allowed. If this evil, anti-Christ system has caused Americans to wake up then, that is what it took to wake us up as we were being mesmerized by entertainment, and trying to earn a living and to just survive. We were so busy just trying to keep up with our lives; that we were not able to see the darkness that was gradually creeping into our country and our lives.
    The elite keep us in a state of struggle just to make a living, and we are saturated with lies and propaganda so that the elite can keep us under their control. However, you cannot keep good men and women down. Americans will not just sit and do nothing because we know that is all it take for evil to triumph. Evil is overcome by good. Hatred is overcome by love and tyranny is overcome by liberty and justice for all. This all comes through the diligent prayers of righteous men, women and children.
    However, Thomas Jefferson and the others that wrote our Declaration of Independence,etc. understood the horrors of tyranny, Since their great victory in writing the greatest document to govern any country; they have had their good names vilified, slandered and demeaned in every way.
    My prayer is that we come back to our roots, and we value life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness once again, but this time we will not fall asleep on our watch. We will be vigilant in constant prayer and constant watching to remove from office all of those who are part of the evil empire.
    We have been greatly deceived due to our slumber, may God forgive us, and may we, the people wake up and come back to our Godly, great and moral heritage in Jesus’ Name.

  2. I shared this on fb. … And yes, 4spaniels, God has been forgotten. There’s no way the targeting of inocent people would be happening if we had a moral government. Thanks for the interesting tidbit.

  3. JULY 4 1776


    Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, working with a committee of four others (John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston).
    They couldn’t write it – for weeks they tried! Finally Benjamin Franklin said “we are but men and we cannot do this without God’s help“!!! So, they prayed and fasted for three days and on Monday the Declaration of Independence flowed out with ease
    That is what has happened to America – God has been forgotten! :{

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