Don’t Take De Bait!

I could not have said it better myself – don’t take de bait. [NE1]

Spirit Lights The Way

There are people “out there” who act with malice aforethought . . . spewing rubbish with the specific intent to act as irritants.

They want to rub us the wrong way.

They want to “goad us” and “get our goat.”

They want us to take “de bait.”

If we venture forth into the internet arena, we are apt to bump into a few of these caustic folks as they toss out ridiculous comments with the intent to incite and inflame our passions and prejudices.

When we meet up with them, we have a choice.  We can concede to their designs, desires, and demands by getting all hot and bothered under the collar by the abrasive nature of their comments.

Or . . . we can listen to Skipper:

“SMILE and WAVE, boys.  Just SMILE and WAVE.”

Mickey-OKIt’s not about them, it’s about us.

When someone wants to irritate and provoke us ~…

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Take De Bait!

  1. You’re right were distracted from what we know already that being the tactics of the perps/stalkers But we must keep the faith remember the scriptures when Peter walked a few steps ON the water and then the wind blew distracting him and he started sinking did you see Jesse Ventura conspiracy theory episode “Brain Invaders” ?
    God bless us all

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