Gang Stalker – We targets cannot live on hope.


march (Photo credit: Kasia_Jot)

English: FLOC supporters march to Camden New J...

English: FLOC supporters march to Camden New Jersey to pressure Campbells Soup headquartes and Philadelphia National Bank. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nazism collapsing.


Test pressure graph

Test pressure graph (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ ve thought what’s being done to us is bad, and I’ve thought of the people doing it as Nazis.  But Nazism has been really been imprinted into my brain since I discovered something on my Facebook page.

I was having a problem with chat on Facebook, so I went to chat trying to figure what out.  I hit chat, and while looking for the problem, I saw a red and black “Z” in the chat section. I went to the “Z”, and opened it.  There was a green arrow pointing right.  I hit the arrow and I couldn’t believe what was in the “Z”.  It was a blood pressure graph.  A graph of how I was reacting to all the things done to me by hackers on Facebook. It showed the pressure I was under.  The name of the graph is “Z Pressure Graph”.

I knew what it was, but I immediately went to Google to find out exactly what it’s for.  It is a graph that measures gases running through my body and these gases measure someone’s blood pressure.

I went back to my page, went inside the graph again, and saw a box below the green arrow.  I hit the box, and the graph stopped running. It stopped reading my blood pressure.  Now, these people know I go to my doctor for slightly elevated blood pressure, so I guess they’re trying to make my blood pressure worse. And they’re also trying to  figure out how to make  me “lose it” by doing things that will raise my blood to a very high level.  I don’t know if these “Z” Pressure graphs are usually used to measure pressure, but they are in my case.

If what they’re doing to me is not what a Nazi would do, then I don’t know what a Nazi is.

I also discovered, yesterday,  on Facebook that at the end of my comment line, where the camera logo is, that when I hit it, it took me directly to my computer desktop, thus making it easy for the perps to get inside my computer.

The people harassing us targets are truly, truly Nazis.  What they’re doing  to innocent Americans  is outrageous. They all belong in prison.  And they don’t belong in prison, twenty, thirty years from now.  They all belong in prison now. But I doubt they’ll end up in prison any time soon. We’ll probably all die before what’s happening to us comes out in the open.  That’s the way things like this happen. Twenty, thirty years is always how long it takes for someone  with courage to come forward.

So, the Nazis will continue to have their way with us targets. And no one will come to our aid any time soon.  If  we targets want to stop this, we’re going to have to do something to draw attention to ourselves.  We can’t just sit by and hope.  We have to walk the streets and let people know what’s going on.  We have to march, and do a lot of marching to bring attention to our cause.  Otherwise, we’re roadkill.  We have a choice.  We can do something to stop the Nazis from winning.  We have to get the word out about what’s happening to us. We can’t  just sit by and live on hope.  Hope only helps so far and no more.

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24 thoughts on “Gang Stalker – We targets cannot live on hope.

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  3. Yeah, I’d march, but not alone, which would be what I’d have to do. Then even more people would think I was nuts. The people who ignore this are as much to blame as the people who do the harassment. They are participating by default.

    • I’m seriously thinking of going to Washington by myself, and I don’t give a s–t if they think I’m crazy. And, yes, all those people who ignore what’s going on are just as guilty as those who harass us.

      • If I had the money I’d join you. I would have been at those marches there. Thing is I could only do it locally and by myself. I’ve given up on trying to get people to take me seriously about it. God knows I’ve tried!

        • The problem with going to Washington to March====No Money!! Most of the TI’s are women who have any money> I am even having a difficult time finding a support group here in Tampa and this town is crawling with Perp’s! (: LOL

          • I lived in Florida. It’s bad there. And it’s bad everywhere. I live in Las Vegas now and it’s just as bad as Florida. There’s really nowhere we targets can go and be safe. It’s hell everywhere.

            • Yes, you’re right. Mine started in England. I think one of the reasons they restrict our finances is so that we can’t travel to get together. Another is to depress us mentally.

                • Well, I wouldn’t committ suicide because; #1 I am a chicken and #2 it would make them way too happy!

                  • I’m no longer afraid to die. I’d welcome it, but I won’t do it myself because they’d be happy about it. They’d get a financial bonus for it. Forget that!

                • Yeah that’s what they say…Even before I knew it was more than just my ex tormenting me it was clear that suiceide was a goal in it because I felt so distressed.

              • Plus if we are homeless and out in the open they can do whatever they want. They want to prolong their joy of torturing us before they finish us off!

                • Yes, that’s true. Nowhere to go and cry in private. When we cry in public they call us crazy. Actually I’ve stopped being able to cry at all.

                  • I have no tears left either plus it makes me feel worse anyway! It won’t help me save my home, it won’t stop the relentless laser attacks on my Spaniel and I when we go outside and it doesn’t stop the fumigations-no I have no tears left!

                    • Excatly. It won’t change anything. I have had animals attacked and killed by perps, too. And also a son. Crying won’t bring him back either. I don’t get how they can be so cruel. It doesn’t matter if it’s a plant, an animal or a human being. They just enjoy tormenting.

                    • A Son – I am so, so very saddened to hear this. I guess I do have tears after all 😦 My Spaniel (Oliver) is beyond the normal age they usually live so he doesn’t have long for this earth. Like me I think he would be better in Heaven at this point where he can once again run and play with his family like he used to do. They (Perps) have already taken the other three Spaniels; Poppy, Pansy and Petunia. It all makes my heart ache. I never leave him home alone any longer – if I go, he goes with me or I have a friend watch him. I didn’t know they were torturing my beloved pets while I was working until too late. It sickens me to think back so I try to block it out.
                      God is weeping as he watches what is happening here on earth – he is weeping I am sure!

                    • Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you keep a very watchful eye on your dog now. It takes a while to dawn on us what’s going on because the things they do are so amazingly evil it’s hard to believe. My cat seems to stay away from them. The one I had before her wasn’t so fortunate.

                      Yes, God weeps for the inocent. I’m not strong enough that I don’t sometimes wonder why he doesn’t do anything else, but he does have a plan. I’m trying to be patient, but I’m not good at it.

  4. ……………..according to a poll released on Tuesday:

    About one in four Americans suspect that President Barack Obama might be the antichrist!  More than a third believe that global warming is a hoax!More than half suspect that a secretive global elite is trying to set up a New World Order!

    • I believe he is the antichrist, global warming is a hoax, and that a secretive global elite is trying to set up a New World Order. Nice to know I’m not alone! LOL

  5. I agree with you; WE NEED TO SCREAM AS LOUD AS WE CAN!!! I made a massive banner and hung it in front of my home hoping the press would take notice. It was up for two month’s and many people stopped to read my banner which read: “Organized Gang Stalking is Here – in our Neighborhood, be informed”. Well I finally removed it as it seemed to be helping the Perp’s with their job of making me look insane
    This has changed my perception of people completely. Denial is held onto tightly by the human race.

    • Yeah, no matter what we try to do, it always seems to work against us. You should put the sign up again, you never know who will pass by where you live. I’m with you on the perception of people, I don’t think too much of them lately. Sheep, all.

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