Gang Stalking – American freedom is an illusion.

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National Security Agency seal

National Security Agency seal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m beginning to think that the American people need to experience a dictatorship, then maybe they’ll stop being such dummies.  They believe everything the government tells them about what the National Security Agency is doing.  Oh, it’s alright, government,  if you  keep records of every call we make. It’s okay, government, whatever you want to do to keep us “safe”, just do it.  Just do whatever you have to do, government, we trust you.

Freedom is not letting the TSA  feel up an 80-year-old woman/man at the airport.  Freedom is not making a veteran take off his prosthetic legs so TSA can check him out.  Freedom is not telling American citizens to watch other citizens.  Freedom is not putting a camera in someone’s home and watching everything that person does. Freedom is not allowing a farmer to have guests in his home and not let that farmer give his guests the food he’s grown. Freedom is not setting fire to the farmer’s crop so he can’t sell it without FDA approval.  Freedom is not allowing children to run a lemonade stand.  Freedom is not arresting someone because he wore an American flag upside down on his shirt.

America is getting so bad that we have to watch whatever we say and do.  We have to be careful because every phone call we make someone’s listening.  There are cameras everywhere watching all of us.  And there are snitches everywhere ready to run to the government to report someone using his God-given right to express an opinion against the government.

All the above sound to me like we’re under a dictatorship.  Hitler did exactly the same thing to his people.  Maybe that’s what we need, another Hitler to make people wake up to what is happening in America.

America the free.  Free?  Who’s free?  Not me and all those others who are victims of government harassment.

A United States Marine with bilateral prosthet...

A United States Marine with bilateral prosthetic legs leads a formation run. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)free?  Certainly not me and all those other people who are under attack from the government.  Freedom walked away from the U.S.A. a long time ago.  People just don’t know that they’re not free.  They’re under the illusion that they’re free.  They think they are because they don’t really know what freedom is.

So, that’s why I think the American people should experience a real dictatorship, then they’ll know that the system they’re living under is not freedom. It’s an illusion.

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10 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – American freedom is an illusion.

  1. TSA really targets the most innocent, vulnerable, defenseless people, just like OGS. The most vicious psychological abuse imaginable on the people who deserve it the least. On the people who should actually be given tons of credit for making the world a better place.

  2. A bit drastic. Being lied to by our leaders is what we we should stand up against. Raising awareness of the gang stalking and electronic torture will eventually bring laws against it.

    • Problem is too many people don’t stand up to it. It’s those people who’s fault it is that we don’t get listened to. It’s people who don’t do anything who let things like the holocaust and the wars that aren’t for defense happen and a lot of other things that happen.

    • I feel that it has nothing to do with which person they let be president. They are all puppets. Under Bush, laws changed to the detriment of the public (see patriot act). Now there is Obama, anything different? Nope… more cameras everywhere. No privacy & no freedom.
      There is something else beyond these figureheads causing the mess.

      When Clinton got this country out of the red financially, what happened? SCANDAL. When Kennedy spoke out against secret societies, what happened? Scandal & death, & death to the rest of his family.

      It seems to me that we are all puppets to some extent. When a puppet wakes up & wants to do something good, we become targets (in varying degrees of course- depending on the extent to which we are in the public eye).

      Of course, that is just my humble opinion based on observation & experience.


      • You’ve got it completely right there as far as I can see. Today I feel down because I know this will never be a free country again.

        • Well, in honor of independence day please take a look at the following video. Hopefully, it will lift your spirits. I thought it was funny, & anything that makes me laugh is a plus.


          • Oh, the things some people get into! I’ve seen a couple of those and liked them, but the rest, I’m glad I saved the money. It did have some great humor in the review though! Thanks!

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