Gang Stalking – I wanted to kick ass today!

I just want to correct something I wrote yesterday. I wrote that Edward Snowden’s request to Ecuador for asylum was a go. That’s not the case. He’s asked for asylum and Ecuador is reviewing his request.  So if he’s not granted asylum by Ecuador he’ll have to find another country.  But I have a feeling, Ecuador will grant his request.

Today, I really wanted to kick some ass.  The perps were all over me today. They always are, but sometimes they get on my nerves more than other days.

I was walking by a supermarket and there was an Asian family in front of me pushing a cart.  I was right behind them, about two feet behind.  The Asian family stopped and did something.  I kept on walking straight ahead, and then I saw what they’d done.  The boy, who looked about thirteen years old, dumped  soda and ice right in my path.  The perps threw it in my way so I’d fall. But I didn’t fall.  I’m always looking down when I walk.

And then I was sitting by the bus stop looking into a wall, and a loud obnoxious man stood right next to me, he stood very close to me and tried to get my attention.  He cleared his throat very loudly, stomped his foot, shook the bus bench, spit at my feet and did all kinds of  things to annoy me.  I ignored him.

I was walking along the block where I live and a woman came toward me shaking her ass and with her chest three-quarters out of her bra.  I really don’t know why she bothered to wear a bra.  Her breasts were practically falling out of her bra.  As she passed, she tried to get my attention.  I almost went into a pole trying to avoid the b—h.

I went into one of the supermarkets and I had men, women, kids trying to goad me into doing something.  Wherever I went, they stood an inch away from me and aped  things I do in my apartment.

I got on the bus and sat in the back. As soon as I sat down, almost everybody on the bus moved to the back.  They all began talking loudly and making remarks about me.

The bus driver put the air conditioner on heat and kept revving the brakes.  And when he drove, he made sure that I had to hold on to my seat or I’d fall.

This is just half of the things I had to put up with today.  I hope to God every one of the miserable pieces of human waste…well, I better keep that to my self.

Oh, and  I have to turn on my network modem every two minutes. The hackers keep removing the modem.

Another great day, and probably another great night, in Perplandia.  B——s!

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16 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I wanted to kick ass today!

  1. This gang stalking is the inquisition of today and those christians ‘victims’ are only to cover it up. No gang stalking blog that is not spamed down by christians that claim to be victims but only talk fucking bullshit where you understand immediately that they cant be victims. Its because these methods are so secret that not even the agents are fully aware of.

    • I’ve noticed those. There are some victims who are genuinely deceived and really believe God is going to help them, and there are some who pretend to be victims but are artificial religious freaks who are actually GS’ers. The latter totally make me sick!

      • My sister is one of those religious freaks. She acts as if she’s so good, but thinking on it on, I realize that she was not nice. No only that, she’s the one who put me on the list. Real holy, isn’t she? No one can convince me religious people are good people. I’ve never been very religious, but Ive always tried to be decent to others. I haven’t always succeeded, but I’ve tried. The religious people feel that they’re good just by being religious. Now, I’M Sure Ill have more religious people after me. And I don’t really care!! They’re going to hell, anyway.

  2. This has all happened to me. People poured water on a driveway in the cold so it was a sheet of ice and I fell and broke my arm. People put things all over the ground that look like they belong in my apt and my lovely manager has been “visiting” me when I have not been home. I saw some paperwork I had lying neatly on the ground and the cat did not do it. She was READING IT. They talk about me on the bus every trip. Sometimes you can see them coming..a large group will get on and start in on me. Lately, drivers have been tearing the busses around town when I’m on then…no windows open and no a/c and, sudden stops, driving too fast, getting every bump…and no one else notices that the driver got his license in a Crackerjack Box, I was playing the Bible online for hours and then it kept crashing the browser one way and said there was no Flash Player on the old site. Finally, this morning, it worked again. It was scaring the perps away at first. They would walk on the other side of the street.

    • None of the passengers complain because they know why the bus driver is driving like a nut. None of the passengers on the buses I take ever complain, either. You can’t always believe your computer’s crashing. They fool you sometimes. Only believe if it’s inside the computer. They do that “crashing thing” to me, too. Yesterday, they tried and I knew it was fake. Paid no attention and no crash. The maintenance people are always breaking into my apartment, too. And landlords were always breaking in when I lived in other apts. There’s no one who is not involved in our gang stalking. Name a company, service, etc. and they’re all in on it.

      • Silly little sheep baa baa baa, they also don’t mind helicopters going over the house for hours as long as it’ “isn’t them”.

        • They did the helicopter thing in England. Oh! what hell! Yeah, they’ve got to be nuts to put up with that! Sometimes it was like 8 hours!

    • You have my sympathy! I’ve had the ice thing done to e and had bad falls for it too. I’m glad I have a car, although they do things to that too. I found foam packing things that were put away in a plastic bag in my house in my car today. The perps don’t talk about me in front of me because they know what I’m like. I hate them coming in and doing whatever they want to do with our things. They get into my papers too, and steal eltters and stuff.

  3. Dear Friend,
    May The Lord Jesus heal your wounds and give you His comfort and peace.
    The best revenge is a life well lived. I know that this too will come to an end for you and for all of us.
    I know you are a very strong woman from your blogs, and you will make it through all of this and become even stronger.
    May The Lord be with you, and may He keep you safely in His loving arms both today and always.
    In His love and for His glory,

    • Faith, prayer, and meditation are essential in getting through each day without losing my cool. I also keep in touch with loved ones. I’ve realized that most of what is spread over the internet about mind control, v2k, and other scary subjects are bs info planted by the offenders. I always have a choice to get angry or stay calm. Your mind can only be manipulated into fear if you believe in what appears to be scary. Mind over matter, and God will take care of the rest. Peace and love to you all. : )

  4. You were very brave to be able to get through all that without going nuts! Good job! I wish they’d all…too. I’m hoping so hard that someone will come through with evidence of our harassment.

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