Gang Stalking – Government keeps patients on Psychotropic drugs.

America - home of the red, white and BLUES

America – home of the red, white and BLUES (Photo credit: Treasure Tia)


Old Man

Old Man (Photo credit: potzuyoko)


Well, guess what?  If you read my blog yesterday I told you about the electric bill not sent to me.  Today, I went to my mailbox, and in there, the electric bill. I told you yesterday this would happen, and I was right.  I’d thought they’d hold it for one or two days, but there it was! I know the idiots so well.


I want to write about a man I heard about here in Las Vegas.


An old man called EMT because he’d used all his psychotropic pills and he was hearing voices. This old man was taken to the hospital and spent some time there.  On his last day, he was taken to see the doctor who treated him. When the old man went into the doctor’s office, the doctor said to him, “Where are you going when you leave here?”  The old man answered, “I’m staying in Las Vegas and going back to where I live. “The doctor replied, “Well, where would you like to go if you could?”  The old man answered, “I want to stay in Las Vegas. I don’t want to leave.”  The doctor said, “Well, how about going to California? California is beautiful and you’ll like it there.”  The old man answered, “I don’t want to go to California. I want to stay in Las Vegas.” Doctor said, “Well, you’re going to California. We have a taxi waiting  to take you to the Greyhound Terminal.”


The old man was quickly pushed out of the office and into the taxi.  The taxi driver took the old man to the Greyhound Terminal and gave him a ticket to Sacramento.  He was not given any I.D.


When the old man arrived in Sacramento, California, he went to the ticket agent and asked him to call EMT.  The ticket agent said he didn’t want to call EMT.  He didn’t want EMT in front of the bus terminal. The old man went outside and looked around.  When he was outside, he heard a voice say to him, “Walk down four blocks to the police station. The police will help you.”


It seems strange to me that a voice knew exactly where to send the old man.  This old man is a target. He just doesn’t know it. He’s been on psychotropic drugs so long that he thinks he needs them.  And probably every time he doesn’t have pills, the voices return to keep him on them.  They’re doing to the old man what they’re doing to a lot of targets to keep them addicted. The perps are given instructions to keep targets on the drugs by using their voices to convince targets they need drugs.


The old man is definitely a target.  There’s probably nothing wrong with him.  But he’s been convinced he needs drugs because the voices always come when he doesn’t use the drugs.


The bastards doing this to the old man are pure evil.


And, now, of course, the ACLU is suing Nevada for trying to get rid of the man by sending him to California. The ACLU is sooo caring.  They should be suing Nevada and the U.S. government for what they’re doing to the old man.  The ACLU is always on the job when it comes to getting attention.


I feel sorry for this old man.   He’s being used by the, oh, so caring, ACLU.


I heard the old man’s voice on the radio and what I wrote is what he said.  He sounded very old.


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18 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Government keeps patients on Psychotropic drugs.

  1. BINGO! You’re on the right track… I told you how perps are called, makes sence, doesn’t it? The old man is lucky to live to that age… probably the only way for him to survive is to take the pills… and pray that they live him alone if he takes it… if they get to the voices phase I think that no-one can take it, pills (hope they’ll leave the victim alone) might be the only solution in some cases… just pray you don’t get to that phase…

    • Oh, they’ve tried to convince I was hearing voices. I investigated and found the sound coming from within the walls, and I recognized the voice of the man from downstairs. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Nothing is really very complicated. They just want you to think it is, but it’s not,

      • You don’t know… you don’t know… Psychiatrists/Illuminati run the World… what you don’t know won’t hurt you… better pray you don’t find out… and remember most of them are good people… never act crazy to the outside World, be polite to everyone, never loose your temper, you will be tested…

      • They hired some kids to play outside my house all night one night so that I’d call the police about it. I refused. I knew if I did, the kids would run away and they’d say I was “hearing voices” because kids wouldn’t be playing outside all night. I just put up with the noise with a “screw you!” attitude. There was no way anyone was going to say I was hearing voices and put me back onto pills! I recognized the kids’ voices. They were twin boys my son’s friend hangs out with so I know who they are and they are real people. My mother doesn’t allow them on her property anymore either now. She’s seen them do some really digusting things unrelated to the incident above. Oh, yeah, their mother was looking for them the next morning and said she didn’t know where they were all night, so that proves they weren’t at home.

        • Oh, I’m sure the mother knew where they were. It’s summertime, and I have the same problem. All the little brats running around making a lot of noise. I can’t even step out of my apartment without a bunch of them appearing like rug rats. And if she didn’t know where the kids were, why didn’t she call the cops? Her story is full of holes.

    • They had me taking pills even though I didn’t hear voices. They said it was because I “thought I was being stalked” and “It will make your stalker go away.” What idiots! I kept telling them the only way my pills could “make the stalker go away” would be to give them to the stalker! I don’t take them anymore. They just messed me up, mentally and physically. I’d rather hear voices than take that crap. I think the reason they don’t try to make me hear voices is that they know I’d know it was them, and would ignore anything they told me anyway.

      • Yeah, a lot of money’s made by the pharma companies. It’s all so disgusting. It makes me angry when I hear the things they do to people, especially when they get them hooked on drugs. They’re all the scum of the earth.

      • Life, like the rest of us probably. He may not even really be mentally ill. He may have had a nervous breakdown from being a target like I did once. That’s how I got put on medication. There wasn’t even really anything wrong with me. It was a reaction from the crap they’d been doing to me.

        • Oh, I’m sure the old man is not mentally ill. If he got off those psychotropic drugs, he’d be okay. But then the voices would began again and he’d think he was losing it again. I’m glad you got off the pills. Can you imagine if you were still on them, you’d be a nervous wreck.

          • Thanks, I WAS a nervous wreck on them. I even took an overdose because of them. The Doctor on call didn’t happen to be a perp, though, and saved my life. I’m a LOT MORE calm now that I’m not taking them, have my memory ability back, am much more alert, can concentrate, and I’ve dumped the 70 lbs it put on me! That’s why I refused to call the police that night about those kids. I’m never going down that road again!

    • Yea so true, its a huge industry. But then there are mentally ill psychopaths too, generally it shows up in like 20s. But then if they do lsd and drugs it aggravates, and then they become perpetrators? Some perpetrators you can tell by their login names, so unrelated to targeting.

      • Some of the so called Doctors and counsellors are more nuts than their patients or clients. I can name a few. It’s true drugs can aggravate a mental illness. Maybe that’s what they’re hoping to do when they give them to certain people. I know they gave that crap to me to mess me up, and make me unhealthy. It was meant to kill me. I’m fine now, no thanks to them…

        I see what you mean about some of those login names. The two I recall seeing here were fanciful and sort of fantasy-sounding.

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