Gang Stalking – FBI newbies in training?

FBI New agent training.

FBI New agent training. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Standing on Pennsylvania Avenue NW an...

English: Standing on Pennsylvania Avenue NW and look up F Street NW at the J. Edgar Hoover Building, the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington, D.C., in the United States. Español: Edificio J. Edgar Hoover, la sede de FBI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No one stays long in apartment 204.  Since I moved into this apartment, people move in and out of  it constantly. The apartment’s never furnished.  The people who stay in the apartment are there to watch me.  I’ve noticed all they do is use the computer and nothing else.

There’s a new couple (I don’t think they’re married), and they look like they just came off  a FBI training school.  They just have the look that they’re in training.  They’re FBI newbies that moved into the apartment to get their basic training.  They have a Vermont license plate, and it looks like they’re not going to stay in Las Vegas.  I should post their license plate on here, but I won’t.

The seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They have the look that most FBI people have.  Just as everyone who lives in the complex, they don’t work, either.  Now, where do you think these people get their money?  From the corrupt U.S. government.

Just another couple of perps to harass me.  Oh, I’m going to give them some basic training.  Believe me!

Enjoy your basic training FBI perps!  I’m going to give you a run for your money.

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8 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – FBI newbies in training?

  1. FBI, CIA, NSA… don’t care about true targets and they’re not behind stalking…
    psychiatrists/illuminati are – most people these days in developed countries belong…you’re target cause you don’t belong to the club and/or pushed the envelope to much… or belong to a targeted family, they can do and be whatever they want in life – others can’t… just pray you don’t get to voices in the head phase, and just stay calm in public and don’t do anything stupid – their job is to annoy you and make you act crazy and push you towards psychiatry as public officially knows it, be careful… You were on the right track with that post about crazy people… and I liked the idea of wearing a shirt saying stay away from crazy woman… funny and ironic… you might get a shirt saying “I’d like to become an psychiatrist/Illuminati, please tell me how, where do I apply?” or something…
    And be polite to them no matter how you think you were being mistreated… some of them might help you… from my experience I think the only way for this to stop is to become one of them… and to be innocent of whatever they have against you… no-one ever done it but there is a chance…

  2. I wish these creeps would get real jobs. Oh, yeah, the FBI is considered a real job – by people who don’t know what they really do. Like I used to be. I asked them for help at one point – not knowing they were participating in my harassment. I then found an IP on my netstat one night when I was being harassed online that matched the IP of the address of the website you are supposed to make complaints about hacking to!!!! That was a wake up!

    Well, give ’em back whatever they hand out as best you can. Just make sure you stay safe, and don’t do anything that will get you locked up! I always say, when I’m tempted to do something in retaliation to the creeps I live near, that they aren’t worth that much.

      • I wish someone had told me. I’m glad you got warned. Saves the disappointment of finding out an agency who are supposed to be good guys are the bad guys.

  3. P*ssies…they pick harmless targets like you and me for trainees because they no there’s no risk of getting injured…all the while provoking us. We will annihilate them with our writing. I know what you about being obvious. Last summer, right before I found out my TI status, I went to the beach and saw a couple jogging. They looked totally out of place and you could tell they weren’t really a couple or even friends. He lagged behind after they passed so she would have an excuse to keep looking back at me. At the end of my walk I sit on some rocks near a jetty. The Feds walked down to the end of the jetty and stood there, pretending to enjoy the view. I sent a text to myself as a joke that said “enjoying the view, Feds?” But I honestly had no idea….I think some trainees used to go to my yoga classes too. After class, they would unravel my mat while my back was turned.

    I used to think it would great to write a screenplay about a completely benign, harmless, innocuous person going about their business who was being intensely investigated as a national threat/ spy. All the innocent things they do would be misconstrued by the Feds and it would snowball into a great comedy. I now realize there is nothing funny about this and the investigation itself is a national threat. We are now starring in this movie and it is anything but funny.

    • I agree. Nothing that’s happening to us is funny. It’s torture. I can tell when someone belongs to law enforcement. I used to work for the government and used to see FBI men and women all the time. They have a certain look. And the two living near me have that look.

    • Very interesting comment! I can look back and see some weird things that I should have been suspicious of at the time too. Isn’t it strange how one’s idea of what’s funny can be changed by being in this situation? I often say, “If this wasn’t so tragic it would be funny!” I know THEY think it is.

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